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Do I need to explain why Sega was popular in the first place? I think HappyD explained it all perfectly in his thread about why third parties left Nintendo. Because Nintendo had horrible policies against them for the longest time and took too long to correct them. Sega did not. Also they had some of the best games of all time. Which makes it all the more sad when they were forced out of the home console business about 10 years ago. Sure, we still get yearly Sonic games and other grand ideas from Sega, but things will never be the same.

But, where Sega failed, Microsoft has seen success. They have taken over the third console spot and showed the world that it is possible for this to happen. There is room for three home consoles battling it out for supremacy. What has Microsoft done that Sega could not? Is it just because they have unlimited money and would never go down like Sega did? Did they have to be successful in this area since APPLE dominated them in the mobile market and even hit them hard with the Mac for a while?

Lets face it, the original Xbox really was not that amazing, but they flourished enough to make the amazing 360.

Maybe this has been answered before, but I did not care enough at the time to find out. So now I am asking.

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Passion and creavity.

j/k, money

they have enough money to counter every fail, they never made any profit with the original xbox and barley made profit with the 360.

Well, when you can simply eat the losses of the Xbox without even blinking, you're in a different world. Microsoft had goals beyond just existing in the home console space from the very beginning. The 360 was closer to what they envisioned but I'd guess that the 720 will be much more in-line with their purposes of being a major media interface. They wanted what Sony had and beyond.

So, yeah, money. Who knows what would have happened if Sega had unlimited financing, because the DreamCast was awesome. However, there is still the fact that Sega has screwed up a lot of their own IP, so they might have killed themselves regardless.

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007BondAgent said:

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Money. Oh, and money.

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badgenome said:
Passion and creavity.

j/k, money

Look, I'm normally hard on you because I care.  I'm afraid that you're being spoiled by all the compliments you get and it troubles my heart.  I don't want to see you living on the street, constantly talking of your past glory on VGC to all the other bums.

This, however, is worthy of praise.  I'm going to draw a flower on your worksheet.