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Did you change your console of choice for next gen?

No, I had already decided... 64 10.60%
Yes, I was considering a ... 33 5.46%
No, I'll stay with the P... 437 72.35%
No, I own or will get a Wii U. 36 5.96%
I'll explain my other ch... 34 5.63%

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After learning about the changes in Xbox One's always-online and used game policies, did you change your mind about which next gen game console will be of your choice?



As of 7:30 PM with 326 votes in total, It may seem that the change of policies from Microsoft did not change people's perception of the nex-gen consoles very drastically, as around 10% of the participants have the Xbox One as their first console of choice, around 72% also didn't change their mind and they will stick with the PS4 and around 6% will rather have their Wii U. These results are very consistent with other polls out there.

Only around 6% did actually change their first console of choice from the PS4 to the Xbox One, which is a pretty modest amount. If we add this to the other 10% that had already decided to get an Xbox One anyway, we have that around 16% prefers the Xbox One over the PS4. It may not seem big, but the Xbox One now has around 60% more preference over PS4 than before (went up from around 10% in other polls to 16% in this one).

What's most interesting is that many people in the comments mention that they would have never bought an Xbox One if Microsoft hadn't changed their policies and now they might buy one someday when the system is cheaper as their second console of choice after the PS4. It seems then that the change of policies from Microsoft might benefit them more in the long term as a second console, but not as a replacement of the PS4. From the comments I can also note that many people still have a very negative perception of the Xbox brand and Microsoft overall.

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No, but there is now a chance I may one day (in the rather distant future) buy an Xbone to play D4 and whatever else. Before there was NO chance.

Not as of now. The price is still too high.

I admit the One never stood a great chance but after the initial announcements, it stood less of a chance but now, it's just 2.0 I'm not keen on.

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The PS4 is still my first choice, but the Xbox One has become significantly more attractive as an option somewhere down the line.

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Nope, but I find it so amusing that they actually reversed their policies after heavily defending them.


No, i still dont trust them. That boat has sailed after the way they treated me with the 360 and the lack of exclusives on the second half of the systems life. Add to that this whole debocle and the chances that i trust microsoft again is near zero.

Also, theres no garantee that they wont re-introduce these features at a later date after the console is on the safe side. I know im not gonna put myself in their hands.

If they release an SKU without Kinect, then I would buy it.

Nope, but I was never going to get one. Unless they will step up their game in the software department. X360 didn't have enough exclusives for me to buy one, however it also had a promising start. So Xbone needs to have a good start, like it has, and then keep up the good work.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

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Yes. PS4 first but XboxOne is looking better. Might even get one around launch.

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