Forums - Gaming Discussion - 100 reasons why you should never get a PS4 nor Xbox ONE.


Please discuss whether you do or don't agree with what points. I want to hear every type of gamers voice about this.

1. No Saints Row IV on Xbox One and PS4

Yes, we’re going to pull this card. If the pricing and value of your initial investment hasn’t put you off; if the problems at launch including hardware failure haven’t put you off; if the lack of exclusives hasn’t swayed you, then know that neither Xbox One nor PS4 have Saints Row IV. There don’t seem to be plans to bring the game to either console. And honestly, that’s just a massive crime since its Saints Row IV. A next gen sequel may release but not today, not tomorrow and not for the time you’ll have to wait when you could be playing Saints Row IV (but can’t).

2. The PS4 will stream PS3 games next year and not at launch and this won’t be for all titles at first. Xbox One backward compatibility via cloud is still being researched.

 While the PS4 supports backwards compatibility via Gaikai, this won’t come into effect till next year. Also, it hasn’t been determined which games will be arriving, so it’s highly possible that your favourite is missed out. What if you already bought the game for PS3? Will you need to buy it again for PS4? The Xbox One is an even bigger problem, since Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a way to stream Xbox 360 games via Azure that won’t strain one’s bandwidth.

3. None of the exclusive next-gen launch games has that ‘must-have’ buzz.

While a lot of people were excited about the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, most of them were not too thrilled about the launch games. Those that were greeted by Killzone: Shadow Fall, which doesn’t live up to the hype of its predecessor, and Knack, which is currently the lowest rated next-gen exclusive available. We can’t say any game on the Xbox One has that “must have” appeal either. It will take time before such titles – either Uncharted 4 or Halo 5 – appear on either console.

4. Several online streaming services and features won’t be available at launch

This happens at most launch days as many of the services and features that the company promised won’t be available at launch time. You can expect glitches, errors and other mishaps to occur for at least a couple of days if not weeks. This is a most common occurrence with companies as they often overestimate their resources and computing power. But at the very least, you’ll need to wait till 2014 for game streaming on either console.

5. You’ll need to install updates at launch which are mandatory especially for the Xbox One. As such both consoles will require a few months to iron out issues.

People who have been waiting for months for their beloved console will have to wait for a few more minutes or half hour or even a day or so before they can get down to playing their games. The Xbox One has a mandatory update to install on your console before it becomes active and you can play games on it. If the PS4 and its update process were any indication, there will be problems accessing the update due to high volumes of net traffic, but at least you can still play games. You won’t even be able to do that with the Xbox One. Ready for next-gen indeed.Read more at

6. Your friends won’t be playing online on these new consoles just yet.

We may need some cold hard data to tell you exactly how many people dropped their PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 to play the same game on next-gen consoles. But how many people will be leaving Grand Theft Auto Online any time soon for the multiplayer on the PS4 and Xbox One, especially since GTA Online isn’t available for either? Let’s not forget the adoption rate of free to play games which will take a while to pick up on the next-generation.

7. Both consoles are fairly similar in architecture and lack many distinguishing features

 You could argue that one does 3D 1080p and the other doesn’t. We could argue that it doesn’t matter – both consoles have more or less the same architecture, with little distinguishing features. The Xbox One was originally hated when it was announced but at least Microsoft had a strong goal – to be Steam for consoles. That went down the drain though, and now we’re right back to consoles where even Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami says offer little difference. It comes down to the services, but you’ll have Cloud gaming, DVR, free games, indie titles and worthy exclusives regardless of the console you pick up.

8. They’ll still be here next year, and they’ll be offer an even better value.

 And by that we mean to ask: Why are you rushing to buy a next-gen console at launch, when you can pick it up several months later and actually have a better selection of games to play on it? It may not reduce in price any time soon but at least several features like Gaikai and ID@Xbox will be active, providing better value to your investment as well.

9. PS4 and Xbox One won’t see a price drop for a while

 The PS4 and Xbox One will cost you a lot on the initial investment alone. Don’t expect those prices to drop either – Sony revealed that it’s selling the PS4 at a loss, even though its reportedly far less than the losses the PS3 endured, and Microsoft’s Xbox Division is reportedly burning through cash at a rapid rate. Until either console breaks even, a price drop in the next year seems nearly impossible. Never say never and all that jazz, but seriously, it’s not going to happen.


10. PS3 has plenty of life in it

The Playstation 3 has a lot of life in it still and there. SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida revealed that all of Sony’s internal studios are also working on PS3 games. So you won’t be running out of exclusives any time soon. The Xbox 360 may not exactly be piling on the AAA blockbusters but you’ve still got third party titles coming up that will keep you busy for another year at least.

11. You can play most of the games on PC without upgrading your hardware

 Many of you will disagree with this point, but it’s very true. The PC has the power and resources to pull some of the most complex and demanding games we’ve seen this year. If you compare most the games closely, you will be able to discern that the PC does indeed have the capabilities to play most games and you won’t have to upgrade it on a yearly basis or anything.


12. Many of the best games currently available are  on current gen hardware

The Xbox One and PS4 will take time to produce their own Game of the Year nominees. Meanwhile, some of the best experiences of this generation are still only on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This includes Bioshock Infinite. Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider and The Last of Us  - all released within this year itself.

