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I owned a ColecoVision with the Atari expansion. Does that count?

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I also owned a copy of ET for the 2600. I don't think I had Pac-Man for it, though.

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Owned a 2600 AND ColecoVision. Did anybody else have to moisten the controller plugs of the 2600 to get them to make contact? The older my system got the worse those connections worked. Even after buying a new controller, I'd have to do it after a short time.

ET was a lame game. Funny that it's legendary now. Moving his neck up and down, falling in holes. What a waste of life.

Does anybody remember the name of the game with the 2 block shaped gunfighters with the moving wagons and stuff between them? My mom used to love playing that against me.

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I had a 7800. Also had a Vectrex. Both still work. ^_^

Yep, along with basically every other console ever released in the US, granted I got my first one at the tail end of the 2600's life (1990)
the good games for the 2600 are great, (missile command, Jr. Pacman, spider fighter, solaris) still play it occasionally


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I actually started gaming on my uncles old Atari 2600. My grandparents kept it after he moved out and I played it when I had a chance to visit. They had about 15 games, and I even got one for my birthday one year. I have some great memories of Keystone Kapers, tennis, and lots of other games. Just a few years later I got my first console, a SNES.

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Atari 2600 was my first game console.

My parents would take me to the swapmeet and buy games for lik 50 cents or $1 each. I had a ton of crap.

Then, about a year later I received the holy grail of game consoles. NES Action bundle.

2600 - fave games River raid, pitfall and kung fu :D

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Yes. I had the 2600 and I loved it. Awesome graphics. Haha. Games had to be good because they didn't look it.

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I did... bought one at a flea market in 1999.