Which publisher and developer do you dislike the most and why?

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I think 2K's recent announcement makes them pretty annoying publishers, too.

A birthday simulator? Why the hell would you make a birthday simulator?

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Publisher - Activision: Guitar Hero had a good thing goin' for it. Until Activision got their grubby hands on the franchise, now they are releasing a ungodly amount of games with zero innovation and nothing more than a song change.

Developer - Square-Enix: Back in the day when Squaresoft was a good developer who focused on epic storyline and memorable characters they were good. Now all they do is smother cliche storyline with state of the art graphics as you play though intermissions between cut scenes.

Why must JRPG female leads suck so bad?

Activision need no explaining.

Microsoft, pretty much all because of Windows and Live (both Windows and Xbox versions but especially the Xbox version). Windows is too expensive for its quality, and Xbox Live should have free gaming. Games for Windows Live is a pathetic attempt to make PC gaming better, instead making it much worse. I'm not even sure if they're trying to make it better. Oh, and then there's misusing this monopoly position.

Yeah, I don't hate MS as a publisher but as a company, and that includes their gaming division.

A developer? Got to be Bethesda, they never actually finish their games. Oblivion was fun for a couple of hours, though mods fixed most of it (but definitely not all). Fallout 3 got boring pretty fast; it was a little better than Oblivion but only a little, and it didn't seem to have any mods to fix the situation. Oh, and the game was terribly unstable. Then there's this hype they're always getting despite their lacking design.

Red4ADevil said:

There are many i dislike mostly because when  release a multiplatorm game for all three current gen consoles, they allways outsource the wii version to another very small and not so popular developer.

Publisher: Lucas Arts
When i heard of the Force Unleashed for the first time i was stoked but when i heard that they werernt making the wii version along with the PS3/360 and gave it to anoher developer (who did shoddy work BTW on most parts) i decided not to buy it but changed my mind later


Infinity Ward: Develoeprs like them are graphics whores who wont make game for wii because of its graphical power. since the current COD on wii sold a cool solid 1 million thats still a potential 50 million bucks on the side in revenue from the wii alone that IW is losing and so is activision.


They were making a Wii engine for CoD4 but it wasn't done in time, would you rather them rush the engine/game and make something terrible?  W@W used IW's completed engine and all clues point toward Modern Warfare 2 coming to Wii as well. 

Not trying to put you down just letting you know :P  I've only heard good things about the Wii from IW closest thing I heard was they wanted to bring DLC to Wii but restrictions limit them.

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Publisher: Brash, probably never heard of them and it's great that you didn't they went belly up for a reason.

Developer: tie GG and Ubisoft: GG cause every time I've got my hopes up and every time I'm not satisfied, Shellshock nam was the last thing really solid from them. They REALLY don't know how to optimize for a console and it shows.

Ubisoft because they've made some pretty terrible games solely to pocket money from unsuspecting customers, it only hurts their image and turns off people that really could enjoy games. It's been so long since I've actually seen a really good game from them, last gen was their last two exceptional games Sands of Time and Beyond good and evil, this gen I'm hoping Red Steel 2 could be their next and they'll get off my shit list.

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Nintendo. They just make games that I don't like.

my opinion about them was not so good before I knew about their schemes, now I truly hate them: Strategy First.

every dev that works with them has a great chance to get screwed. the lastest I know is Technetium Games, which made a pinball game, and according to them they don't even know how well or bad their game sold (launched in February I think), I don't even think they got their money. add to that problems with: Stardock, Introversion, Pollux, GFI. who knows who else might have problems with them?

and dev I don't know why I'd hate any, so I stay with EAD 3 because they never let me be Link AFTER I beat Ganon and see what's up in Hyrule/Great Sea

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nintendo and EA

Guerilla Games - i mean can anyone name me atleast one game from this developer that wasn't broken, overhyped or less than average?
Killzone - broken, overhyped and really average fps,
K:liberation - average and a little overhyped as well,
Killzone 2 - just a benchmark with gameplay from generic late 90' shooter,
Shellshock: Nam '67 - just look at Killzone 1 description,
Conspiracy Entertainment - when you released more than 40 games at least one of them should be a good game right? well not for them.
and maybe Ubisoft for constantly releasing huge amount of shovelware and cash-ins for nintendo platforms and that interview when CEO of Ubisoft confirmed that they are funding ps360 projects from ds/wii titles profits.

Publisher : EA
they keep releasing the same old games that we played last gen but with updated graphics, and they always and always ruin games and have lost all respect they used to have, they deserve that 1 billion lose, they should really learn from it.

Developer : Lionhead Studio/Rockstar Games
They promise alot and alot and build up alot of hype,then everything they say becomes a lie.

Lionhead promised fable to be seemless openworld experience with freedom no game have got before, and with a seemless multiplayer and limitless customisation, in the end what did we get? a Fable 1 with less RPG and a dog.

Rockstar promised alot for GTA IV, they promised stuff to be added to it more than any other game ever existed, what did we get in the end? a shitty game with boring gameplay, its like GTA 3 with updated graphics.