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These are the list of upcoming ps3 games (not all of them just some of them, i may update it if i have time)

i'll update this list constantly.

Note: some of the release date may be are wrong but this is the best i could do

August :






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I be getting Dante's Inferno for sure!

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Hasn't GT5 been confirmed for this year? Also, is Uncharted 2 now confirmed for October (saw another list say Sep.)?

nice list

i wasn't sure about GT5 so i didn't put it there if there is confirmation i'll add it and i think uncharted 2 release date is October or November but i double check

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^Ahh okay I understand, thx for double-checking too.

wow, I see atleast 6 games I'll be buying, not counting impulse buys or if I get interested in other games.

What an expensive year this is going to be for me

Wow, there are 2 games that I want and couple more (5) that I'll see about.

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im getting five of them.