Am I the only one who wants Zelda Wii U to release on NX?

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I see that most Nintendo fans have said things along the line of "if Nintendo releases Zelda Wii U on NX it will be a major betrayal of my trust." I understand the frustration of buying a console expecting a game only to have that game release on another console, but I can't help but think that it would be better if Zelda Wii U did release on NX. I just think that Nintendo could make the game better if they made it for NX (assuming NX has significantly higher graphical capacity than Wii U). Also, since I'm a huge Nintendo fan I know I'll be buying NX anyway, so I figure it might as well have the best Zelda experience ever (hopefully). I don't know, what do you guys think. Would it really be so awful if the new Zelda released on NX?

Note: the same point stands if it's cross-gen, as the NX version would likely be superior. 

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I think Soundwave probably wants it too but I sure dont


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Hoping the NX turns out to be a powerful handheld, it's best for Nintendo.

I dont really care as long as the console doesnt come out before 2018

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It might be best for nintendo to save it for the next consol... but as a Wii U owner that would make me sad.

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no because i wont get nx. I got the wii u on launch because they showed a damn awesome zelda tech demo and i still got like nothing. a remake and a spin off i never asked for.
wiiu is my last nintendo console. nx should get its own title. I dont want them to waste time on zelda wii u to make a port or a dual release. i want the game asap.

It would probably be for the best in every aspect for the game, from looks to sales, however it would be such a shame if WiiU would become the first console without it's own Zelda game.

I'll get it whenever and wherever it releases.

It would be better there.

But I don't care. I want it on U.

At this point, I want it on NX (it can come to Wii U too, but I want the best version possible on NX). I bought a Wii U and 3ds either day one or close to it for both of them. I paid the 250 for the 3ds standard edition (ridiculous launch price) and the 350 for the Wii U premium edition (also ridiculous).

Neither devices had many games in their first year. I do NOT want that to repeat for the NX. I want Nintendo to come out guns blazing with that device. I want there to be so many games on it that, after the 1st year of it being on the market, I have at least 2 years of backlog to play through. I do not want 1 game for every 3 months on average, and I want (at least) 3rd party exclusives!

I own a Wii U and a New 3ds (I upgraded). I'm a Nintendo fanboy and a day one client (typically), but I want the Nx to launch next year and I want it to have the best possible support it could have in it's early life.

i want it to the next home console...in winter 2016