F*ck Me I am getting a PS4 day 1 who else

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Are you buying ps4 day 1

Yes 244 42.29%
No 170 29.46%
Not day 1 but launch window 84 14.56%
after price 79 13.69%

It'll be fair game, Sony looks to have a good launch, We kno nothing of M$, and Wii U will have the software up by then. I might get ps4 later down the road, i'll see.

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Hell yehhh

Lol, some expected replies in here.

I will probably not buy it at launch...but it does depend on price hmm. Gaikai is a gaming revolution

The share button, the third party support, the first party games... the people saying boring either didnt watch or are playing damage control

not day 1 cause my PS3 was a lemon day 1 when I purchased in launch window.

With all that horse power under the hood, I will wait for them to replace all the dead horses. will buy down the line.



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Very predictable.. Not amazed, not interested and definitely not buying it.... yet.... I dont see the potential yet and pretty much everything that was shown was expected and not surprising!

Meeehhhh 5/10

Chandler said:

Why? They didn't show anything. Knack and Witness were the only interesting games, the rest was CGI and concept stuff and a lot of promises ready to be broken. Can't wait for deep down to enter development hell.


If this was the feel good event than I am worried for the part when the stipulations come into play. I haven't seen anything that makes me want to buy the device faster than I bought my PS3, which was 5 years after launch. On the contrary, now I'm worried that the Vita will be useless junk without a PS4.

Killzone and Watch Dogs weren't CGI

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Yes, I have over 500 dollars in store credit at Gamestop. Been waiting for this.

To be honest, that presentation made me wish Nintendo made games on a Sony platform. The day will come soon enough, it will be the best of all worlds.

The talent and desire to captivate the imagination rather than just go after the dollar is what I've been preaching for God knows how long.

I'm very divided atm but I find the Playstation brand highly appealing right now.