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< ganoncrotch Never been prouder of Ireland, 62% of voters in favour of allowing marriage between same sex partner
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< TheFallen posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

Hi, how's it going? From Donegal myself. Never noticed you were a fellow Irishman till yesterday lol.

< ganoncrotch updated his status:

Never been prouder of Ireland, 62% of voters in favour of allowing marriage between same sex partners today, first country to vote in equality based on popular vote.

Great day to be Irish.

< Carl2291 posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

Thanks for that report. Fixed the page up.

oh right, it wasn't just me then.

Was thinking it was pretty damn strange such a localized bit of weirdness like that.

on 14 November 2014

< Sevengen posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

no it wasn't a joke thread at all.. for what comes in that collection and how 343 reworked Halo 2, not to mention having every MP map, including all the DLC from each game, it should be 100's across the board. Some might think that's being stupid, guess I get that, but honestly for all that's there how can it be scored less.

Now, I misspoke about the other collections being simple cut and paste jobs, and I should go back and either edit that or delete it.

I agree with you btw that the MCC is fucking amazing as a piece of software, and in total it has 106 multiplayer maps btw, just insane amount butttt I think you give one indication right there as to why 343 as a studio don't really deserve to have a game on their CV with a 100 score for this, they did indeed rework Halo 2 and they are the ones who rebuilt Halo CE for the anniversary of that game but Halo 4 is the only thing in this boxset that Bungie didn't originally make, would it be fair if some company was handed an amazing IP and decided to put together a collection of it's games and recieve 100's all over the place for it? I don't think so.

on 08 November 2014

what 343 has done takes nothing away from what Bungie accomplished, if anything, it's a tribute to the amazing work they did. Giving MCC a perfect score is more a statement about the overall quality and breadth of Bungie's series than it is a reflection of the company that put it together. As a comparison, think of.. I don't know.. the Beatles. 50 years later a different record company owns the rights to their music, they release a comprehensive retrospective of all their hits, remaster the audio digitally, while also keeping the integrity of certain albums like Sgt. Pepper together, package it all up in a commemorative box and release it. That would stand as a perfect compliment to their career and it would be more a reflection of their achievements than the new record company that put it together. Same thing here in my opinion. The Game, the overall package, gets the score, not 343.

on 08 November 2014

One of the main things which gets taken into account tho with games is what they bring that was new to the table, each Year Call of Duty scores less and less, each time the games get penalized more and more for not bringing more to the table.

While I agree with you that the parts going together into this box set for the price of a single game are absolutely fantastic and what the whole collection is in terms of quality in a single box is unprecedented but that said... what new is in the box? (other than online play for the halo 1 stages)

If the same games released again would get the same scores then why would any company go ahead and make new games and IPs they could just keep releasing the same game each year and expect the same score, it just can't happen like this in the real world.

on 08 November 2014

< ganoncrotch updated his status:

If there is laws against addictive drug use then I don't understand the lack of laws against Minecraft on a Vita... that shit puts heroine to shame.

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Street Fighter V: R. Mika Reveal Trailer

in Gaming Discussion 27 minutes ago

wow, she looks...... Wow....

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Sony Store SALE!!! - PSTV - $19.99 - PSTV Dualshock 8gb Memory Card Bundle - $39.99

in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago

Burning Typhoon said:I forgot PS3 controllers are 50 dollars. But, I did get a PSVita TV. Despite owning a vita already. I don't know what I'm going to do with the TV, but for 20 bucks?! Gimme!... Wait... I don't have another memory card. I feel like i wasted money now.. the PSTV has 1gb of storage built in, it's not a lot but it's something....

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Until Dawn Review Thread - Meta: 79

in Sony Discussion 7 hours ago

Goodnightmoon said: SocialistSlayer said: who? people buy what he plays or something, is he popular Yes, he is the biggest douchebag on youtube so milions of people love it, is like the Justin Bieber of youtubers. And yes several horror games had way more success thanks to him because he screams like a retarded and people find it funny. At least this time the game looks...


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