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I got bored, so I did this. Those graphs are based on amazon most wanted list of several countrys (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Japan). The amount of point is not going to translate into sales and everybody has to be aware of that.

That said, It may give hints on some kind of "general hype trend" for games/systems.

Now how I do that :

Every day (amazon most wanted list is updated daily, I am looking at systems/games positions in the list in each country. If the game/system is first, it scores 100 points. If it is last (100) it scores 1 point. (if second, 99 points ; if third 98 points and so on...)

The average amount of point on the graph is calculated by the following formula :

(US points x 3  +  Japan points x 2 + Canada points + UK points + French points + Germany points) / 9  (I am trying to consider the size of the markets...)


Some arbitrary rules : - A bundle give only point to the system, not the game. - A game or a system can go over 100 if several SKUs.


I started this little game since February 4th 2014. I am tracking the 5 current gen systems as well as several games ( I will give a list later).

I can do weekly, monthly or no update depending on how interested people will be.

So here is the hardware graph from February 4th to now.



A comparison of 4 PS4 games :



A comparison of WiiU games :



A comparison of XBO games :



A comparison of 3DS Games :



A comparison of Vita games :




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Here is the complete list of games I track. As I don't want this to take me more than 30 minutes a day, I had to stop tracking some games to track new ones.

PS4 :  Little Big Planet 3 (from 17/06/2014), The Last of Us (from 17/06/2014), The Order (from 17/06/2014), Infamous, Watch Dogs, Uncharted4, Destiny (from 23/02/2014), Final Fantasy XV (from 23/02/2014).


XBO : Titanfall, Halo coll (from 17/06/2014), Halo V, Forza Hori 2 (from 17/06/2014), Crackdown (from 17/06/2014), Sunset Overdrive (from 17/06/2014), Destiny (from 23/02/2014), Watch Dogs (from 23/02/2014)


WiiU : SM3DW, DK-TF, TLOZ-TWWhd, Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad (from 17/06/2014), SSB U, Bayonetta 2 (from 23/02/2014), Hyrule Warriors (from 17/06/2014), Xenoblade (from 23/02/2014), Zelda U (from 17/06/2014).


3DS : Poke XY, Poke RS (from 17/06/2014), TLOZ - ALBW, Tomodatchi Life (from 17/06/2014), Animal Crossing, SSB (from 23/02/2014), Persona Q (from 17/06/2014).


Vita : Final Fantasy X/X-2 (from 23/02/2014), Freedom Wars (from 17/06/2014), Persona 4 (from 23/02/2014).


List of games I stopped tracking : PS4 : Killzone, COD-G, MGSVpre      XBO : Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, COD-G, MGSVpre     WiiU : Pikmin3       3DS : Bravely Default, Yoshi New Island.   Vita : Toukiden, Tearaway, Ys-MoC

Great job. Everything correlates so well with what is happening in the industry.
Hard to ignore that Amazon is a kinda reliable indicator of things.

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Great job. The only thing I don't understand is the 3DS sales. Anyway, thanks for these graphs :)

OMG! This is going to be great! Thank you for your diligent work that will entertain us all!

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COX said:

Great job. The only thing I don't understand is the 3DS sales. Anyway, thanks for these graphs :)

Well it tells me 3DS users go to the store.


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COX said:

Great job. The only thing I don't understand is the 3DS sales. Anyway, thanks for these graphs :)

Yeah 3DS is stangely absent of the lists exept in japan. I guess the fact that 3ds is older might be a factor. Let's see when the next big bundle comes out...

Nice work. Will keep an eye on this.

Great job, well done!

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Awesome work. Hard to refute these results.

I can deduce for 3DS that its probably mostly bought the stores. And probably by mums picking it up for their kids with their kids which would make sense.

Only thing missing is the absence of games like CoD, AC, driveclub and suset overdrive. That should also help paint a better picture.