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Is it possible? Certainly yes. The new iPhone is supposed to have up to 512GB of memory on top of being smaller than the previous plus/xl version.

It's up to Nintendo. I think they shouldn't tho. It would be better to simply bundle it with a cheaper Micro SD Card. But if the memory is cheap enough, I say yes... go for it and make 64GB/256GB/512GB models the standard.

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There is no memory problem with the switch, micro sd prices are dropping......if nba 2k, La game from rockstar, or resident evil revaltions size worry you, then get a 128gb memory card.......When I worked in a game store when 360, vita was selling, people would come in and buy memory like it was no issue, but here comes nintendo who give us the cheapest option to get memory cards out of 360, vita, and etc......and people still complain like Nintendo charging people over 100 dollars for 32gb memory like Sony did with the Vita

and here is the next thing, when ever San Disk come out with a new micro sd, they never put a whole new price for it, they always replace the last biggest card with the new biggest card.....for example the 256 gb card cost 250 dollars, the new 400 gb card cost 250 dollars, so they took the price off the old card and give it to the new card..........then they switch out the prices with the other cards......meaning the 256 gb card will cost the same as the 200gb card thats out now.......the 200gb card will cost the price of the 128 gig card.......the 128 gb card will cost the price of the 64 gb card.....and the 64 gb card will cost the price of the 32 gb card

so in a few weeks when all the micro sd card changes.......the 128 gb micro card will be same price as 64gb card which cost 15 to 23 dollars on amazon...........

this happens with every card sandisk make.....the new card will take the 250 price tag and everything else will drop in price, its why a 64 gb micro sd cost 15 to 23 dollars now when it use to be so 40 a year ago, and then 70 a year before that.........I have a feeling they will phase out the 32 gb card unless they plan to sell those for 5 dollars........
either way memory cards was never the issue for the Switch........but people who do not own a switch are the loudest to complain on every gaming website, turning away every weak minded person who think they right

It is certainly possible, but the main component causing Switch shortages are the flash memory chips, they are competing with apple with these things... Apple is devouring all of the available ones now they are making 512GB/256GB devices :/

We already saw that the storage was on separate board during all those launch teardowns.

For now it just been used to implement different manufacturers such as Samsung or Toshiba.
But thanks to that, they can easily increase the storage in a future model.

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I am hope we see many Switch options in the future. If they brought out a 4G Switch Phone with 256GB of storage, I would be the best consumer in the history of the company day one. They have a really good thing, and now they need to slowly branch out, and build to a larger audience.

Even if they don't do a phone though, I fully expect a Switch Pro X with more Power/RAM/Storage by 2019 at the latest.

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Its not only possible, but also laughably easy to do so.
I wonder if a 512GB 600$ model would sell...

d21lewis said:

I hope they can do like Sony did with the PS4 or Microsoft did with the 360 and patch in USB extension HDD support.

Rather then that I would like a dock with a HDD slot inside.

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Barkley said:
d21lewis said:

I hope they can do like Sony did with the PS4 or Microsoft did with the 360 and patch in USB extension HDD support.

Rather then that I would like a dock with a HDD slot inside.

And throw in a 4k Blu-Ray drive on top if it too! No reason why you couldn't have the Switch as a primary device in your living room.

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It would probably just be more cost effective to bundle an SD card if it's really a problem.

They should. I don't know why they went with internal 32 GB when that can barely cover most modern games. I guess they have some deal with other companies about SD cards or something.