13. Many 3rd party titles over the next year will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3

Games like Dragon Age: Inquisition, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Watch Dogs and Thief will look better, even if marginally, on next-gen consoles. But you won’t need one to enjoy them, seeing as they’re all coming to the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well.

14. Many indie titles exclusive to PS4 are already available on PC

We're excited for games like The Witness and Volume, but giving away The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Don’t Starve for free on PS Plus is kind of redundant seeing as you can get both games at uber-cheap rates on PC. The same goes for Outlast. We appreciate the variety and gesture but it is what it is. Hopefully both consoles will focus more on original efforts rather than timed exclusives or games that are already available.

15. Free to play games are untested on consoles but have established audiences on PC along with a bunch of updates and content

 War Thunder currently hit 5 million players for its beta and that was after a year on PC. Will we see the same enthusiasm on PS4 and Xbox One? Regardless, if you want the latest and greatest version of a free to play game, the PC is your ticket seeing as most titles have a ton of additional content already available. Will there be a guarantee that you can play with your friends on the PS4 and Xbox One? Not unless they also put down a hefty sum.

16. Microsoft’s terms of use and privacy statements for the Xbox One are just a ball of fun

Most of you by now are familiar with the controversy Microsoft has had with the Xbox One this past year concerning DRM. Its new privacy and terms of use statements don’t exactly make us feel comfortable either despite the reforms made. Chatting? No longer secure. The console requiring your personal details (though apparently only for security purposes)? Worrying. The console requiring your kids’ personal details? We can’t say we’re enthusiastic to see how any of this plays out.

17. Many launch titles for PS4 have been delayed, somewhat depleting the launch appeal

 Much to the sadness of many PS4 fans, many games have been delayed till the next year. DriveClub is obviously the biggest omission next Watch Dogs’ absence, and it would have been interesting to see how reactions to the console’s line-up would have fared with those two games. Regardless, if you want ‘em, you’re gonna need to wait.

18.  Ryse: Son of Rome has been under scrutiny since E3 and recent previews indicate that it is not that fun.
We wish we could say that Ryse: Son of Rome had such promise, but even its debut didn’t impress us all that much. Visually at least it seemed that the game held some appeal, but recent previews indicate that the game is not that fun. The QTEs are still as annoying as ever, and you’ll find little variety in the gameplay beyond bashing dudes. We hope the game proves us wrong when it launches on November 22nd because as of now, we don’t have high hopes for it.

19. Both consoles have problems with 3D/1080p/60 frames per second which is easily achievable on a mid-range PC.

 Continuing from the earlier points about “Resolutiongate”, there is an enormous uproar regarding 3D/1080p/60 frames per second on the Xbox One and PS4. Let’s go with it for a second and admit that people deserve the best when they’re putting down so much money. But with most current mid-tier PCs and laptops, it isn’t impossible to achieve the same. Sure, you may need to tweak settings here and there but you pick up a fairly good graphics are, you won’t have many problems getting to 3D/1080p/60 FPS.

20. If the best graphics are your concern, neither console will be able to match PC

Whether we like it or not, the PC has multiple options of upping the graphics for many next gen games in ways that the PS4 and Xbox One barely compete with. Multi-sample anti-aliasing, 3D, 2K resolutions…and all of this at a rocksteady frame rate that can easily hit 60 FPS with the latest graphics cards. Which next-gen console is capable of that?

21. Some cross generational titles don’t look all that different.

The graphics in some of the cross generational titles don’t look all that different, which is to be expected. For example, when looking at Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag on the PS3 and PS4, the difference is really hard to make out unless you have an HDTV and compare both side-by-side. As such, features such as Ubisoft’s new anti-aliasing won’t be in effect till later (not to mention that ACIV on the PS4 isn’t native 1080p at launch). Maybe Assassin’s Creed V will surpass the fourth game visually but the same game on two different consoles doesn’t yield too much difference to the average consumer.

22. With large install sizes with next gen games, hard disk space will be a problem for both consoles. On PC you can add as many hard-discs or external drives as you want

 The problem with next gen games these days is the massive amounts of hard disk space they require, and why not? With most gamers demanding a 1080p resolution, extra space will be required in kind. Now on the Xbox One and PS4 you can change the HDD, but with the PC, there is no limit to how much hard disk drives you can add. You can create partitions on one drive, add another, run games off an external drive…simply put, there’s no limit to the storage that can be added to the console.

23. SteamOS, Steam Controller and Steam Machines

Love it or hate it, you cannot ignore the upcoming SteamOS. The upcoming open operating system will help bring Steam – and PC games – into the living room, aided by the Steam Controller and a Steam Machine. Did we mention that certain games will be tailored for SteamOS like Metro: Last Light? Either way, you’re looking at an experience that takes the best of Steam and brings it to the console environment, with both the PS4 and Xbox One following rather than leading when it comes to features.

24. Neither Xbox Live nor PSN at launch for both next gen consoles will have the indie line-up and continued support that Steam enjoys

Xbox Live and PSN will not have it all as most people are led believe. There will be a lot of indie titles that will be available only for Steam. Granted that some titles may be released only for Xbox Live and PSN in the future but they usually find their way to Steam sooner rather than later.

