It´s 2020 PS5 is native 4k, 8 Tf, 16 GB of ram, RC, 450 USS. would you buy it?

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thismeintiel said:
Anyway, you're specs are too low. At least for the Tflops. 16 GBs of GDDR6 is probably what we're going to see in the PS5, but 8 Tflops isn't going to be enough to for Native 4K. It's also not enough to warrant a $450 price tag in 2020. My guess is we're going to see something closer to 12 Tflops, coupled with a much better CPU compared to the Jaguar found in the PS4 and XBO.

Exactly, 16GB may not be surprising but the rest is a joke even for a $400 price at that point.
People fixate on "4K" like that is enough for new console, it's not, that's just  a beefed up XboneX.
Graphics will be more than just resolution, and GPU will be for GPGPU along with better CPU.
I'm somewhat anti-VR myself, but next-gen VR will be big driver of capability as well, realistically.

But if somebody is happy with their PS4/Pro now, that's fine, you don't need to be hyped on PS5.
Plenty of people don't buy new consoles in first year or even 2, wait for the slim or pro version.

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That would be very lame for a next gen system releasing at that time ...

I would prefer it as much as possible for Sony to delay releasing their next gen system until 2021 if 5nm becomes available along with the successor to Navi microachitecture ...

16GB RAM is absolutely to low. With photogrammetry and 4K you need much more RAM. If a game is 1080p running on a 8GB consol, then 4K needs about 32GB to have the textures in ultra HiRes. Otherwise you have low quality textures in 4K. Its like playing XBox360 games on an PC emulator in 4K. Its better but not real 4K potential. And if you want to have bigger levels, more shadows and effects, more elements - then 64GB is a must.

I would upgrade because I greatly enjoy Sony's Software and Services, but I would be extremely disappointed.

If they did this and made a PS5 Phone with full comparability from day one, then I guess it would be ok, but it leaves the door open for dozens of other companies to enter the market with more capable and cheaper systems.

At any rate I think this would have to be a base system with a more powerful option for the reasons above.

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Seems pretty weak for something releasing in 2-3 years. But I guess I won't have any choice if Sony continues to make games worth playing. Not that I'd bet on it.

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This better be the greatest handheld from Sony ever because that shit would not fly as a next-gen home console.

$450? That sounds like a lot. Would be even more of a ripoff once converted to pounds as well! So probably not until it gets a decent price cut. Couldn't care less about the non-price things you mentioned.

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I will stick with Sony because of the games. Between their exclusives and their third party support, I know I will get everything I want. The hardware evolution is just incidental, all tech will move forward at a steady pace so I'm not too fussy about that.

Its gonna require notable content for me to buy a 9th gen console at launch.

Its possible that X1X will be $250 by 2020 and playing 9th gen content very well.

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I'll buy the PS5 no matter what hardware is inside. I buy the console for the games, not for power. I have my PC for that.

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