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man-bear-pig said:
Acevil said:
man-bear-pig said:
Ouch! Horrendous vita sales, By the start of february i dont even want to imagine what its sales will be like. 1,500?

Don't think it will go to that level. 

There were weeks were the 3ds was selling 2,500 in japan weekly. Mark my words, the vita will go below that! I hope not though.

I think that might have been one week before the price cut. It was usually above the wii. 


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sensebringer said:
There must have been Vita shortages. This can´t be true.

I hope so. from 320k to 70k? In the biggest week of the year? I hope it shortages.

dividePower said:
Btw do the Vita numbers take into account for the imports to all over the world as of now? Anyone knows?

If people are importing from Japan, that would be a sale in Japan. 


No shortages for Vita, they have not even sold their first shippment.

Dam those psp numbers.. Ps3 doing well as usual, but vita?

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How did they track 32 DS lites?


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But good sales for PS3 and PSP :)

alonzodono said:
But good sales for PS3 and PSP :)

PSP was a surprise, but so was the Wii.

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Vitas aside, I think Final Fantasy XIII-2's pretty screwed. 100k+ for a second week after a bad start?

Square Enix's franchise milking formula gone pretty wrong.

And I wonder what Hirai's doing now after seeing the sale numbers for Vita...

What's this "Reader reviews" thingy? Looks like FFXIII-2 is getting slammed