25. With two controllers, several games and the console itself, both the Xbox One and the PS4 will require sizable investments at launch

 The Xbox One and PS4 come with several additions and really games but let’s break it down; The Xbox One console costs $499. Two games will be $60 each, with an extra controller costing $60. It’s $60 for 12 months of Xbox Live Gold. You’re looking at  $739 spent in one go. The PS4 console costs $399. With PlayStation Eye, that’s another $60 along with two games for $60 each, an extra controller at $60 and PS+ for 12 months at $50. Total spend: $689. So if you are planning on investing in either console on launch day, you better be prepared to dip into them savings of yours.

26. Other exclusives for both consoles won’t even launch till early 2014

Xbox One and PS4 users will have to wait for some time before they can really test the power of their console and enjoy it to the fullest. A lot of AAA titles are due to release in early 2014 and that means most people would have to go for months before they can get their hands on any more exclusive. Three or four months doesn’t seem that long considering most people waited at least a year before they could get their hands next gen consoles, does it?

27. Release dates for The Order: 1886, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive and D4, has not even been confirmed and could just as easily seep into 2015.

Many of the anticipated titles such as Halo 5, D4  and The Order: 1886 have not been given proper release dates. Does that mean they could release in 2015, just as easily as they could come out next year? We have higher hopes from games like The Order: 1886 and D4, but we don’t expect to see Halo 5 any time next year.

28. Some 3rd party titles which are exclusive to next gen console such as Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 don’t even have release dates.

 For those of you who are waiting for 3rd party titles to be released on next gen consoles, you’ll have to wait a while. Games such as Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 15 can only be had on the Xbox One and PS4 (compared to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which will also be heading to PC). But they don’t have confirmed release dates and judging by their track records, they may not release till 2015. As such, the number of 3rd party next-gen exclusives is pretty low at the moment.

29. Mugging season is in session

 You might not think of this as a concern, but reports from the years past of people mugging other consumers and even killing them to get their hands on consoles at launch are well-known. The PS4′s launch seems to have gone over without incident (or nothing has been picked up yet) but there are still launches for the Xbox One and the PS4 in Europe. And some one, some where is guaranteed to snap from not getting their console. Do you want to be their unlucky victim? If not, at least avoid picking up either console at launch.

30. “Resolutiongate” is all the fault of next-gen consoles

Are we saying that you shouldn’t buy an Xbox One and PS4 because of the controversy generated about 1080p resolutions and 60 frames per second? Actually, we’re saying that you shouldn’t make that your sole reason for buying a next-gen console. Seriously, if you’re worried about getting 720p or 900p over 1080p and ignoring a great game in the process, then next-gen is wasted on you. Visuals may be important for a game’s appeal but whichever way you slice it, Call of Duty: Ghosts on the PS4 at 1080p is still Call of Duty: Ghosts.Read more at

31. Games with Gold on Xbox One absent at launch.

While Microsoft may have announced that its Games With Gold program would be coming to Xbox One, there are many hurdles for this. Will the Xbox 360 games you’ve received be accessible on the Xbox One? Will you be getting free Xbox One games? Are there enough Xbox One games to give for free? Will you still have Games With Gold on Xbox 360 if it arrives to Xbox One? Microsoft stated that it would reveal more details in 2014 but till then, no Games With Gold at launch.Read more at

32. PC games offer better discounts through services like Steam and Humble Bundle

The PC has not been ignored and will always have something that consoles will feature in lesser quantities: Discounts. As vague as it may seem, it is actually true. The PC always gets amazing deals from services such as Steam, with the Steam Summer Sale and other assorted deals, not including the Humble Bundle that lets you choose how much to pay for a collection of games. You can get free games through PlayStation Plus but you still need to pay for the service and you can’t necessarily choose the games you want.Read more at

33. With next gen, you now need to pay to play multiplayer on both consoles.

Sony's PlayStation Network is being buffed with a ton of new features, from a new interface to free versions of exclusives like DriveClub and the upcoming Gaikai. However, with the PS4, Sony has announced that you will now need PlayStation Plus to access multiplayer for retail games like Killzone: Shadow Fall (free to play games are exempt from this requirement). Xbox Live Gold has long since been a requirement for gaming on the Xbox 360 and this hasn’t changed with the Xbox One. You can still play multiplayer on the PS3 for free however.

34. Many MMO franchise such as WOW and Guild wars 2 won’t be coming to consoles anytime soon

For those of you who are console users and MMO fans, and you love games such as Guild wars 2 or World of Warcraft, then you’ll be severely disappointed to know that these kinds of games won’t be making an appearance on the Xbox One or PS4 any time soon. This is especially a shame with Guild Wars 2 since the game has a wealth of content and is constantly updated.

35. You can’t play browser based games on next gen consoles

 Yes you will have access to the internet on the console, but you won’t be able to play browser based games on your console and you are missing out on some pretty classic games such as Robot Unicorn Attack, Closure, and Codename: Gordon, along with many more titles. Which may not seem like a big deal but you’re also missing out on Path of Exile. Now why would you miss out on that?

36. Some games coming to next gen consoles especially PS4 are essentially re-releases but with a bit more new content and improved visuals

 The games that are coming to the PS4 are basically recycled games, but more polished and it featuring new content and DLC that the other versions don’t have. Most of the games that are coming for the PS4 have already been released for other consoles and PC. The only benefit that next gen users have are the improved visuals and extra content.

