What Games have scared you but you just dont know why?

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Published by Softdisk Publishing
Developed by Gamer's Edge
Released 1992
Platform DOS (Shareware)

Catacomb Abyss was the sequel to Catacomb 3D (which was developed by id Software) and it was the first 3D game and the first FPS I ever played.

To be honest, I knew exactly why I was scared, the graphics were a sensation at the time it came out (remember: it was one year before Doom), but when I played it I couldn't believe how much a mere videogame would scare me.

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Metal Gear: Snake's Revenge. I was a kid when I played this Nes game. Everyone on Snake's team (John Turner, Nick Myers, and Jennifer....uhhh...) died. I was traumatised!!

Adventures of Lolo was scary too. There were these creatures that killed you if you looked directly at them. Always scared the shit outta me.

Metroid II on the Gameboy!! With headphones, you'd be walking, enjoying the environment when all of a sudden....ZETA METROID ATTACK!!! Scary stuff, indeed.

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Burnout Paradise

Dem' streets dangerous!!

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lol, at first Chaos Legion for the PS2 scared tye hell outta me because the gothic-like creatures would teleport out of the blue for no reason kind like FF & DMC style but it scared me at first.

In the end though i got use to it and its THE BEST AJRPG/Hack n" Slash to this day imo..

Other then that when was about 7 to 8 years old, i found Final Fantasy 7 Awesome yet Scary because Sephiroth and his theme Song when you first go to the Shinra Building...

bioshock, that game freaked me out

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Pretty much every handheld i played while on the can.

dead space holy smokes man


Mario64- in a good, fun way
Ocarina of Time - in a bad, I never wanna play again way (zombies scared me so bad)
Also, in Double Dash I had an irrational fear of Blue Shells

dead space holy smokes man


dead space is a horror game, the OP means games thats not really horror games but they scared you.

Shadow of the Colossus, at first when I saw the first boss, I was terrified to approach him. So I shot arrows at him for about 5 minutes until I realized it was doing nothing.