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Not gonna lie, I'm seriously contemplating getting a Saturn!

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Okay. I'm convinced!

Clearly missing the Saturn's greatest exclusive though. Sega Rally Championship 95. Yes there were poor imitations in the arcade and on PC and ps2. But only the Saturn version was awesome!

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Would be nice to learn Japanese with it.
Saturn lacks Sanic love though.

You had me at "Hentai Games".

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Saturn was awesome but sadly it didn't stand a chance against the PSX. Games were still very good and varied for it. VF2, Daytona, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon... Superior 2d beat'em'ups. And the best Gamepad without analogs there is.

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KdxlavkdX said:
The Xbox One will easily outsell the Saturn. ;)

That is depressing.  The Sega Saturn deserved so much more.

That gaming library is why I got into the import scene. It had amazing exclusives.

Tachikoma said:
KyleeStrutt said:


I wouldn't bet against me If i were you, I own 3.

Are you also building a Saturn Fort?


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I actually am kind of fond of the Saturn and it had pretty good specs for its generation  (in fact if it wasn't so weirdly designed and difficult to program for it would have had the best looking games of that gen)


some really great shooters on this system but it has to be said when looking at the Saturn library that it seriously lacks in diversity (especially in the adventure / platforming genre)

cool looking system and I do like the controller design and some of the games. obviously its been said a million times but Sega was foolish to abandon it so early on; wasted potential. certainly 3D games never reached their potential on the system

I think the Dreamcast is similar to the Saturn (beyond Sega's economic problems) in regard to the fact that it has a one dimensional library. Sega had so many franchises they could have revived to keep the adventure genre alive on their systems but for whatever reason seemed to put that on the backburner. 

some good horror and shooters (and obviously fighting games primarily) and not much else

I have a Sega Saturn. Before Christmas I was playing Panzer Dragoon Saga for the first time, but sadly the third disc was broke. Absolutely loved what I played though, can't wait to get hold of another copy.

KyleeStrutt said:

 now tell me, would you rather buy that or a PS4?

I would quite seriously rather get a Saturn, haha.