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What metacritic score will Uncharted 3 get? (By december)

Below 85 12 2.06%
85-90 15 2.57%
91 12 2.06%
92 24 4.12%
93 31 5.32%
94 56 9.61%
95 84 14.41%
96 68 11.66%
97 97 16.64%
98! 184 31.56%



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94, but only because its on ps3 and therefore many reviews will underrate it (like many other ps3 exclusives this year)

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> 91

spurgeonryan said:
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spurgeonryan said:
I want to say 95 or higher. Batman had a lot of high scores, but places like gamestop and some others gave it a 9! At least I think they did, I added the reviews here so I should remember. So if critics like it as much as batman, there are still going to be the few who bring the score down a bit.

Yup, Batmans metacritic is at 98 right now, but they've only added 10 critic scores, it'll average out soon enough :P probably go down to around 95

I did the PS3 and 360 (which has more) so that is probably why I thought there were more. But yeah the PS3 will get a bunch more and do what you said. Maybe? :)

We'll see. Maybe we'll get another Ocarina of time 64 score! xD kidding, that'll never happen. 

I would say that would happen with the new Zelda, but i am afraid some will not like the motion control being forced on them like that.

I dunno man, you think it could get 99/100? 

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Well coming off of almost Naughty Dogs greatest year and all those awards for Uncharted 2.It got 96 on Metacritic right?So judging by that its going to be 96+ on metacritic.I doubt it will be lower because that would just mean the game was worse than its predecessor.

Its not that simple. Any game that has 2-4 points lower than its predecessor is MOST times the better game. To think UC3 will top UC2s insane high score is ..not going to happen. Gears 3 scored 1 pt lower than Gears 2 which scored one point lower than Gears 1. Forza 4 and 3 same applies. If you are a meta whore like myself you will know that by todays standards, if a game is to recieve 2-4 pts lower than its predecessor, it is better. LBP was revolutionary in 08 with 95 meta and most GOTY awards. LBP2 3 years later got 92. Its the first game but a lot more basically. If Un3 gets at the very least 92, itll be considerd a success and solid sequel. If it manages to do what it did in 09, that is left to be seen.

You may be right but I hope you know that Uncahrted 2 is different from all those games.Has Gears won any GOTY awards?What about Forza no.Usualy if a game won GOTY by alot of reviewers most likely they will rate the sequal higher.Look at Uncharted 1 for example it was good but not on Uncharted 2's level.Then Uncahrted 2 got better and so on.So what im saying is Uncharted can only get better.Even if Uncahrted 3 gets a 95 I can honestly say Uncahrted 2 is the best SINGLE PLAYER game ive played this generation yes meaning better single player than any Xbox360 exclusive and PS3 exclusive.

Gears of War 1 won plenty of GOTY awards in 2006 ;D.

Ok you got me.It may have won a couple of GOTY awards but, here is the real question did it reach the amazing success that Uncahrted 2 did?No it did not so really comparing the two games which I just did isnt the answer.What im trying to say is Uncahrted 2 is different from those games because it won ALOT more.

Some would say that UC2 had no competition in 2009.

It was the only game that scored ..91-92+?


:P, I hear you man, I agree. But don't get your hopes that high ;(

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It will be less than Uncharted 2 because "there won't be enough of a step up from Uncharted 2" according to too many reviewers. And those self same reviewers will give MW3 a 9.5.

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binary solo said:
It will be less than Uncharted 2 because "there won't be enough of a step up from Uncharted 2" according to too many reviewers. And those self same reviewers will give MW3 a 9.5.



93-94. No higher.

It'll be awesome, but docked marks for being too similar.

For that, it'll not beat Skyward Sword (which I reckon 95-98), so I can't give it more than 94.

Also, Arkham City will end up around the same, when 'lower' scores (like DToid's 8.5) come flooding in.

But is that score bad? No. If you think it is, you need a reality check, my friend


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I think many will drag it down from 10 because
A) Its more of the same
B) It wont have the same impact
C) Uncharted 2 had .. 96
D) The gameplay is different in terms of movement which I personally like, but for EVERYONE that LOVED Uncharted 2 to LOVE the changes.. Its not going to happen!

some reviews will troll this game giving hiom low scores just to get famous , and the score will be much more low, possible less than 90 .

It deserve 98 no doubt