Horizon: Zero Dawn costs $60 - Is that a fair price?

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d21lewis said:
vivster said:

You stupid? With 1-2 Switch bitches will be flocking to you for free! Spend those $10 on booze!

Lol literally at the phrase "1-2 Switch bitches"! 😄

You mean "1-2-Bitch", as in the amount of bitches you'll be getting and switching between. 

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This was certainly an interesting read. I'm mildly entertained this morning. :)

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RolStoppable said:

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an open world game that retails for $60. One has to wonder if that is a fair price.

The most glaring omission in this game is an online multiplayer component. This shortcoming is not a consequence of a lack of development time, but a conscious decision by Guerilla Games that they didn't even want to implement one. That things can be very different has been demonstrated by Grand Theft Auto V, which also retailed for $60, but had robust online multiplayer modes in addition to all of its singleplayer content.

Horizon: Zero Dawn also lacks a character editor, like it can be found in Skyrim, or at least the option to play as the gender you want. Players aren't provided with a choice. Speaking only for myself here, I don't like female characters.

The game focuses on its singleplayer element, but unfortunately the scope of its world, story and lore is limited. Unlike Final Fantasy XV, there was apparently never a need to produce a movie to go along with the game.

Without a doubt, a lot of corners were cut during the development process of Horizon: Zero Dawn. So I pose the question: Charging $60 for all of this, is that really a fair price?

Quality over Quanity. If the game is good than $60 is just fine. It's a little to early to say if corners were cut in Hozizon since it's not out yet, but from what I've seen and heard seems like it's got a great crafting system and large map, and deverse foes to tackle, along with a good story naritive, and gameplay.

Some examples as of late below:

++ Overwatch: Solid Deep MP, no SP (worth $60)

- Evolve: No SP, Shallow MP (not worth $60)

- Street figter No SP, Shallow MP, No Arcade Mode (not worth $60)

-- The Order 1886: Bad Bad AI, example of to short,  (NOT worth $60 just about a rent)

++Inside: Perfect game play, animation, story, level design, not a long game but does'nt matter cuz it's almost perfect. (worth $60 even though it was $20)

It's all relative.

As far as playing a female protagonist, ya that's just you most don't give a shit, unless your under 10 years old then you really should'nt be playing this game anyway.

$60 is fine for Horizon, that's the standard price, and thank god, otherwise we would be spending $100 dollars for open world games like the Witcher

Just curious..would you happen to be a millennial?

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I've pre ordered it so speaking only for myself I think it's worth it.

BTW GTA V isn't worth $60. It's worth at least $200. Play it regularly almost 3 years later.

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So is less than $60.00 the price we should pay for a game that doesn't include an online multiplayer component? Inversely, should we be charged more than $60 for games that are online only? I mean, The Witcher III doesn't have online multiplayer but I managed 378 hours of play time before finishing it. I think this line of thinking is silly. Should games be priced by length and content? Honestly, with add-ons and DLC this is sort of already happening. But happens with a game like (again) The Witcher III can take months to finish. How should such a game be priced?


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Angelus said:
RolStoppable said:

Speaking only for myself here, I don't like female characters.

Ya....had a feeling that might be the case

From reading the OP's posts in the past he didn't even need to put that in for anyone to know this to be true.


A mouse & keyboard are made for sending email and typing internet badassery. Not for playing video games!!!

The answer will be different for every person. Value is really subjective, especially when it comes to entertainment. It just depends what kind of experience you are looking to get from the game.

For me, $60 should be worth it because I love single player RPG's, and it looks like a fun game. I don't really care about some of the missing features stated in the op, where as others who like RPG's who would really miss those features, might not see the game as being worth the $60 price tag.

But seeing as most other big budget games are $60, I think it's a fair starting price point.

That's why I buy it for €55- a joke thread deserves a joke answer. There are plenty of games with less options no MP and are still worth $60. The Witcher III or any super mario game.

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