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I only technically owned an atari, as someone had apparently givenit to me, but we didn't have the connectors necessary to hook it up to the TV. i forget what happened to it, but that was back when the gamecube first came out.

however, i did play it at a friends house a few times.

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I had a Gemini (Atari clone by Coleco). Played all the 2600 games.

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radioioRobert said:
Owned a 2600 AND ColecoVision. Did anybody else have to moisten the controller plugs of the 2600 to get them to make contact? The older my system got the worse those connections worked. Even after buying a new controller, I'd have to do it after a short time.

ET was a lame game. Funny that it's legendary now. Moving his neck up and down, falling in holes. What a waste of life.

It's legendary precisely BECAUSE of it's utter lameness.

I still own an atari 1200

nope never had one, nes was my first console

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I never had an Atari Console. My first console was the Sega Mega Drive, it its technically my brothers. My first console is the PS.

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I also owned an Intellivision, though it was a hand-me-down.

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My parents did.

I did

Kasz216 said:

Owned? Mine is still hooked up to a TV!

I still like to play it every now and then. 

 Yep, I've still got mine as well. Good number of games, too.