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    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    Pretty damn cool youtuber's family is crumbling, Shesez or Boundry Break, if anyone is feeling like giving to a good cause.

    < VersusEvil posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Ok, found 2 games you never posted! both Pinball games. Will add and correct your tally when i update tho.

    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    Halp mah forums borked.

    < Bristow9091 posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:


    Just letting you know that I, along with some of the other mods, have spoken to TalonMan about the whole tag situation, and he's put it on his to-do list.

    I'm not 100% sure on what is going to happen, although he does agree that some of the tags seem a little useless, so hopefully, at some point in the future, they'll be removed and we'll be able to trim the fat to just the necessities... I'm sure it'll be made known once it happens, like a thread will be made or something, lol.

    Sound for letting me know Bristow, Sorry if in the thread I was attacking you like "DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!" my comments were more trying to be along the lines of "is this just me? I'm confused lol"

    I do think that the tags are really a useful fast tool, I recall seeing I think it was Mr Khan when I started using this site absolutely put down certain users and telling them outright to stop talking shit and they did because mostly at the time in the thread he was the only one who had any tag on his avatar and that tag meant "STFU" also Khan was known it seemed to be unafraid to swing that hammer of his if people didn't follow his "advice"

    I just think that if the system was more streamlined it could go back to meaning something, rather than just being a spray of random things down an avatar, people with 4+ of them just going on a complete example here VGpolyglot (nothing against the user) but yeah 4 tags.... but I'm not sure any of them mean anything other than DB admin, I'm guessing means he can add or delete pictures from the game database (?) but that's from myself, someone here for 6 years and I look at his avatar and think.... is that someone who has any say on things on this site?

    Good luck getting something sorted though and hopefully it's not fruitless work for Talon if he manages to string something together, I do think a Status idea would be cool like the thing you can get to the right of your name in the profile page, if that was shown somewhere on/around your avatar I think it would give people what they might enjoy with things like Ruepel and such without infringing on that area of the avatar used by moderators / site admins.

    on 24 February 2018

    < Xen posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Hmm... since you obviously know how to do it, how does one embed Youtube videos over here?

    when you're making a reply to something, (has to be a full reply not a quick reply) you see in the lines at the top there is a picture of a video strip thing.

    Here's the thing circled
    If you click that while making a post you should get that pop up box (your browser might disable the popup so you'll have to allow that one in the top right of the address bar on most browsers)

    Just copy the whole youtube URL into that and click Insert, keep in mind that it puts it exactly where your cursor is on the post so I find that if you are starting off a post it's best to put some text in first, then insert the video, as the site can be a pain to put the Video in and then get the text to go above and below it properly.

    on 15 February 2018

    all the other fields in that thing btw, the advanced and dimensions etc, don't change any of them, just let them auto fill, it looks wrong until you post it, but it does work!

    All you need is URL and then insert :)

    (you would never guess I work in IT support would ya?)

    on 15 February 2018

    The whole URL, eh? I remember the old times when the embed codes worked, but yeah... thanks! I had no idea that button was actually of any use. I need it for a thread for later today.

    on 16 February 2018

    Also, I don't need to guess you work in IT support: you mentioned it a few wall posts below I was bored at work and read them.
    ..from that behavior, you would never guess I am a junior firmware engineer. Haha.

    on 16 February 2018

    Hahah, could I ask you the nutritional info for any packs of coffee that might be around your desk and how many ceiling tiles are in your office? :D

    Hope the thing works for ya to embed to your posts though, like I said just as long as you throw a few page breaks into the post before you add the vid to it you'll save yourself a lot of headache.

    Glad I provided an escape for a few mins from the office for ya!


    on 16 February 2018

    I would tell you all about the nutritional value of the coffee, but I think they cut off that method of procrastination and we have actual coffee grinder machines - coffee is taken incredibly seriously over here in Finland: short, Finland is first by coffee consumption, by a landslide :P

    Thanks a lot for helping me out, Vince! Perhaps you could add something to that thread I mentioned:


    on 19 February 2018

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    Gen 1 had the worst Pokémon, in my opinion

    in Nintendo Discussion 18 hours ago

    Flilix said: Gen 3 > Gen 6 > Gen 4 > Gen 7 > Gen 2 > Gen 1 > Gen 5 Gen 1 might be the least creative, but gen 5 had way more boring and forgettable Pokémon. for the monster design... but don't forget that Generation 1 basically started everything of a billion+ dollar franchise, on a god damn 4mhz processor running on 4 AA batteries lol, today you gift...

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    Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version announced for Switch, launches this coming week

    in Nintendo Discussion 18 hours ago

    I would like to point out that Microsoft with the Xbox promised for years of more xbox 360s raining from the cloud into the X1 but instead abandoned that idea and went with selling its users a more powerful xbox 1 x instead as the cloud wasn't going to end up being practical.... Did anyone imagine Capcom / Nintendo would be delivering cloud games on the Switch like this? I certainly didn't so...

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    Gen 1 had the worst Pokémon, in my opinion

    in Nintendo Discussion 21 hours ago

    Ka-pi96 said: Barkley said: It's because you're not blinded by nostalgia. Fixed that for you. A lot of the gen 1/2 mons really are just incredibly uninspired and boring. Take off the nostalgia goggles and you can see that. you have to take into account that the OP was -5 years old when Gen one was a thing, by the time he was old enough to walk/talk/post on the...


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