37. For the Xbox One whether you like it or not, Microsoft is looking to attract a casual audience with TV and Apps.

 As mentioned before, Microsoft has not made the Xbox One solely a gaming machine. It has other uses like watching Blu-ray movies and other apps that are intended for purposes other than gaming. Apps and other features such as Skype, NetFlix and much more will be a second dominating factor in the Xbox One. Microsoft revealed that it will have TV shows spun-off from its video games and running parallel to titles. Examples that come to mind include Halo The Television Series and Quantum Break. If only that money were invested in more games at launch.

38. Even though Microsoft has given you the option to turn off Kinect, you still can’t choose whether to buy it or not.

Many people are not fond of the Kinect, despite Microsoft building up huge hype around it. People still have to actually buy the Kinect. You pay for it and own it and can plug it in at any time and activate it and enjoy it. But now that its no longer required to be always-on, why not make an optional purchase? Maybe not now but in the near future?

39. PS Move is pretty much useless but developers will still try to do things with it.When something is dead, there is no point of bringing it up from its watery grave and trying to improve on it. Sony hasn’t learned that lesson and is still looking for ways to implement it’s motion controller the PS Move, which is admirable but futile, as there is no great urgency or use for the PS move on the PS3 and there certainly aren’t any planned games for the same in the foreseeable future.

40. If you’re going to talk about apps on Xbox One and PS4, the PC has far more.

I never truly understood the need to give gamers apps, since the true use and potential of the Xbox One and PS4 should be for gaming. You might want to extend functionality for more casual users but the PC will have tons of apps and programs, much more than the Xbox One and PS4 will ever have. For that matter, even smart phones have more apps.

41. If you are going to upgrade from an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One or from a PS3 to a PS4, it’s a better idea to just buy a rival console.

For those contemplating whether to buy the Xbox One or the PS4, upgrading as you are from the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectively, you should just opt for the other console. For those of you had a PS3 and want to get a PS4, it’s a much better idea to get an Xbox 360 due to the fact that you could pay a few hundred dollars for the consoles and get many more games (exclusives too) at a discount. Compare that to, oh, 3 exclusives at launch for PS4 at a higher price tag.Read more at

42. For all the hype surrounding next gen games, it will actually take a while to utilize their full power.

The anticipation is high and so is the energy of those itching to see what the PS4 and Xbox One can do. But the fact of the matter is that it will actually take a good 2 or 3 years before developers begin to utilize the full power of either the Xbox One and PS4. This is reflected in the PS4′s launch line-up, which is still lacking in terms of visuals (reduced resolutions and frame rates) and gameplay. Then again, if the games released during the end of the life-cycles for PS3 and Xbox 360 are any indication, we’ll be seeing some truly stellar experiences on the PS4 and Xbox One in the coming years.

43. Both Sony and Microsoft lack something like Steam Greenlight which allows for users to decide which indie games reach the Steam store.

Steam Greenlight is quite an interesting feature as it allows users to help pick new games for Steam and browse through the entries and rate up the games that they want to see made available via Steam. It may not be perfect, but until we see just how the self-publishing on ID@Xbox works – and just how Microsoft will decide which games deserve to be on Xbox Live – there’s currently no such system for either the Xbox One or PS4.Read more at

44. You can wirelessly transfer your game to the Vita using the PS4; you can do more with PC

 While Sony boasts that you can transfer your game to the PS Vita using the PS4, PC users can easily go a notch up and wirelessly transfer their display to an 3D HDTV. And for those of you have access to Steam are well aware of its Big Picture feature which lets you play Steam games and access the interface from your living room TV. This will form the basis for the upcoming SteamOS and Steam Machines, which are also heavily open to customization.

45. PC’s will have gaming at 3D 2K HD and 3D 4K resolution before both next gen consoles

PC's have the tendency to go above and beyond the “wow” factor of any console. The PC is capable of having games run at 3D 2K HD and 3D 4k resolutions easily and it is easily achievable before both next generation consoles. In fact, tablets have been doing 2K resolutions for a while now, with ultrabooks quickly approaching the point of supporting 4K resolutions as seen in the Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus’s 3200×1800 resolution display.

46. Along with a better line-up, the 3DS will have more big name games in the coming months.

The Nintendo 3Ds is coming out with some awesome exclusive titles in the coming months, which include The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, Bravely Default, Mario Party: Island Tour and Super Smash Bros. among other games. The overall cost will also be much lighter on your wallet. Say what you will, but we doubt any next-gen title over the next six months will measure up Zelda alone.


47. Remote Play on PS4 has issues; gaming laptops, tablets and hybrids have no such issues.

 With Remote Play you can expect the PS4 to encounter several issues. Leave the house and you’ll find issues since you need a connection with your PS4 for proper gameplay. This isn’t including the earlier issue of games being capped at 30 FPS. This is where PC games excel with hybrid laptops, ultrabooks and tablets providing gaming anywhere you go.


48.  Strategy titles are still more on the PC and play better. You won’t find many on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Strategy titles have been on the PC for quite a while now and that is something the Xbox One and PS4 are sorely lacking. Strategy enthusiasts will be missing out on some awesome titles that are released and yet to be released on the PC, but will not be making an appearance on the PS4 and Xbox One. Such titles include Total War: Rome 2, Company of Heroes and Civilization. Hopefully we’ll see some tower-defense titles in the coming years, as when games like Sanctum 2 came to the PS3 and Xbox 360.

