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Hendrix and Nazi mecha... wat.

Not interested.

awesome, i love wolfenstein games!

interested but want to see gameplay

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well they only good thing about this is:


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will keep an eye on it.

So many idiots roaming VGChartz nowadays....

Damit, they bastardized Wolfenstein.

Oh well, it will flop anyway.

Wait what?

Oh well. I guess over-the-top fits Wolfenstein so I'm fine with this. I'm slightly curious and hoping for the best. Wolfenstein is one of my favorite franchises (with the exception of the previous game).

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This was what they've been teasing these past few days?

Uff. I have some Wolfenstein trophies on my PSN account because my old flatmate played it on my PS3 that I can't get rid of. He traded the game in a day later.