Is today perhaps the biggest day ever for videogaming?

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........And then this happens.


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I would say that the release day of Super Mario Bros. beats today by just a little bit.

To begin with, I thought you were referring to the Supreme Court case, which would be slightly less ridiculous.

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If this is the future bring Ragnarok, Valhalla awaits me.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:


Severance said:

And then this happens.


Go... figure...

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Jordahn said:
toastboy44562 said:

This is the start of the future I believe. all games eventually will be controlled with your body...kinect is the first step there! today is perhaps the biggest day in the videogame industry ever...go 360!

Absolutely not.  The heart of gaming centers around hardcore gamers.  Kinect does NOTHING to promote hardcore gaming.  In fact, just the opposite.

That's what people said about controllers versus mouse and keyboard, but controller-based gaming eventually made some huge leaps and bounds and advances in "hardcore" gaming as you put it.

Have a little imagination, why don't you?  I'm pretty sure he said Kinect was the first step in a larger evolution, just as the old Atari joystick or what have you was the first step in the 360 controller or the Dualshock or whatever controller you now like.  It's an evolutionary process, no doubt set in motion by the Kinect/Wiimote/Move etc/  Would we have the iPhone games we have had it not been for the DS touch screen?  Maybe?  Would we have had the DS touch screen without the Gameboy?  Maybe.  

To flatout say that controller-less gaming has no future and will never reach the hardcore is pointless, imagination-less and silly.  

I'd put more money on controller-less 3D holographic gaming being the eventual future of hardcore gaming than I would on anyone using any traditional input.  


But I am wise enough to not speak in absolutes.

Can't we all just get along and play our games in peace?

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The greatest day of gaming is when Sony says so






Not to sound like a troll but before Kinect was the PS Eye and wayyy before that there was Sega's thing which i dont remember whats it called.

Gaming using your body starts Today?

Didn't Sony release the EyeToy last generation?

Kinect OWNS Sony fanboys!

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