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With Nintendo looking to set up a new third pillar in the Nintendo ecosystem to exist beside the Wii U & 3DS, like the DS was originaly with the Gamecude & Gameboy, what should we expect from the Nintendo QL?

Is it going to be a new console with a more casual focus trying to regain the Wii market once again.  Will it be a low power general purpose set top box with a focus on media, casual games, & fitness?  Will it be a more traditional higher powered console designed to edge in on the main console market that the Wii U missed?  What is going to be unique enough about this new platform that it warrents a purchase over that of a Wii U, Xbone or PS4?

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I hope to incorporate it in my life! I wonder if it comes with better excercises than Wii Fit. I need to tone my muscles a little bit.

I still don't get what the hell this is... Like, I was thinking it would be like a watch or something but then they said its non-wearable... So does that mean its a home console? Or an app? Or like something portable?

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It will be a Balance Board with all the Wii Fit U unsold copies.

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One of the biggest speculating points about this platform for me, is if its compatible with Wii U games. So my prediction is, the QOL platform will be a (discless/all digital rebranding of) Wii U w/o the gamepad essentially, so I expect the same internal chipset as far as specs. Wii U is the "hardcore" console and QOL will try to bring casuals back. Price tag: $199

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You might find the last strategy meeting interesting. The QoL is actually not a console platform, but a business platform.

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The Nintendo QoL systems arent for hardcore gamers, and maybe not even gamers at all, so just forget about it.

I'm not sure.

The only thing I can think of is it will be the final product of the Vitality Sensor thing from 2009. I don't think it's supposed to be a gaming console or replace the Wii U. It'll probably play some games to make taking your blood pressure "fun" or something but that's about it.

I personally hope it's somehow compatible with the Wii U. Like, you don't need a Wii U to use it because it's a standalone product but can be used as a Wii U peripheral as well.

It'll be at E3 so less than 2 months until we know. 

Would be fun if it was diving related :D