49. You cannot playback 3D Blu-ray disks on PS4, but you can do this on PC

Have a 3D display and looking forward to playing 3D Blu-ray discs using the PlayStation 4? Sony has announced that the console will not support this at launch. The  PC can easily playback 3D Blu-ray discs though, namely because it has all the right software and hardware to make it work. Nvidia 3D Vision, for instance, makes 3D Blu-ray playback possible on PC.Read more at

50. The PC can be upgraded for better visuals in the coming years

The PC has come a long way; it has now become a formidable beast, a beast that PS4 and Xbox One will find hard to compete with. And with Nvidia and other graphic cards that are coming out, which are insanely powerful, developers will need to work extra hard to compete with PC graphics in the coming years.

51. PS4 Remote Play games are capped at 30 FPS on PS Vita according to Resogun dev

For those who are excited about Remote Play on the PS Vita will be interested to know that,on being asked whether games would be running at 60 frames per second or 30 frames per second on the PS Vita, Resogun developer Housemarque revealed that their indie title is at 30 FPS on Vita. It also confirmed that the frame rate was capped at such for all PS4 games using Remote Play.

52. Many old games which still have DLC content coming can’t be played.

This year gave us some pretty legendary games that many gamers will remember for a long time.  Xbox One and PS4 users won’t be able to play these games on their consoles, not to mention the DLC that will come soon on some of these games. Many gamers will be missing out on some great content for games such as The Last of Us, Borderlands 2 and more.

53. Games will allow you to transfer multiplayer data back to previous generation

Battlefield 4 was an omen when DICE revealed that transferring mulitplayer data from the PS3 to PS4 version would mean you wouldn’t be able to access your data on the previous generation. Other titles such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and FIFA 14 have the same issue and while it’s a boon for current-gen players who have spent time with these games before their next-gen releases, we’re not quite sure about this “can’t go back” move.

54. Recent adventure game The Wolf Among Us won’t be heading to PS4 or Xbox One

Following Telltale’s announcement of The Walking Dead: Season Two not coming to next-gen consoles, The Wolf Among Us also won’t be making an appearance on the PS4 and Xbox One anytime soon. Chalk up another great game with future episodes coming that will be limited to PC, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, iOS, PlayStation Vita and PS3.

55. The Walking Dead: Season Two is confirmed to NOT be coming to PS4 or Xbox One

The Walking Dead was a fantastic game and when Season Two was announced, there was significant buzz. But this good news came with a side of sorrow especially for those who are buying the Xbox One and PS4, because Season Two will not be coming to either one of the consoles. Telltale Games will be releasing new games and franchises for next-gen consoles in good time but The Walking Dead: Season Two isn’t one of them.

56. Disappointing launch line-up for PS4

The games that are lined up for the PS4 are disappointing to say the least. You would think that Sony would ask different companies to come up with some AAA titles for the PS4 to test out its capabilities. However, after the delay of DriveClub and other games such as inFamous: Second Son releasing next year, all we have are Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Resogun, of which only the third game has stood out the most.

57. Hardware issues emerge for PS4

 This was expected for both consoles, but many people are reporting some pretty serious issues that are happening with their console, such as the PS4 failing to work when it was plugged into the TV and another instance of a bad unit which had a faulty HDMI jack. Other problems include GPU failure, very loud fans, and much more. And this won’t be the end of it by any means, with the Xbox One releasing on November 22nd.


58. System Reliability 

 No one will be fully prepared on what will exactly happen the moment some people start booting up their consoles, though many should be prepared for some defect or another. Now I’m not trying to dampen your spirits, I’m just saying that is an event that is quite likely. In fact, it’s happening these days with Sony reporting at least 0.4 percent of total consoles on launch day are affected.


59. Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6 is quite a heavily anticipated game, but unfortunately it won’t be making an appearance on the PS4 (at least for the time being, despite rumours). It will however be making it to PS3. Instead, it looks as though a new entry in the series is being developed for the PS4, but that is called Gran Turismo 7 and will take a few more years to develop.Read more at

60. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Joining a fairly big list, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is another game that won’t be making it onto the list of next gen titles. To be fair, Konami considered developing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2, but instead chose to focus on finishing the current-gen version instead. It makes sense, but still, next gen users will be missing out on this title too.Read more at

61. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

On one hand, it might be a blessing that a Final Fantasy XIII game isn’t on next-gen consoles. After all, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII IS the follow-up to some of the most reviled FF games of all time. But if it eventually turns out to be good? Then it’ll only be on the PS3 and Xbox 360. Also, the only way PS4 players will be seeing Lightning in that Miqo’te outfit any time soon is when the PS4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: ARR rolls around.Read more at

62. Character transfer not confirmed for free to play games like Planetside 2

Sony is still exploring the possibility of letting Planetside 2 players transfer their character between the PlayStation 4 and PC versions. This comes as a question mark to many player wondering why this isn’t an option already. What better way to attract a PC-gaming audience to next-gen consoles?Read more at

63. Some free to play titles don’t allow cross-play with all platforms.

 DC Universe Online allows cross-play with PS3 users but not with PC users. Planetside 2 doesn’t allow cross-play between PC and PS4 users. All PC content patches for Planetside 2 will appear on the PS4, but it will take time to get approval – and because of this, cross-platform play isn’t possible. But honestly, if Final Fantasy XIV: ARR on the PS3 can do cross-play with PC players, next-gen consoles have no excuse for not implementing this sooner rather than later.


