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    < COKTOE posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Again, Ganon, I feel I owe you an apology for being an aggressive jerk. So, apologies. I'm gonna PM you when I get a chance.

    Oh about the Denis Leary stuff? Man I've got a few mates who can't stand the guy as well, I've had a few of the comedy shows which he ripped off 100% played for me especially some of the work of Bill Hicks where he pretty much copies down to the little inflections in the speech and movements.

    I just watch tons and tons of comedy and stand up though so I'm well used to people copying other material and in some cases copying their own material and having to play it off as a new and interesting discovery for themselves, Jimmy Carr does that a lot sometimes having to play out the same sort of thing where he tells half a story and then comes to a realization mid way through it that leads it down another path... but if you see him on big fat quiz, 8 out of 10 cats (does countdown) and some of his own stand up dvd's or netflix specials, then you'll see that he retells the stories and jokes playing up what worked and leaving out parts which didn't to the point where you can see his own reactions to the story are just as fake as most of the storys themselves.

    Sorry for the tangent... but.... given the above paragraph, I still love the fuck outta Jimmy Carr for all of his comedic work, I think he is amazing but I watch him knowing that he has to perform tours and gigs all over the place and he has to borrow from all over including himself to create that amount of content.

    It's like my love of star trek.... I love it even though episodes like Tuvix exists or spocks brain! you gotta take the good with the bad.

    The same mostly goes for posts on VGchartz :D unless I kinda call out where someone has rubbed me up the wrong way I don't really take too much of it to heart, the people who do annoy me to the point where I'm going to not post @them anymore, I kinda tell directly that it's too much.

    on 30 July 2019

    Ah dude. I wish I could remember my exact quote to my cousin regarding the Tuvix episode, but if I were stand up, and he was an audience, I slayed. :)

    I should have worded my post differently. Like: "I highly suspect Denis Leary is a joke thief", instead of dealing in confrontational absolutes.

    I;m hopeful for PIcard, but skeptical. It's airing in Canada on cable TV, so I get to try it out risk free. Any thoughts?

    on 30 July 2019

    I worry that it's just going to be hauling out old memories, pointing at them and screaming "REMEMBER THIS" At the camera for 45 mins each week, I recently finished rewatching TNG as I've been enjoying the heck outta a podcase which I strongly recommend called "The Greatest Generation" but man... that ending, Troi's line of "you were always welcome" that cuts through me like a knife through a slightly softer knife. Even knowing the scene is coming it always gets me right in the feels.

    Picard should have been left alone there or the TNG movies which I more see as a romp for the cast and crew rather than viewing them as harshly as some of the critics did.... (like Tom Hardy nearly offed himself after seeing critical reaction to Nemesis, always sad to see)

    Picard here in Ireland will likely go up on Netflix the same as Disco did, either that or the Pirate bay, I'll be honest, when I started off with Netflix I had the basic bitch package but over the years upped that to max so I could help fund some of those great shows they buy and make... but now with everyone wanting a slice of that streaming pie and cutting up their own shows into 20 different subscriptions... yeah piracy might be getting called on more going forwards. I have a finite amount of money and 20 monthly subs of 10 is cash I ... have but I'm not going to spend on each service having 2-3 episodes of something I want to watch each month.

    Also .... was your Tuvix line something along the lines of "if he doesn't step into the transporter... get out of my way, because I fucking will instead" The happy embrace of spraying my atoms across the bulkhead would be so much better than living in the same universe as Tuvix.

    on 30 July 2019

    I went on a DS9 marathon recently. It was season 6 stuff. The level to which I enjoyed it is difficult to put into words. The acting, writing, and directing, at it's best, is soooo good. Even though the big battle scenes were unfortunately, not faithful to the source material, with giant holes being blasted through every ship, with every attack. No shields! I've heard it was budgetary constraints that lead to things playing out as they did.

