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Best of the underrated?

Master System 5 1.14%
Sega Saturn 18 4.10%
N64 35 7.97%
GameCube 102 23.23%
Wii U 121 27.56%
Dreamcast 66 15.03%
CD-i (lol) 6 1.37%
Vita 41 9.34%
XBOX 17 3.87%
Vita 28 6.38%

You all know what I mean when I say an underrated console. A console that had wonderful games and really made it's competition look bad in wyas yet still sold like shit (or mediocre) because logic. The nominees are listed above, but if you feel that I missed an underrated console just click other and comment below.


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Vita. The console is perfect for VNs, and while I understand normies can't eroge, that makes it the perfect handeld.

PS Vita :/

Right now I am saying GameCube because it had tons of great games that everyone looks back at and loves yet they were ignored in the midst of everything else. Also I'd pick N64 but it sold about 11m more (22mGC 33mN64). Wii U could replace GameCube though, depending on it's sales and games at the end of this gen


RIP Iwata 12/6/1959-7/11/2015

Thanks for all the great memories!

I say GC cause it had some really good games but alas, not too many people got to play them


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Vita is so bad it's listed twice

My favorite console is the N64. It sold well in my opinion though

Not sure if any are underrated. All of those listed deserved their sales...

1. Dreamcast
2. Wii U
3. PS Vita

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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OUYA. Everyone needs to get an OUYA.

I don't consider n64 underrated. but since its on the list.

1. n64
2.wii u
3. dreamcast

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Going by your list I'd say:

1. N64
2. Wii U
3. Gamecube
4. Dreamcast

(Can't really judge the others since I don't own them nor did I play with them.)

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