64. Dark Souls 2 not coming to PS4 or Xbox One.

With a game like Dark Souls 2 releasing in March 2014, you’d think From Software would bring the game over as a cross-generational title. And you’d think wrong, because it’s currently only for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. So if you want to experience the follow-up to one of the best dungeon crawling RPGs of all time, next-gen is not the place.Read more at

65. Cloud computing on Xbox One is still somewhat dubious

 Sony doubts the Cloud computing on Xbox One and the company doesn’t know how Microsoft wants to do some of the things it says it can using the Cloud. SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida isn’t sure himself on how Cloud computing works on the Xbox One as it seems very different from Gaikai and he doesn’t fully understand how Microsoft is making it happen. And when Shu has doubts, so should you. If you’re picking up a console at launch for the benefit of Cloud, you may need to wait before those benefits fully materialize.


66. Smartphones and PCs have emulators to play old games and arcade classics. Neither console can do this.

Emulators are one of the best creations in gaming history; it allows us nostalgic people to play some old arcade classics. Unfortunately neither the Xbox One nor PS4 will have the capability for emulation any time soon. There are of course issues with compatibility and licensing and whatnot, and yes, you won’t be playing Atari titles on an Xbox 360 or PS3 any time soon. But that’s all the more reason to stick with your smartphone and PC. Aside from a great line-up of indie titles and AAA third party games, there’s a vast history of games to explore.

67. Concerns over how much RAM the PS4 uses for game development

 Many people have voiced their concerns over the amount of RAM the PS4 will use for game development, and at last count, it’s rumoured to be 5.5 GDDR5 RAM. When it comes to stellar visuals and the most up-to-date features, nothing currently offers more power than the PC, though next-gen games will only look better as the years roll on.


68. You can customize your PC to your heart’s content and decide exactly what you want. Consoles don’t offer this luxury.

The PC can be customized in some insane ways, from RAM to Motherboards to flashy cabinets, to even having a liquid cooling system for those who are obsessed with peak performance. There is so many ways to make the PC more powerful and flashier than the Xbox One or the PS4 could ever hope to be.Read more at

69. Some very popular multiplayer titles just can’t be played on consoles. For example, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends and more.

Some multiplayer titles like League of Legends and Counter-Strike started many gamers on the path to becoming the people they are today. Other titles, like the insanely popular Dota 2, are only getting bigger as the days go by. And none of them are currently on next-gen consoles. Given how LoL and Dota 2 skipped the Xbox 360 and PS3, don’t expect to play either of them on next-gen consoles either.

70. Warface will be out on Xbox 360 but not on next-gen consoles

Warface is an upcoming free to play game by Crytek which is already available on PC in the West. It’s one of Crytek’s most popular titles and arguably one of the bigger F2P titles out there. It will also be heading to the Xbox 360 in the coming months, but not on next-gen consoles. So if you’ve heard the hype and want to experience it, next-gen consoles aren’t the way to go.Read more at

71. A lot of PS4-exclusive content will also be heading to PS3.

Exclusive content has become one of the most important things for games these days, and a lot games have some DLC coming soon to the PS4 as extra content. Take, for example, the Déjà Vu mission from MGS: Ground Zeroes or ACIV: Black Flag’s Aveline missions, both which will also be making an appearance on the PS3. So if you’re a PS3 gamer and have been enticed to pick up a PS4 for the more “superior” version, rest assured that you’ve been taken care of.

72. The Last of Us: Left Behind will continue the story and looks infinitely more appealing since we won’t hear about Uncharted 4 for a while.

The Last of Us is coming out with a DLC called Left Behind and it will focus on Ellie while she is attending a military boarding school in the Boston quarantine zone, prior to meeting Joel and the events of The Last of Us. This goes to show that the PS3 has a lot to offer in terms of keeping itself and some great titles alive with more DLC content. This is especially good news for Naughty Dog fans, because even if the next Uncharted already has our hopes high, it’ll be a long while before we hear about it again.

73. Current gen doesn’t need games like The Last Guardian and Agent, even if demanded – however, next gen consoles will almost certainly need them to bolster their line-ups.

Current gen consoles have already established a relationship with gamers over the past years and some gamers may have trouble adapting to the next gen console due to the lack of quality games in the beginning. When you look at games like the Last Guardian and Agent, it’s obvious they’re not mandatory for an excellent experience on the current-generation. However, given the hype and expectations around them, it’s next-gen or bust now.Read more at

74. Like the Dualshock 4 over the Dualshock 3? You can pick up the controller and plug into your PS3.

 There are some people who are absolutely in love with the PS4′s DualShock 4 controller. In case you want to move on from the DS3 as soon as possible,  you might be happy to know that you can play some PS3 games with the DualShock 4. So if you want a taste of next-generation without picking up the console right away, here’s your ticket.

75. Variety of multiplayer games to play on Xbox 360 and PS3 is much higher now than Xbox One and PS4.

There are tons of multiplayer games that are available on the Xbox 360 and PS3, which already have an established fan base and deathmatches on a regular basis. These fans will find it hard to make a transition to the Xbox One and PS4, not because of a lack of multiplayer games or compelling features (take Battlefield 4′s 64 player matches for example) but due to the adoption rate of the consoles. Plus, those who want top-notch multiplayer can always pick up the PC versions of games.

