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So the thread is right here.  Its not really surprising.  If their users say anything GOOD about us, they will be banned.  I personally see this as extreme jealously.  NeoGAF hasnt been quoted in the NYT have they?  Well, this really makes me question the maturity of those guys. 

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They don't like VGC

Fuck GAF. They probably are the biggest douchebags in the universe.

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Look at this quote right here:

I don't get it really, just the fact that the "s" of charts is replaced by a "z" should give you an idea about the credibility of that site - even if you have no idea about the subject whatsoever.

Just a simple example of the top of my head because there was some idiot in another thread using that site to back up his claims.

That site has Uncharted at 1.46m. Last we know Uncharted was at 377k for the US and 39k for Japan. Even if you (
very generously) assume it's now at 450k and 50k you still have roughly one million sales left for "other" (meaning predominantly Europe). We know for a fact that the UK is Europe's biggest single market and is also the market Uncharted has been the most successful in. We also know for a fact that Uncharted sold 100k but not 200k in the UK. Even if we (veeery generously) assume it has sold 199k that still leaves about 800k for the rest of Europe etc.

Completely ignoring the fact that Naughty Dog said that Uncharted sold 1.2 million according to NPD. And their figures for 1.2 million were from February. Of course, we don't need to debate about this, for my point is that GAF is full of retarded pricks.

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Well in time even they will know the POWER of the dark side....bwahahaha.!!

{sorry couldn't resist}

YES they are definetely jealous

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Is there any specific reason why NeoGAF hates VGC? What's the background of the hate?

Who cares what they think anyways.

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fazz said:
Is there any reason why NeoGAF hates VGC?

If you stick up for Vgchartz there you will be torn down as if the posters are rabbid wolves and you're a small rabbit. Besides that, a lot of sites don't like Vgchartz.




why don't you go & post the reasoning for Uncharted sales there, maybe that would knock some sense into the muppets!

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I don't like the "z" at the end of charts, but other than that, the dude is an idiot.