Why did you buy your PS3? (The strongest reason.)

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Why did you buy your PS3? (The strongest reason.)

Brand loyalty. 93 22.20%
Blu-ray. 47 11.22%
Exclusive games. 181 43.20%
Reliability of hardware. 30 7.16%
Free online play - PSN/web browser. 20 4.77%
Other (Please describe below) 48 11.46%

Play Station. Which proves how stupid it is to buy a system at launch, on brand recognition alone, with no really good games and hot, unreliable hardware which is almost assured to break down eventaully and henceforth force me to buy a second one before the generation is out.

Should have waited... like every other smart person with PS3s. Its the last time I'll buy a console at launch anyway.

So yeah, Brand name, like most people who got a PS3 I guess. Its comforting to know that most people bought one for this reason.

Edit: im talking about 60GB and early 40GB PS3s as unreliable. Beyond the 65nm shrunk 40GB model I would call them somewhat reliable and the present slims would be reliable.


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I bought my PS3 for many reasons, exclusive games, there products are reliable, never a problem with PS1 or PS2 , still have both, both still work great. Blu Ray, Free online play, and for all these reasons brand loyalty, Built in WiFi , controllers that charge with out spending more money, I liked that everybody had a hard drive, everybody is on the same playing field, also my Bluetooth headset works on my PS3 , I did not have to go out and spend more money on a wireless headset, for me when you look at everything the PS3 offers you for the money its incredable, Sony put together a superb product and package, I do also own a 360, but for different reasons.

Bought mine for the blu ray. Second reason is the PS3 exclusives (Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted)

Just want to play good games

I picked exclusive games but I should have hit brand loyalty. PS2 was the best console ever so I figured I'd buy the PS3.

It was 599$ at the time and I needed something expensive to show off at the time

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Main reason: It was cheaper for me than an X360 + the accessories that I needed.

Other reasons:
- it takes laptop hard drives so I could easily make it bigger (and I have done twice, to 250gb and then 500g).
- They were removing BC, which I wanted, so I had to buy one before it was gone.
- My g/f started working for sony so I could get cheap stuff :D


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Other: The controller.

Since the PS1, I have been primarily a Playstation Gamer (tho I absolutely love my DC). Keeping the same controller (for the most part) was my primary reason for sticking with the PS3. Dont get me wrong here, there is NOTHING wrong with the 360 controller, it just never felt right to me.

Bought 2 of each of those consoles on day 1 (sold 1 of each on ebay for metricfucktons of money) and just ended up sticking with my PS3 (gave my 360 to my g/f about 2 years ago after a RRoD warranty repair).

How else could I play GT5?

I saw my PS3 selling for £150 back when it was retailing for about £280. Easy choice to make when I knew I would not have to fork out for extra accessories.

KZ was coming out soon and FF13 still being exclusive sealed the deal. Not regretted it for a second, its still the cheapest I've heard of getting one even now after the price cuts and slim.