76. As seen with the PS4 at launch, the Xbox One will have network problems when it launches.

The current gen consoles will have some major network problems to deal with and it will take some time to resolve them. As seen with the PS4, when gamers proceeded to download the Day One update in droves, there’s a good chance that Xbox Live will struggle with high volumes of traffic when it launches and the Day One patch must be downloaded. At least Sony gave us the option

77. ID@Xbox is a great indie initiative but we won’t see games from that till 2014.

The Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360 has tons of great games from the past and some more great games to look forward to in the future. That being said, Microsoft had a great idea when initiating the ID@Xbox program but those indie games won’t be coming till 2014. It may not seem that far away but Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5 will only last so long. So why not enjoy indie games on the Xbox 360 – and PS3 – in the mean time?

78. Large file downloads if you pick up the game online – areas with lesser broadband connections and bandwidth won’t be able to handle.

 Many gamers will opt for the option of downloading their games online – after all, digital downloads are constantly on the rise. But when you have a low bandwidth connection, it makes more sense to pick up the disc. Not only that, but functions like the Cloud on Xbox One or game streaming are heavily reliant on bandwidth. How they will eventually pan out in countries like Europe and Asia remains to be seen. Till then, don’t expect digital downloads to overtake retail purchases on next-gen consoles any time soon.

79. Play as you Download” is great, but differs depending on the game

Everyone was awed by the “Play as you Download” feature but what either company failed to mention is that it depends on which game you are downloading. For example, some games must be 5% downloaded, and some at 17%, etc. You just can’t play the game right away. This is currently the case for Xbox One titles, with Sony still a bit tight-lipped on the PS4′s capacity for the same.

80. The Xbox One is great for multi-tasking but it doesn’t need it.

 The Xbox One has some pretty great multitasking features, but is it really needed? The answer is “no”. Snapping together multiple panes is clever but when it comes to practical usage, it doesn’t really compare to actual multi-tasking on PCs. The game pauses when the Snap function is first used and when play is resumed, both the game and multimedia run simultaneously. So you can take Skype calls on the console while playing Forza or Dead Rising. The question is: Do you really want to?

81. Many PS4 titles are not shipping at 1080p/60 FPS, nor 3D.

Contrary to what Sony said about 1080p/60 FPS games, nor 3D games on the PS4, many of titles will be not shipping with that feature. For example Infamous: Second Son will be 30 FPS 2D and games like COD: Ghosts and ACIV: Black Flag require updates to run at native 1080p and still will be 2D only. The visuals are better than the Xbox One, sure, but considering the hate that Microsoft’s console is getting for most of its games not being in 1080p nor 3D at launch, it’s a bit daft to think Sony is that much better off.

82. In terms of quality exclusives in the next year, the Nintendo 3DS currently has a larger line-up.Say what you will about visuals or multiplayer, currently the Nintendo 3Ds has a lot of options in terms of quality exclusives. In terms of current games, the 3DS titles are higher rated than anything on offer for either Xbox One or PS4. So while Killzone: Shadow Fall and Ryse; Son of Rome are nice and all, they’re not Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon or Pokemon X & Y


83. Despite improvements made to the DualShock 4, the Xbox One controller and Xbox 360 controller are more or less the same.

Yes, there have been improvements from the current generation for the DualShock 4 on PS4 but in terms of functionality and buttons, the differences between, the Xbox One controller and the Xbox 360 are pretty insignificant and offer the same gameplay experience as before. We’re not saying nothing has changed, but honestly, hand some one an Xbox One controller and see how long it takes them to guess that it’s not meant for the Xbox 360.

84. Features such as eye-tracking using PS4 Camera are still a ways off, and their implementation will require some serious work.

 The PS4 Camera has a ton of functionality behind it from gesture recognition to voice commands.The facial recognition portion is a little redundant since a player must hold a controller up to his face — the camera “sees” the light bar to log in. However, the newest announced feature – eye tracking – looks like it will take a while to implement. How do you even make something that’s meant to replace the right analog stick work anyway? We’ll wait and see but we’re more skeptical than anything else.

85. PS4 HDD is touted as 500 GB but actually contains around 408 GB. Meanwhile, the PS3 500 GB comes with exactly that amount of space.

 When Sony stated that the PS4 will come with a 500 GB hard disk, it neglected to mention that the actual space is 408 GB leaving out almost 100 GB worth of space. The PS3 though delivered what it promised with a total of 500 GB space.

86. You can’t plug your PS4 into old displays. It’s HDMI or bust at this point.

 The PS4 will not function with old displays since its HDMI only. Customers must throw away their old TV sets and go for one that has a HDMI port because the HDMI port seems the only option these days for the PS4. Granted, you shouldn’t still have a CRT in this age anyway but we appreciated the option on Xbox 360 and PS3.

87. The PS4 won’t support MP3. DLNA and CD Playback at launch, and it will be sometime before the feature is implemented.

Some music fans will sad to learn that the PS4 won’t be supporting MP3, DLNA and CD playback at launch. Of course this is not  permanent and Sony is investigating the possibility of adding MP3 and CD playback support to the PS4 after launch. As of now, there is no solid date for its availability however.

