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There will be a point system so try to guess accurately as possible. Pls post here and check the main Database page (coming soon) that connects all the other threads.

Once Decided and posted i'll put your name up in the second post with your prediction. Make sure to use ##.##mil in it, So if you think 2,560,000 say 2.56mil.

Good luck to all

Predict away fellow members......

(Thread for Database)

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Predictions listed here!

3.30mil = happydolphin
2.90mil = the_dengle
2.60mil = Metrium
2.57mil = Roma
2.56mil = AstroGamer
2.50mil = N-Magic
2.48mil = NobleTeam360
2.43mil = Snalax
2.35mil = Carl2291
2.23mil = AZWification
2.22mil = RolStoppable
2.20mil = aikohualda
2.14mil = Trunkin
2.10mil = BasilZero
2.07mil = POE
2.05mil = animegaming
2.03mil = S.Peelman
2.01mil = mnementh
2.00mil = miz1q2w3e
2.00mil = FOX
1.99mil = Tbone51
1.94mil = Veknoid_Outcast
1.80mil = SnakeDrake
1.80mil = purple
1.80mil = DieAppleDie
1.80mil = AlphaCielago
1.80mil = kopstudent89
1.75mil = DanneSandin
1.50mil = TK14
1.45mil = NinjaBlade360
1.41mil = kljesta64
1.30mil =leedlelee

2.43 million

I'm being optimistic again.

Love and tolerate.

2.14 million.

I expect it to easily more than double that by mid 2014.


If Paper Mario could pull off good numbers in 2012, then this game should too (even if it's lackluster, because Paper Mario was as well). I am surprised that tbone51 predicts so low instead of something in the 17m range.

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2.07 million

Ok, 2 mil is my prediction.

1.45 Mil

i think it will do a bit better than what Phantom Hourglass did but releasing in Nov gives it a short time to sell and its not coming out in japan till 2014

2.56 million

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2.35 Million units