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    Why do most major games come out on a tuesday?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 August 2011

    Ive always wondered this and being a student its hard to go to midnigh launches of games. So why do they realese them on a tuesdayinsted of like a staurday?...

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    Who Will have the Best E3 Conference??

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2011

    Microsfot but not for Kenict, the games, Gears 3 Halo 1 remake all that good stuff. But for all platforms: Can I Get a STARWARS BATTLEFRONT 3  please?!...

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    Whos gonna die in Gears of War 3?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 April 2011

    WHo out of the main gears do you think is toast? Marcus Dom Cole Baird Anya Carmine (i voted to save carmine) (I know theres more but im talkin big names)...

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    in General Discussion on 07 March 2011

    How much would a binder full of 1st gen cards in mint condition go for? no pokemon past gold. This includes many energy cards and trainers, holos, mewtwos, the works i would takje pics buttt my camera just broke today... advice?...

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    What i miss about classic games(before the online era)

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 December 2010

    FREAKING SPLIT SCREEN CO OP. I mean sure the fact that you can play with your friends across the world now with online but what about co op on the same xbox? Dead rising 2 for example i love that game and want to play with friends on the same console but I cant i have to do it online. Why? thats just dumb. I hjope to god gears of war 3 can have 4 player spilt screen co op for the campaign but i...

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    Question reguarding Dead rising 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 September 2010

    Can you find the actual tape it or die safe house or? Directions would be great!...

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    Marvel vs CAPCOM 3: 4 New characters revealed + New Gameplay!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 July 2010

    d21lewis said: I didn't expect the Super Skrull, that's fo' sho!  Trish, either.  Since Doc Doom and Super Skrull are in there, the Fantastic Four are pretty much guaranteed, huh? As for the video, I loves me some Deadpool!  He did the "Shoryuken" in the comics a few years back so when I saw him do that in the video, I laughed out loud.  Animation looks a little stiff when...

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    Marvel vs CAPCOM 3: 4 New characters revealed + New Gameplay!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 July 2010

    Hurry up and announce frank west already...

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    Favorite quote from a video game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 July 2010

    War, War never changes...

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    The offical Dead Rising 2/Case Zero thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 July 2010

    Post what you want, what you think so far, rumors you hear, case zero stuff, new weapons, anything dead rising 2 case zero or even one stuff The game I am most excited for this year is this game. I beat the first 14 times and it never gets old I found some physcopaths link below

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    The Best Gaming Franchise- Cast Your Votes!

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2010

    1 Gears of war 2 Mario 3 Starcraft...

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    Who do you want in Marvel vs Capcom 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2010

    Put down your top 3 charcters and why! 1. Frank West he's already been in a fighting game that was great, why not put him in another? He has fighting moves like the disembowl and face crusher why not incoperate some weapons to? 2. Albert Wesker or Leon Kennedy. I couldnt decide both would be super badass to have. Not much more to say. Leon would be more gun oriented though as to wesker who can...

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    Alan Wake or Red Dead Redemption?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 July 2010

    Red dead redemption for sure it has one of the best stories in recent game history and its always fun to play. Excellent multiplayer. It feels to me like a beefed up more exciting grand theft auto experience (yes i know rockstar made it) Heck I might even like it more then the GTA series...

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    Funspot Classic

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 June 2010

    I will be playing in the Funspot classic this weekend and im excited looking to put up a good score on galaga'Any one else going or interested in this tourny?...

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    SHould i buy galaxy 2 (look in thread stupid question i know)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 May 2010

    I just bought red dead redemption yesterday and i have enough money to buy galaxy 2 do i do it? the next game i want is starcraft 2 but i can pay for that later. So buy galaxy 2? ...

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    bioshock 2 maps

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 May 2010

    How do i play them other then private matchs?...

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    Gears of war 3 scans! MUST SEE for any Gears fans!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 May 2010


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    Gears of War 3 release date! Emerges April 5, 2011!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 April 2010


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    SSF4 best streetfighter ever?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2010

    i meant to say best street fighter not best fighter...

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