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The unthinkable is happening PSV is outsupplied in USA accordingly to this report


Is Sony uncapable of shipping 5k weekly? Have their financial condition been so bad they can't produce more?/joking

What is your toughs on why PSV is outsupplied?

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Because its hard to gauge such small demand. They don't want to make/ship too many and more importantly the retailers don't want to order too many.

People need to understand that manufacturers only ship what retailers order.

Vita is virtually dead in the west and the retailers are very wary.

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Hope to hell they are axing it, but possibly just no stock as they switched to new model and old sold out. Plus its not like they were running production at high capacity.

probably the first shop in the us sold through its launch stock

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They probably stopped manufacturing the damn thing and are just shipping the spare stock they've built up. This will be it's last year outside of Japan and we won't see another handheld from them again.

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I wouldn't be surprised if stores just didn't order any units at Sony


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NiKKoM said:
I wouldn't be surprised if stores just didn't order any units at Sony

Would make sense, because packaged software isn't selling.

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They only want to produce just enough to meet demand

Sony is probably thinking that if they stop shipping Vitas everyone will just forget about the handheld.

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Got a lot of great answers, even the joking ones have a big amount of truth on them.