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I don't play many unknown games. But I would say Huniecam Studio is not only the best game in the series, but also the best resource management game I've played. So that.

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There was an old PC game called Terra Nova. Team based action/strategy game. I loved it.

Folklore on the PS3. The game got some mixed/positive reviews, but I think it is such a wonder. Hands down best use of motion controls on the PS3. Great OST, characters and mechanics. Love that game.

Perhaps the Fatal Frame series? It's one of the best, if not the best horror game series out there. The Trauma Center games are pretty great as well. Stella Glow was pretty great as well...



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Advanced V.G. 2 for Playstation.

By far one of the best fighting games in PS1.

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arcaneguyver said:
Folkflore (PS3) ranks up there for me. I never hear anyone talk about Code Name Viper (NES), but it's a badass Rolling Thunder ripoff. My favorite 2nd gen games are both kind of forgotten in conversation, Moon Patrol & Demon Attack. No One Can Stop Mister Domino! (PS1) and Mad Maestro (PS2) also seem to fit the bill

ok damn folklore looks legit thanks for the heads up

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Vagrant Story, it got buried under the shadow of ff titles during the ps1 era, but it's a masterpiece.

every ys game before they introduced a party system, yoshi story, mighty number 9

The Battle Tanx series (N64) is criminally underrated. One of the most fun bot and local multiplayer set of games I have ever played. Even the campaign mode was great.

The Vigilante games (similar to Twisted Metal) and Beatle Adventure Racing were fun as hell.

Well, this one is kind of popular: SMRPG but it didn't sell nearly as well as it should have and I always found this to be one of both Square and Nintendo's greatest games but it's hardly ever mentioned along side their best.

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