Greg Miller: WWE2k2018 on switch is a bad idea because the game is going to be crap

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Who is greg Miller and why should I care what he says?

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I mean, it could be a fairly bad port, I don't know the team behind WWE games or their history or who will actually port the game over to Switch. It's all speculation though, I'm glad the Switch is getting some support from third parties but a slew of bad ports could really hurt it. No doubt it won't look as good compared to the PS4/XB1 but Switch crowd isn't exactly worried about graphical power. If it plays well and it looks decent, it's a win.

To be honest, I'm just shocked this game is getting any sort of traction here. I just check and according to VGC, it hits 3mil across all consoles consistantly but still.

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I will gladly take a cartoony version of No Mercy. I will take a port of No Mercy from N64 with the fugly graphics and bad framerate still intact. I will take a wrestling game with the No Mercy gameplay with a generic brand (I'd actually prefer that over modern WWE). I'd even take the Day of Reckoning engine.

He's not MY favorite journalist lol. And comments like this would be part of the reason why.

Most third party games are crap. But as for this specific one, it's actually a good idea to release it on Switch for the company who makes the game. The system is hot and people want games for it, so anything that gets put on a card has a fair chance to sell. Needless to say, that's what quite a few third parties are going to bank on, so we can expect shit to be flung at the Switch.

I don't know why I even clicked on the video, but the Kinda Funny label reminded me of that Colin dude who claimed that Switch will fail because Nintendo has made so many mistakes. We had a thread here to call him a moron and in hindsight even the people who defended him will have to admit that he was rightfully called an idiot.

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I'll take a no mercy remake, any day!!! Without hesitation

Honestly, Kinda Funny Games is worse than IGN at this point. Because they say some occasionally smart things to make you go "hey, they do know what they're talking about!", and then say dumb shit the other 90% of the time. And because they are personalities and not robots like IGN, people will take their word for it and not question it.

gotta lol @ anyone who worry about graphics in these wwe games

Baddman said:
gotta lol @ anyone who worry about graphics in these wwe games

True, the graphics are already bad to begin with, so if they end up a little worse it will just take them from like a 4 out of 10 to a 3 out of 10. The games themselves are fun, though.

Who's Greg Miller?

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