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toru_bozu said:
twesterm said:
Torillian said:
For him to look generic don't there have to be a lot of characters that look like him and makes it hard to pick him out of a crowd? I find it hard to believe that you couldn't pick Kratos out of a lineup of Action Game heroes.

He actually makes himself generic because every picture/gif you see of him he's either in the same pose or doing some brutal thing.  He does so many brutal things that he makes the act seem generic and not-amazing.

Again, don't get me wrong, the game looks amazing and it's actually a good game I'm sure because they do those kind of games right, it's just Kratos is painfully uniteresting.

Khuutra said:
twesterm said:

I get what they're doing with him, it's just they tried so hard that they just made him boring.  I guess that's what happens when you make a game that dictates you must be doing something amazingly brutal every 15 minutes but when all he does is that it just loses any of its value.

When was the last time you actually played a God of War game?

 As I said in the OP, the first God of War.  I'm just basing this off the countless random gifs,sigs, and avatars I see of him.  I see those and he's always doing about the same thing and he just makes it boring.


LOL! Judging just base on that... lame~

Same old same old. Uncharted's shiny rock.


twesterm said:
psrock said:
Funny thing, those are the type threads Twesterm used to closed for being nothing but useless just having no point.

Just one day after we got amazing videos of this great game, you decide to make such a thread,

imagine if I had made this after the Nintendo Summit:

Samus is boring

Waht do you think would happen?

Good thing I'm not a mod anymore!

(I was actually thinking about that after I made the thread :-p)


Not suprising...

He gave up that duty for his own reasons, he wasn't stripped of the title.  I would wait till you've been around a little longer before you jump to conclusions regarding Twesterm.

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is this an opinion of taste or judgment? If its taste then why make an analytical argument? If it is judgment then you should say kratos fails to meet certain criteria that makes an excelent character, then list the reasons why you feel he fails to meet the accepted criteria of a good character. that way your less likely to spark a flame war.

ex. judgement:
"but Kraton is just so uninteresting and generic looking in every way"

ex taste:
"I just don't see the appeal."

see how by the first judgment, you open the debate for analytical argument then mix your opinion of taste in there which gets things all messy, try and keep it organized next time.

keep in mind that there is no wrong opinion of taste, for example "i think nathan drake looks stupid" can't be argued, however opinions of judgment can be wrong, like "i think naughty dog failed to create a believable character in Nathan and here's why:(list). can be wrong.

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Kratos is not a boring character. He's brutal and violent to cover his past.

He tried to make amends for his past. Killing his family in a raid of a village, but the gods wanted to use him. So he's now out for revenge.

His skin is bound to the ashes of his dead wife and child. Kratos is a tormented character and deserves the right to be angry in everything you see him in.

If you played Chains of Olympus you would have seen that he loved his family. There is a very tough decision at the end of the game that had to be hard for him.

Kratos is super lame his only depth is when he pussies up when thinking about his family. Other than that all of his problems are solved by killing things, even when it is completely unnecessary and/or mind bogglingly dumb of an idea.

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Kratos will F**K your s**t up!!!!

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darthdevidem01 said:
I agree he's a very boring character!

Solid Snake & Lightning FTW!

they should mate & have children imo!

...No, never. 

Plus, they aren't animals

twesterm said:
SmokedHostage said:
Kratos isn't lame. He's just the manifestation of ideas that teens and tween associate with masculinity.

I bet if a strong woman who was also pretty but not too pretty and could manipulate men and ascend to power, you'd be saying she's lame right now.

And that's just boring.  Give me something like Gordon Freeman, a giant nerd who I can identify with doing awesome things and that's cool.  Give me something like Kratos constantly doing the same expected brutal characters and it was interesting when he first appeared on the scene, now it's just boring.

So when Gordan Freeman, as a nerd, goes around shooting guns that makes him unique, whereas the captain of the spartan army doing things you would actually expect him to do makes hime boring or lame? That's a crock.

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SmokedHostage said:
Garnett said:
The thing is every character now a days trys to be "Bad ass" in every game with a story you get the typical bullshit character, if Kratos is bad ass (bad ass = the new norm now) what is the new bad ass?

Those that don't try to be badass, the ones that are corny and likeable are the new "bad ass."

Enter: Nathan Drake

Kratos is a perfect character for this game. Can you imagine a character with a great personality (Nathan Drake perhaps) in Kratos' situation? Yeah, you cannot...

Guys... twesterm is just after VG$ :P It's fairly obvious he has no idea what he is talking about, and I think even he himself knows he has no argument whatsoever to prove his point.

All in all I think he succeeded.