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These are the only films where tears were in my eyes...not crying, but definitely teary eyed.

La Bamba (no question if you haven't cried during this film you are just not human. I don't care who you are lol.)
Titanic (the ending is just insanely powerful film making. It's pure art the way it was directed and how it unfolded)
The Land Before Time
The Lion King

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Cast away... Just remembering that ONE scene makes tears come to my eyes. If Im watching it, I have to skip that part... Im not man enough to stand it.

Saving Private Ryan... After having watched it once, the start of the movie, when the old guy comes to the tomb, falling to his knees...

Interstellar... When HE reunites with his now older daughter


 I think I may be forgetting another one, but cant remember...


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Instructions not included. if you don't cry in this movie, you definitely aren't human.

pokoko said:

I'll never watch it again.  I don't think I've cried like that since I was a child.  

The last movie I cried my heart's out. It's something you can't watch a second time cuz I know that I wouldn't be able to take this emotional trip once again. Just thinking about this movie gets my eyes a bit watery ... dammit.

Angelv577 said:
Instructions not included. if you don't cry in this movie, you definitely aren't human.

Or maybe, you're just someone who feel detached from the movie cuz you know it's just a fictional story ....

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Movies don't make me cry as much as music does. The only movie (as far as I can remember) that gave me some tears, was Lassie (2005 remake of the original movie from 1943).

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Star Wars 3, it was so bad.

toy story 2 and 3
wall e
finding dory
inside out
... yeah fuck you pixar

little miss sunshine
the green mile
bridge to terabithia
leon the professional
i am sam
million dollar baby
dear zachary
a walk to remember...

so much more... i cry easily... i fucking cried on princess and the fucking frog for some fucking weird reason XD


Marly and me. idk but dogs dying make me cry. It takes a lot to make me cry at a human death, I think when a main character dies if it's done right it can make the movie better.

Just 2
The Lion King
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Pancho A. Ovies

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Knitemare said:

Interstellar... When HE reunites with his now older daughter

Come on, that last sequence and her closing lines sent chills down my spine.