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The campaign is fantastic so far. I've been playing through on Legendary solo and it's frustrating but it makes you want to keep going. The battles are pretty epic so far and I'm only about half-way through.

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Fantastic. Best FPS Campaign in a long time.

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The campaign is solid. A lot of action and great story.

If you enjoyed past Halo campaigns, you should enjoy this as well.

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disolitude said:
CollectiveCynic said:

That's good to hear. May not be as good as Halo: CE, but at least I know it's better than Halo 2 & 3.

I find it funny that people say Halo 3's campaign was poor.

Sure it may not have been groundbreaking and original like Halo 1 or attempted to be epic like Halo 2, but it is easily the most focused and fast paced Halo campaign (till ODST which kinda added stealth elements and wasn't as action oriented)

I don't think there is a single point in Halo 3 when I sad "damn, I really hate playing this part"... Halo 1 had that long repetitive second half which was pretty much the same coridor fighting with flood over and over. And Halo 2 was...like you said a huge unfocused mess.

I never said it was bad, it just wasn't as epic or as engaging as it could have been. The campaign lacked any thrilling set-pieces that had me at awe, and the battles didn't convey Earth's desperate struggle against their final battle against the Covenant. Also, the Brutes replaced the Elites. The Brutes are rather simplistic in their offensive tactics, and almost had no defensive strategies what so ever. The enviroments weren't big enough to provide the sandbox combat approach the series was built on. They were pretty easy enemies to fight, they don't hold a candle to the Elites. I will say that the Scarab battles were pretty epic, and the vehicle sections were awesome as always.

Every mission in Halo: Combat Evolved were varied and offered exciting set-pieces. It also had open fields that allowed multiple approaches to the combat. The only complaint I have with CE, is that the interior levels are repetitive and The Libary. Other than that, Combat Evolved was an excellent game. It still holds up against today's scripted military shooters and archaic old-school shooters of the past, which everyone seems to love these days.

Like others have said, if you've enjoyed the previous games, you will like Halo: Reach. It reminds me a lot of Halo 3, in a good way!


I loved playing through the story, and I plan on replaying it a number of times with my friends and brother.

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Short, But really well focused and has some really funy parts.

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I think it's utterly phenomenal!!! IMO the best halo campaign yet, though I still haven't beaten it yet, on the 8th or 9th mission now.


Solo is ok. im not to impressed with it tho. The music isnt as epic as the past halo game IMO...and there are some parts where the music doesnt make sense to whats going on. I dont know about you guys..but me and my friends have had some issues with checkpoints not loading or not saving.


I was hoping for more back story of the Spartans and well more mission. The solo is good but i was expexting more. CO OP is still fun though.

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I thought the campaign was great with some really amazing/fun sequences.

Just make sure you wait for the credits to end after you beat the game


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I had a lot of fun with this one. Sure it was too short, and as is common in the series there was a bit of unneeded repetition, but nothing like the last bit of Halo:CE. The solo was certainly better than 2 or ODST, and I enjoyed it more than 3 as well. CE was mixed a really great first 2/3rds, repetitive last 3rd. But it had the benefit of being fresh and new so I'd go with CE>Reach>3>ODST>2. I had a blast, but without Live it may make a better rental or borrow. Of course if like me you have lots of local players to play then it is a must buy. By all means give it at least a rental, you won't be disappointed. 

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