Does MS really deserve praise for "listening" to consumers ??

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Ok so lately everyone has been jumping on the new bandwagon of giving Microsoft praise for listening to the consumer.   But do they really deserve any praise at all?  I can already see the hate coming from a mile away but I personally don't think they do.  In reality, when a company(or a human being) has their back against the wall they will do whatever it takes to get out of the situation.  Whether it be,  kiss ass, lie, cheat, steal, bribe, suck hole, toss money around....pretty much anything goes.

Basically the only viable option for MS to do was to try and repair their broken image and to kiss consumers asses a whole lot and to shower them with gifts and make it look like they care about the little guys.

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No praise but it was the right decision.

Yes. They deserve. Everyone makes mistake and if they rectify it its good.

It's a difficult one, because would they change if they were still selling well, probably not, so ergo thereby they only changed because they had a potential failure on their hands.

So do they deserve praise for changing their path because they were selling badly... probably not. To me they still haven't really shown their backing of this generation yet, so maybe in a year or two when we see how many new games they throw at it (and i mean games developed in house and not paid for exclusivity)... then i will judge them.

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They could have always doubled down on the strategy instead.

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they need to apologyze first

yes. i like to buy my didital games cheap from the us, hk or indian store :)

They deserve just as much praise as Sony does for last Gen and the way they reduced prices :).

You shouldn't have made this thread, but since you did. The answer is No. They had no other choice, and the repeated ignoring of consumers, MS should have been serving with the Xbox doesn't even begin to make up for it.

No Competent Company or Person deserves praise for correcting their mistakes. Microsoft is a multibillion dollar company, how come their thousands of focus test didn't tell them angry consumer was a bad thing?

And their is a big difference between "listening to consumers" and "reacting to consumer retailiation". The latter is what MS actually did, the former is what they spun to salvage their already shitty PR.

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