Has Iron Man reached Batman, Superman, Spidey level of popularity?

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Is Iron Man as popular as Batman, Spiderman and Superman?

Yes 53 39.26%
No 59 43.70%
Bye bye Downey Jr. and bye bye Iron Man 23 17.04%

Maybe not at Spiderman level, but he's getting there.

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Iron Man isn't on that level just yet.

Spider-man is a FAR #1 in popularity.

Batman is #2

It's not just about the movies. It's the comics, merchandise, and movies combined that create the popularity level.

For every 3 items Batman sells, Spider-man sells 9.

Now, don't get me wrong, Iron-man is on the rise. But only time will tell if Ironman can get past spider-man. Marvel already tried pushing someone over Spider-man with Wolverine. But ever since 2014 Marvel seems to have stopped trying to push wolverine hard.

Honestly, Deadpool has a better shot than Ironman to become Marvel's most popular. Besides, Deadpool is the guy Marvel is trying to push now since they gave up on Wolverine. But honestly, Spider-man has generations of fans to the character's advantage. So anyone they try to push over Spider-man has a tough hill to climb

Iron Man poupolarity is popularity increasing this generation.

Right now, it's not at Superman or Batman level... in a near future? Who know!

On film he has. The average person doesn't know his real name or can even name a single foe of his, though.

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Right now I'd say he is, yeah.

Well, this is new.


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AbbathTheGrim said:

And can the superhero survive a Robert Downey Jr-less incarnation?




Iron man is popular, but his acting and character  is what helped it explode



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I'd say go to the mall.
How many Iron Man T-Shirts do you see?
Go to the toy store. How much Iron Man merch are they selling relative to other heroes?
Go to the comics shop. How many comics does Iron Man star in per month?
Look on TV. How many solo Iron Man series have there been in recent years? How many team shows?
How many video games?

That should give you a pretty good idea how iconic he is.

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Well, his last solo movie took in $1.2 billion at the box office, compared to the ~$870 million of a movie featuring both Batman and Superman (which even had a couple more years of inflation on its side). Granted, BvS was much more critically derided, but that's still a mighty impressive feat for a formely-B-list character.

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He's up there with Batman and Spiderman.

Superman isn't there.

Not quite, but he's getting there. Downey Jr.'s portrayal and the critical acclaim of the MCU ad a whole definitely helped. But right now I'd say he's tied for #4 with Wolverine.

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