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    Halo Reach vs. Call of Duty Black Ops: What Will Sell More?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 November 2010

    On the xbox alone, Halo: Reach will reign supreme as first person shooter. It's Halo afterall, Halo is about as heavily associated with Xbox 360 as Steve jobs is associated with Turtle Necks and re-releasing the same product over and over again. There are few reasons why Halo: Reach wouldn't sell as much as Black Ops, and most of them involve the apocolypse when I think aobut it. However, since...

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    Vote for Your Favorite Call of Duty

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2010

    I liked Call of duty when it was called GoldenEye 64, and I liked GoldenEye 64 when it was called Wolfenstein. That being said, the only one I've played is Black Ops. So I guess I'll vote for Call of Duty: Black Ops....

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    Fable 3 DLC and date announced!!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 November 2010

    Excellent, I've been lookin' for a reason to get back into Fable III now. After I've stoped playing long enough to realize there's some sort of flaming ball of fire in the sky that apparently illuminates this "planet" and provides life. Who knew? Well, thankfully Lionhead has learned of my discovery and opted to find a way to lure me back into my cave, with promises of Mini-games and pixels of...


    Height: 5'8

    Eye colour: Hazel

    Hair colour: Black

    Zodiac sign: Scorpio

    Relationship status: Single


    Favourite Games: Tales of Phantasia and Final Fantasy VI. Both of these games were absolutely amazing JRPG experiences that I will never ever forget. Mix a great storyline in with wonderful characters, beautiful music and a fun and interesting battle system? You got yourself a JRPG that will live on thoughout the ages.

    Golden Eye 64 still remains my favorite Console shooter of all time. I've spent hundreds of hours on it just running around shooting some people in the head. Invite some friends over, and do it all over again. It was a amazing game and I'm glad it's often given the credit it deserves.

    My favorite 7th generation game remains Mass Effect. I'm also a big fan of Anything Bioware, Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, and such I'm a big fan. It comes with being Edmontonian and knowing some of the people who put their work into those games. Makes the game experience a bit more personal and you enjoy it that much more because it almost feels as though it's a gift for you and the people who enjoy it. Which often it is.

    Between all these games though, My favorite still remains final fantasy 6.

    Favourite Music: Billy Joel, Micheal Jackson, Green Day, Nickleback, Great Big Sea, 3 Doors Down, The Offspring, Eminem, Creed, Bob Segar, Journey, and alot of Smaller Local Artists.

    I am also a fan of Japanese Music, such as 永遠の明日. Most of songs from my japanese list comes from video-games however. Haha. Who would have figured.

    Favourite Films: Pixar Films, Each of them surpasses the previous in terms of filmography and presenting a amazing cinematic experience.

    Aside from that

    Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, George of the Jungle, Gran Torino, A History of Violence, The original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Trek II, IV, VI, VII, VIII, and XI, and the Lord of the Rings Films.

    Favourite Books: The Halo Series of Books. I'm a huge geek, leave me alone about it.

    Currently Reading - Halo: Contact Harvest

    Favourite Food: UDON SOUP! This stuff is amazing, I would go though great lengths to get my hands on some Udon soup. Ever had it? It's stuffed full of these nice thick noodles, fresh vegetables and usually Beef, Shrimp, or Chicken. Freshly cooked and prepared for you. It's amazing. I get it from 1 place in edmonton and it costs me 20 bucks a bowl but it's so worth it.

    Aside from that, I'm a steak man. Rare please, very rare. I want my steak to moo when I fork it. Then drown it in hot sauce and devour it. Yum. It's hospitalizing-delicious! Don't worry, Canadian Free Health Care!

    I'm sorta a beer man when it comes to my drinks, but whenever I am spoiling myself I get myself something called a "Blue-Zen Martini". It's a martini made with blueberries and something else, I'm not sure. But it's great and I enjoy drinking SOCIALLY with them. People seem to forget how to drink now-a-days. It leads to alot of trouble. *sigh*

    Hobbies: Gaming and Padding my Gamerscore on Xbox Live. I own a Wii as well, but it doesn't get alot of use from me as of now. Since my gaming budget has dropped recently I've stopped buying alot of games. Which sadly put my new wii titles to absolutely nothing.

    Aside from that, I'm a outdoorsman. I love being outdoors, walking, jogging, and visiting the north Saskatchewan River on a very regular basis. I usually am there around 7AM during low tide, where the river allows for quite a number of smaller "islands" to form deeper and deeper into the river, then I just sit there. Take of my iPod and enjoy the sounds of the River.

    I also love the rain, I wish it rained in edmonton more but whenever it's raining. I'm outside enjoying every drop.

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