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Yes, there is always someone like that in every group, I speak from my experience in more than 10 years.

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Its just a pickup game of basketball. Youre all taking it too seriously.

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axumblade said:
Who is LeBron James?

A basektball player who thinks he's the GOAT but has a little baby penis and wishes he was the actual GOAT... Michael Jordan.

axumblade said:
Who is LeBron James?

Dood... you stole my question!

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monocle_layton said:

I've started playing 5v5 in the gym, and so many people talk trash to a ridiculous level.


I have seen a minimum of 10 guys claim to be 'monsters' last week, and all of them were pretty much garbage. They'd be 3/17, have eighty turnovers, zero assists, no defense, and then call out everyone else on the team about how 'shit' they are.


I tried to do a pick and roll to help him get to an open lane, but he chucked up a shot and got mad as to why 'no one was helping him' lol. 


I have flaws in my game, and play based on them. I play stretch 4 or 5 and typically spend my time  in the post, spacing out, setting screens, or making midrange shots. I wish more people understood their limits.


Anyone else have nightmare stories for sports?


Nothing amuses me more than watching amateurs go up against someone like LeBron at camps and such; it's akin to the difference between an average adult and a five year old lol

It always seemed to me that the NBA features the most impressive mix of size and athleticism of any sport, which is probably why some people watching delude themselves into thinking they're somehing special. When even the worst NBA players are incredible athletes and most everyone is very tall it makes it hard to appreciate just how much better they are than most people.

I'd be on board if the nba decided that a full quarter must be played every game by one average person alongside his pro teammates. It would be pretty amusing to watch those two tripping over themselves and dying as they jog from one side of the court to the other lol

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I can still sexually identify as LeBron James, right?



axumblade said:
Who is LeBron James?

I think he's a French painter.


Hmm, I remember one time playing floor hockey, and while I was the goalie I scored a goal. So, not long after they substituted me for another person, and he scored 2 goals as the goalie, so then they banned the goalie from being able to score

alternine said:
Its just a pickup game of basketball. Youre all taking it too seriously.

The issue is that I can tell anyone who complains about bad teammates on games that it's 'just a game'.

It's not over who wins or not. The issue is that these people bring the fun out of the game.9

No, the worst people are the ones who think they're Steph Curry and jack up a bunch of horrible three's 5 feet behind the line without moving the ball around. Then they think they're good once the 10th one of those goes in by some freak accident.

The three point line has killed the game of basketball if you're not in college or the NBA. Nobody attacks the basket, moves the ball, or moves without the ball in pickup games at the gym or in rec games. These people lack a fundamental understanding of what ACTUALLY makes the Warriors brand of basketball good.

Another type of people that bother me are the ones who think they're Allen Iverson. These are the people who do a bunch of pointless dribble moves and end up in the exact same place that they started.

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