88. That Mirror’s Edge reboot looks real nice but we have no clue when it’ll be out. Until then, the original is still available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

When the Mirror’s Edge reboot was announced, fans across the world were awed by it. However they were left hanging as there was no real release date announced. So while next-gen users will need to wait, those interested in Mirror’s Edge can just pick up the first game, available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. And wouldn’t you know it but it’s still a great game.

89. While abolishing Microsoft Points is great, the major update to Xbox Live with the Xbox One’s release – the Reputation System – just doesn’t seem like it’ll work.

While we appreciate being able to use real world currency rather than buying Microsoft Points and then spending them on games for Xbox Live, the Reputation System sounds like it’s destined for a grim fate. Any system that works to regulate users will always have hiccups and though we applaud Microsoft for trying to deal with the trolls, it’s gonna take a lot of work before we see benefits.

90. Enjoying your wonderful and premium headset? If it’s third party, it won’t be supported on the Xbox One.

People, who spent a small fortune on a great headset, will be sorely disappointed to know that it won’t be supported on the Xbox One, if it’s third party. Legacy headsets will not be compatible with the Xbox One at launch, though there are plans in the near future to allow consumers to connect many brands of wired gaming headsets.

91. Titles that release for the PS3 and Vita, and support cross-play and cross-buy – what will be their fate on the PS4?

 There are a lot of looming questions concerning the titles for the PS3 and Vita, namely involving cross play and cross buy. Remote Play is being far more attention right now but if you don’t have Wi-Fi or need to go the distance (and don’t want to worry about frame rate issues), cross buy is still appealing. Will your games purchased for either carry over into the PS4 generation? Or will Remote Play be the de facto choice now?

92. Though releasing in Europe and North America, both the Xbox One and PS4 may not necessarily be available in your territory at launch. 

Those that are residing in Asia will be frustrated and disappointed to learn that the Xbox One and PS4 won’t be available in their territories on launch day. Of course, even Japan will need to get its hands on either console, that too as far February 2014. Sure, they’re not region locked and you can import but how many people have that luxury?


93. USB keyboard support for Xbox One is currently not available; very few games support the same on PS4.

 The Xbox One will not have USB keyboard support right out of the box, and very few games will support a keyboard on the PS4. In the future however the Xbox One console could land support for a mouse and keyboard after it hits retail stores.

94. Some single-player games arriving on the PS4 as cross-generational titles have already been out for a while.

 The PS4 has some great games coming out, but as it turns out many of those great games are cross generational titles and have already been released for consoles and PC. Games such as Trine 2: Complete Story, Injustice: Gods Among Us and Diablo 3 are already out.

95. As of now, the PS Vita is being marketed as a tool for Remote Play rather than as a handheld with its own games and merits.

The PS Vita is a great gaming device in its own right and has garnered a lot of fans over the years. It has its own amazing games and features with the recent PS Vita 2000 refreshing the line. The PS4 however is now in the spotlight and is using the PS vita for Remote Play - which is great but not really doing full justice to the Vita, especially with some new games like Tearaway are on the way. Hopefully, once the initial novelty wears off, Sony will go back to marketing it as an excellent handheld solution again.


96. Stock will be short for both consoles at the beginning, making them actually harder to get than current-gen consoles over the next few months .

 Launch day is already on us and many customers will have a hard time obtaining their favorite console and many stores will run short in supply especially with the holiday season on our doorsteps. Stock is expected to stabilize around January-February, but until, it’s going to be a bit of a problem to get either console after launch day without a pre-order.


97. Want in on the Destiny beta early? Don’t worry – you won’t need a PS4 since it will also be arriving on PS3.

 Destiny creator Bungie stated that the public beta will be available for those that pre-order the game. It also recently announced that PlayStation users would receive early access to the beta ahead of Xbox players. While that sounds like great news for PS4 owners, it also applies to PS3 gamers who will be receiving it around the same time. It’s also likely that PS3 users will have access to that “exclusive content” Bungie has promised.


98. Sony partners with NASA for content. It sounds intriguing but has nothing to do with games.  

When you hear the word NASA the first words that pop into your mind would be space, the moon etc. The last thing you would expect a word to associate with NASA is the PS4. Sony has partnered with NASA for the purpose of more content. It’s a great idea for watching the Mars landing but what does any of this have to do with games?

99. Titanfall for Xbox One will support dedicated servers using the Cloud but this will also be on PC and Xbox 360.

 One of the best games revealed at E3, Titanfall will make use of the dedicated servers using the Xbox One’s Cloud . However this is not limited to only the Xbox One as the game will run on dedicated servers for Windows PC and Xbox 360, performing all the AI hosting, physics calculations, matchmaking and other functions that Respawn promises. And the PC won’t require some heavy duty rig, a mid-range PC will be more than enough to run the game it’s build on Source engine.

100. LAN Parties Still Better on PC

This is more of a case for the PC over consoles. Though online multiplayer is definitely bigger than it’s ever been on consoles – and will get even bigger on the Xbox One and PS4 – when it comes to local multiplayer, there’s no beating the good ol’ LAN party. Yes, you can hook up several Xbox 360/PS3 consoles but you’ll still need separate displays. With next-gen consoles only HDMI capable, imagine lugging around your HDTV around with your console when playing with several people. Whatever the arguments may be, there’s no denying that hosting a LAN party with a dozen people is still easier with gaming laptops, notebooks and hybrids for some Dota 2 and League of Legends action.

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