    I have similar thoughts to yours as for how Picard will turn out. I only recently became aware of who Alex Kurtzman is....Like about a week ago. That he is involved in any capacity is a bad sign. I'm less worried about nostalgia that feels a bit forced than I am about every episode being a journey inside the mind of an idiot.

    on 31 July 2019

    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    7 years.... Oh deary me

    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    heh, it's a strange time when a badge on VGchartz reminds me that today is my Birthday!

    Thanks website!

    As Chrissy Snow once wrote on a cake in Three's Company: Happy Birthda. She ran out of room. The Y was on the side

    on 30 May 2019

    < COKTOE posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Are you caught up on The Orville? Just want to mention something if I get the all-clear.

    oh! didnt see this wall post sorry Coktoe, yup I've seen it all though, just waiting now and hoping that fox picks it up for a 3rd season.

    on 28 April 2019

    No worries. I'm legit bummed it hasn't been renewed yet. What I wanted to mention is......I think I hate Klyden. Like maybe even HATE-hate. Almost hoping he suffers an ignominious death.

    Loved season 2 in general, but wasn't a big fan of the season ( please! ), series ( noooooooo! ) finale.

    on 29 April 2019

    I kinda liked the SEASON finale, it was Seth showing he has the chops to do dark and gritty if the need arises, sort of firefly style.

    I think we're meant to hate Klyden but at the same time I kinda view him as say.... a guy who's circumsized, the kids that have that done to them have zero input on the decision but as adults I'vee found it very easy to tell if someone is when it comes to discussing the point because they need to convince others that what happened to their body was the right choice that all should under go, I mean Klyden was born female, as a man he needs to fully back the thoughts that a female moclan is an abomination because if they're allowed to live as women and have a full and happy life then he kinda sees a glimpse of the life that he never got to choose if he had it or not.

    This series has so much potential not just as a 1 and done but potentially as a whole new sci fi franchise, I really hope Fox and Seth grow the project into the potential that's clearly there for the taking.

    on 29 April 2019

    Well, I DID get notification of your post here. Have no idea how I missed it. I'm anxious to comment, but it's very early and I just woke up. So forgive me if my post seems off :).....

    Kylden,....yeah you're probably right be. Although there have been times in between him being portrayed as an ignorant, conniving, life ruining bigot, where he we was kinda just normal again, or even a sympathetic character. Like when Bortus was going through his pornography addiction ( good sci-fi! ), and the smoking episode was hilarious.

    On the one hand, some his more detestable character qualities could be seen as being culturally baked in though indoctrination that begins at birth. One the other hand, he has shown he's capable of betraying the confidence of the person he loves most in service of terrible ideals, and seems incapable of change or critical thought.

    IDK....I just want to hear that season 3 announcement!

    on 08 May 2019

    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    Me and mates chatting about Starfox / lylat wars. Didn't turn out as embarrassing as I thought it would!


    Can hear my wonderful voice !!

    - Vince

    I'll give it a look soon-ish. I'm still battling monsters. And aliens. The aliens control the monsters.

    on 08 April 2019

    cool cool! would be cool if it reaches 50 views :D but yeah I'm the one fighting the cause of Lylat wars.

    on 08 April 2019

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    for anyone on the fence about buying it given the Switchs other main attempt at a sim racing game (gear club unlimited 1+2) I have to say, the Grid Autosport game is absolutely leagues ahead of those 2 titles on the Switch, it's like a game on a next gen machine when looking at the 2 side by side and playing them is just another level of control, codemasters done great. In terms of size /...

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    The Fall of Xbox - Video by Videogamedunkey

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    Azzanation said: Sarkar said: Foot off the pedal? They never had it on the pedal. The initial success 360 enjoyed was all thanks to PS3 releasing a year late at a ridiculous price. If not for that 360 would've done just as badly as everything else MS has released in the consumer market.  Xbox as an entire devision last gen was performing better than Playstation...


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