Rise of the Tomb Raider will not have multiplayer

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Not happy with this news. I had fun playing Tomb Raider's multiplayer and I care a lot about the multiplayer part of games.


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good. no mp is better than tacked on mp. this is a sp franchise and all the budget should go there.

This is excellent news. I will actually buy this now, when it comes to PS4. The reboot MP was so damn terrible, that going through the extremely tedious process of hitting lvl 60, and getting the MP trophies, actually ruined the entire game for me and I had to wait over a year before I could finally stomach coming back and getting the platinum. Honestly, I don't think I've ever played an MP from such a high budget game that was so bad.

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Good decision, the multiplayer from the reboot was meh.

The reboot MP was among the worst I'd ever played. I am ok with this.

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Fei-Hung said:
That's possibly the best piece of news I've heard for this game. Hopefully it will translate to all resources being pumped into the sp and awesome puzzle sections in tombs.

The problem is I'm fairly sure that the MP was outsourced, hence was rubbish... But also means that the extra resources might not be used on Tomb Raider, though I hope I'm wrong

Frankly, I still not hugely happy at Uncharted and the Last of Us doing MP, though they did a surprisingly good job, especially with the number of cosmetic microtransactions they throw in

Accept your game is a single player game and make it the best single player game you can. I'm currently playing Bravely Default and keep getting told about random multiplayer/social stuff. Ugh

So in spite of my not too strong feelings about the first one, other than my love for Tress FX even on an Nvidia graphics card, I may well buy this just to say thank you for not wasting time with multiplayer

celador said:

Thankfully, then, it looks like Crystal Dynamics has heard its fan base loud and clear and has cut multiplayer from Rise of the Tomb Raider to maintain the focus on the single-player campaign, as revealed in Official Xbox Magazine.


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The multi-player was shit on the first one and kept me from getting the Platinum on it.

That's great news!

I am 100% okay with no multiplayer in most games. I hate when companies toss in Multiplayer when it does not need it. Even worse is when there are achievements that you can get because no one plays online.