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Impressive that it took those sales, pretty good. But, 2005 shouldn't be considered a victory for Xbox 360 at all, as it had no competition as Wii and PS3 weren't out till later and it didn't come close to what PS2 did that year anyway. 2013 will be let another year where PS3 succeeds except like in 2012, it will be actually 1st again because of Wii's low sales

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KingofRome said:
So what happened in 2008? Did Microsoft decide to release 3 exclusives that year instead of the usual 2 or 1?

They have roughly about the same amount of exclusives and Im surprised people didnt already know that PS3 has been outselling the X360. 

If you guys dont know why PS3 gets a lot of flack it's because it isn't dominating like last gen.  X360 has won America with no problems and has gained marketshare in europe.  Things has gotten better in Japan for them but still pretty horrific. 

Now with all that said who has made the most money between PS3 and X360?  sony has shown that they lack control like they did last gen while losing a lot of money.  XBOX and Nintendo has both became big competitors so I believe this is more of a win for X360 and Wii than it is for PS3.  I still dont get why you guys want to make a fan competition out of this when on all fronts PS3 has not been near as successful as PS2.  It has lost in software, profits, and marketshare but this war beteen most consoles that is only bragging rights are not effecting MSFT or Nintendo.  They have been successful this generation regardless of what kind of fan war is being made.

The same would be said if Apple closed this big of a gap while windows sold less than the previous windows.  It isn't hard to figure out guys.

Gained marketshare in Europe - Agreed. Things gotten better in Japan? - No. It still struggles and the nextbox needs to do even better to lift the impending drag it would face in that market. The fact that PS3 has performed well across all regions where Europe has been the biggest performer and the fact that it outsold 360 every year since 2009 is also a clear indicator of who actually won. You are using sales figures, profits(confined to region) and just improved marketshare as elements of console's success. This is the reason why MS strategy never worked  in their favor outside US. And the fact that PS3 has outsold 360 in Europe and Japan ages ago is something MS needs to carry over , understand its significance to become the clear winner of next generation. Ofcourse PS3 didn't perform like PS2, but it's on par with PS1. It lost a fair amount of exclusives and marketshare from MS this generation. But it was never poised to fail like how Gamecube and original Xbox failed.

So you think a console that is still relatively new on the market going from 25m to proba around 80m consoles is a loss?  No that is a strategic win.  XBL, Kinect, XBLA, software has all been a success as well.  PS3 goes from 150m to most likely aroun 95m is a success while theyve lost a ton of money through the years?  As I said before people and Im going to include you are looking at this from a fan war rather than a business perspective.  Microsoft disrupted the console market and Sony has lost marketshare.  That cant be argued at all.  for a company to come into the console market like this and take down a console giant is all you can do.  

sit generations side by side and see who has gained and who has lost market.  Sony can no longer be considered the same dominating company they once were.

Companies and businesses care about profits which means gaining marketshare.  Anybody who loses 120 million consoles in marketshare will not be happy with those results. 120 million more consoles were sold from previous generatons to rival companies is where that number is coming from btw.

So you feel it's all just about profits for MS, no matter what consumers might be left with. This is how Nintendo learnt their lesson and still remains cautious despite being veterans in the vg industry.  And the word "fan war" to remark the comment implys where this is coming from. The comment was intended to have only a reasonable argument as to why PS3 is all but failure.

I'm not going to keep repeating myself.  To be simple instead of writing a big post I'll sum it up.  Sony has lost a lot of marketshare.  Xbox and Nintendo has gained a lot of marketshare.  Sony has lost money.  Xbox and nintendo has earned a lot of money. Fanwars do not equal success.

That about sums up everything I said......Twice.

And I understood it the first time. It seems the effort to start a reasonable argument didn't quite work when you failed to respond to the first statement of my previous comment. You kept repeating about marketshare and money which wasn't appropriate either. So calling it quits.

I can't believe I got a "Mod Warning" for using the term "Simpletons." How much more politely can I put it? Maybe the mod is an Xbox fanboy :) Just kidding, please don't ban me.

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PS3 will pass Xbox late this year.

RenderMonk said:

So I was reviewing the VGChartz yearly Hardware sales , and Worldwide, Sony's PlayStation 3 has outsold the Xbox 360 Every single year except for 2006 and 2008!! That means 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 all belong to PS3 as the worlwide leader in console sales. 

There were more than 2 consoles on the market. You didn't even bother to write HD consoles.

MikeB predicts that the PS3 will sell about 140 million units by the end of 2016 and triple the amount of 360s in the long run.

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pezus said:
It's 2008 actually, not 2009. PS3 whooped 360 in 2009 because of the slim

Define "whooped". I'm looking at two consoles with nearly the same totals yet ging into this gen SOny completely dominated the previous two generations. The Wii and the 360 knocked the King of his hill. The PS3 has made a great partial comeback, but the Playstation brand is not THE gaming icon it used to be. MS has secured it's place and the next generation will be even more competitive.

If we were talking about football teams I don't think anyone would be celebrates a win between two wild card teams that didn't make it to the Superbowl.

Why do you even consider 2006? the ps3 was only out late 2006 wasn't it?

Anyways It's no surprise that the ps3 has been outselling the 360 seeing as Everytime I check the charts the ps3 is well above the 360 in sales.

kowenicki said:
and 2005.

not the 360's fault the Ps3 was late.

so 3 years to 360 and 5 years to PS3

but in the end.... the 360 leads.


KingofRome said:
sales2099 said:
360 also out shipped in 2010 and 2011 I believe.

But through it all, 360 managed to remain 2nd for 7 years. PS3 is scratching and clawing to become a shadow of its brands former glory.

Bottom line, you guys are lowering the bar for yourselves.

Sure it took the PS3 a while to get to second place but...he who laughs last, laughs best.

And it's taking the Xbox 360 longer to be in third.  That's a perception for you.

Skyl1n3 said:
iFlow said:
To whoever started this thread, keep it coming!
Seriously, I lol at these threads. It doesn't matter if more PS3s were sold in this and that year.
Xbox is still leading.

The true winners of this generation are Nintendo and Microsoft. Compare the market shares of each company from last gen to this and you'll notice why Sony is declining.

And why doesn't it matter if more PS3's were sold this and that year? It shows peoples demand for the PS3 is GREATER than the 360 DESPITE it coming out 1 YEAR LATER than the 360.

Any 360 fanboy on here *cough*sales2099 for example*cough* is just trying to cover their eyes from the truth, it doesn't matter if the PS3 overtook the 360 in the beggining or the end of this Gen, fact is it WILL, but idiotic fanboys like to pretend that "it doesn't matter" and that "the new Xbox will be out soon so who cares".

PS3 will be 2nd, 360 will be 3rd, stick that up your arse 360 fanboys.

Like I said, it doesn't matter. The flame inside you is burning for more!

Who is in 2nd place right now? Exactly. Yes, PS3 sells better than Xbox but for some odd reason, Xbox is still leading. MS and Nintendo have taken the market and split it this gen. Shove that fact up yours .