BOLD PREDICTION: The PS4 will outsell the 3DS+Wii U

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Do you think the PS4 will outsell the 3DS+Wii U?

Yes 431 30.12%
No 889 62.12%
They'll sell the same ak... 110 7.69%

I know this prediction might make me look stupid in a couple years but whatever. Here're my reasons:

I feel that the 3DS has reached its sales peak already last year/this year, it's downwards from here on, I see the 3DS selling more in the PSP range than the DSs. 

I predict that the Wii U will not suddenly take off and post huge sales, I see it selling in the GC range.

Initial demand for the PS4 seems huge, so I see higher sales than the PS3 thanks to better pricing, smarter release and a way better image from the start (the PS4 is not "a bluray player with no games, that is way to expensive"), so I can see the PS4 selling over 100m units maybe even closing on the PS2.

Of course there are still a ton of variables here, for example the development of the mobile/tablet market might eat into the PS4s sales, maybe the Steam Box and of course the X1, maybe Amazon or Apple decide to enter in the race, maybe the Ouya (ok, maybe not :D). So that prediction is very dangerous, but anyway what's your opinion?

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It´s nice to want things.

This prediction isn't going to make you look stupid in a few years. It's doing that right now.

      No. Just no. The 3DS is going to do 80-100 million easily.... combine that with the potential 30 million for the Wii U and we have a total of 110-130 million. I am sorry, but I  think  the PS4 will do 100 million AT MOST.

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It would be great if the PS4 could level with the 3DS alone. I don't think we will see 100million from any console ever again.

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Them Nintendo Boys are going to tear you appart. But it isn´t impossible just unlikely. The 3DS had an exceptionaly great year, with best library of this year. So it is no wonder why it did so great. But will Nintendo be able to keep those games comming for 2014. The only games that I know are announced for the 3DS now are Kirby Yoshi and SSB.

But this all doesn´t matter as long as the PS4 isn´t in stopck. The time that you can go into every shop and buy will be the time where we will see how big the demand for the PS4 really is. And if the PS4 can outsell the 3DS regularly I don´t see a reason why it shouldn´t outsell both Nintendo, because the Wii U is obviously a none factor.

hell no, if anything the 3DS alone will outsell the PS4 (unless it's life is cut short)

Let's see:

3DS - 95m Lifetime
WiiU - 25m Lifetime
Total - 120 Lifetime

It's not likely but it's possible. Before the Nintendo fanboys rip you apart they should take a look at these threads and remember not to be too overconfident.



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Too hard to say right now, but it seems very unlikely.

I'd say 10% chance. The PS4 would need to dominate the Xbox One and have some kind of casual hook like Kinect.

3DS wont sell less than 90M LT, it's cruising in Japan, and Wii will do 40M LT, 2014 it's getting good software.

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