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PGR 5 would occur this year? All in all, would be fitting.

Project Gotham Racing series has accompanied the Xbox brand since the launch of the first console, the Xbox 360 has not been worse, of course, and the first day he could be proud of the third part of this great series. Is the latest Xbox or get your PGR'a during the premiere as his older sister? Maybe so, Microsoft has total rights to the series, and at least a few people from the defunct Bizarre Creations, and the game itself could be dealt with people from Forzy - Turn 10. Until that is circulating on the network screen, deceptively resembles one of the best ścigałek this generation - PGR 's.

Personally, the best memories of PGR 4, beautiful and bee game, which even today is fairly impressive, and will be attracted to return. Fifth part of the next-gene probably zawitałby with open arms, not one player ... good racing games can never have too many, right? The only thing is we wait until E3 and hope that the series Micorsoft not buried for good.

For the record, the video of 4 parts:


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Would be a nice change of pace from Forza.

Bizzare Creations is gone but i think they hired most of the people back for Forza Horizon. Really talented developers. Should be great.

i hope so, i always like to get a great racing game at release or the weeks after and i really like this franchise.

PGR5? Oh god yes. Unfortuanatelly I have the feeling the series will never get a sequel and is just left to die just like Rallysport Challenge. PGR4 is my all time favorite racing game to the point I can't even enjoy another racing game, I would jump ship to the nextbox immediately if a new PGR game was on it.

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That would be great! I enjoyed 4 (I think) when I got it soon after my Xbox

I'm not sure it alone would make me get an Xbox, but it all adds up...

Older sister? A ścigałek? That's disgusting.

It would surprise me to see Microsoft spend resources on another racing series, though.

Never really played PGR4. A lot of people seem to like it so it would be a nice change from Forza even though I love Forza

Yeah really could use another PGR entry. Enjoyed the hell out of PGR4.

It's just that simple.

it's a dead franchise. Why would they throw away the Forza name