When do you expect Nintendo to shut down Online services for WiiU?

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spemanig said:
I think the NX and future unified platform will use the same online infrastructure, only building upon it. So effectively never. Or at least, not for a very, very long time.

That's an interesting point. Though I expect NX to have a new online infrastructure even if it runs WiiU games. It's not that I think Nintendo will start charging money for Online play on the NX like Sony and MS are doing with their new versions of PSN and XBL, but there's always room for imrovement regarding the online network. And sticking with the last gen one seems like a possible long term mistake in that regard.

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Definitely later than Zelda, Wii U has much better online services than the Wii did, so they will probably keep it around longer

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2021 is what I'll go with.

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One year after their next console launches.

2021 probably. Unless online becomes dead for some reason.


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The reason why Wii's online was shut down doesn't exist for the Wii U, so there's no reason to be worried. Although games will probably be shut down on a case by case basis eventually, so that's going to depend on how popular any given game is for online play.

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Probably until the early to mid 2020's. The Wii U user base is small so it may not last that long.


I got Wii Sports Club recently for the Wii U, and the servers were DEAD. Nobody was online. Same goes with that Mario and Sonic 2014 Olympic game.


Whenever the next Mario Kart comes out...

Once the new home console Mario Kart releases.

Probably not for at least 5 years. There's no merit in comparing the Wii to the U in this context, because the scenario is wildly different.


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