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RUMOR - Watch_Dogs' Wii U version in trouble?

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That's really not much evidence of anything. Could be a site glitch for all we know.

Let's hope it's not true, a open world game like Watch Dogs is very welcome in the Wii-U's library. If true though, i don't know how long Nintendo is foinf to continue with the Wii-U.

Ouch if true

It wouldn't surprise me.

DirtyP2002 criticizing Sony:

The PS4 is your console if you are into Indies and Free2Play games. AAA is not their strength. 

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Wouldn't be suprised to see it cancelled, wouldn't be that much surprised to see PS360 versions cancelled as well as a matter of fact.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

I would be so pissed.

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If it's thrue then the shit will storm like diarrhea

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I see no reason to cancel it at this stage, it's almost done. If it bombs, I can see them cancelling most of any future projects unless the sales go way up.