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    < Kerotan posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Apparently it's not OK for mcgregor to trash talk khabibs family but it's OK for khabib to call mcgregors grandfather a traitor who killed his own people xD

    It's like I said, Conor is more WWE than he is UFC at this stage, he is a version of his own personality turned up to 11 to get the crowd entertained / angry at him so they'll buy the ppvs and watch him fight / get maimed.

    Don't work yourself into a shoot brother comes to mind when I see people getting annoyed by him to the levels that some do, also.... me and my flat mate tried to have a trash talk session which didn't include anything to do with family, background, race or religion... it was pretty tame and by that I mean... it revolved around fav foods / drinks... and I don't think a single person in the universe would buy a ppv to watch us fight after it :D

    on 17 October 2018

    < COKTOE posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    I'm truly sorry Ganon. I was nothing less than a total asshole to you. The timing of everything was atrocious. You're one of my favorite people on here. That's why I message you on PSN with pictures of my sock feet and musings on technology.

    in relation to the Fortnite stuff is it? Honestly I think it's just one of those things where you seem to dislike the game to the point where anything about it isn't going to have value, and honestly I do appreciate that view of things but at the same time I just wasn't going to go into the nitty gritty of why certain things had value to people who play that thing.

    It would be like trying to convince an alien why dollars have less value than euros :D when he is just trying to put ketchup on you and eat you.... I didn't wanna get eaten!

    on 04 October 2018

    It's not about any of that shit. It's about the tone I took.

    on 04 October 2018

    After crunching my Sciatic nerve in between some vertibre as well so my time sitting down isn't exactly my happy time now... unless I'm playing Paladins and frying people as my lightning Orc.

    So I'm just saying I could equally have explained more my lack of desire to answer rhetorical questions but aye.... one of my favourite hobbies now hurts me to do, sucks.

    on 04 October 2018

    Don't worry about it, no harm done though I just played my normal card of "backs away slowly from argument" it works pretty well for me most of the time especially in things like Fortnite, I should point out, considering I've a Switch with several titles (10 or so) entering the 100 hours mark, fortnite for me barely reached double digits.

    I enjoy it and see the appeal but equally it's not something which appeals to me in a long term way, there is no ranked, no story, no real progression other than cosmetic items, it ticks very few of my boxes for a good game ... for me, but I appreciate what they've created is a very good game, it's just not my kinda good game, if that makes sense.

    on 04 October 2018

    :Don't worry about it" is the most important thing you said bud.

    on 04 October 2018

    Ugh. That link is ugly, lol

    on 04 October 2018

    < theprof00 posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    jeez i was making a joke big guy.

    :D I could tell, was just strange seeing you pop up in the necro'd thread after months when it was just randomly popped to the top, I'm not sure why but I pictured you having a batphone type thing going off that someone posted about her after reading that other comment towards you.

    Thread got locked but wasn't meant as a serious jab Prof sorry if you took it as that, air pretty tense around here of late!!

    on 27 June 2018

    Oh lol, you're so right. I've been gone for a while and yeah the site just seems super hostile recently, and then I didn't see you as my friend so I thought you unfriended me. But it seems I'm being paranoid...which confirms to me that my theory on onion being recruited to the spaceforce in lieu of a stint in county for videocard larceny, going back in time using mars' gravitational fields to create a mandelaeffect alt user, is just a symptom of that paranoia.

    on 27 June 2018

    Maybe Onionberry is actually Trump? Have we ever seen her perfectly round bum and him in the same place?


    I can't imagine why she left here XD to be fair, you show 1,000 or so nerds an ass like that... everyone saving that pic, just saying.

    on 27 June 2018

    < COKTOE posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    I have one more question: Do I have to beat the regular bosses again in new game+ to fight them? As I mentioned, I got the obel for the first boss. The giude seems to indicate that you need to, but that was in reference to the 1st playthrough. Just want make sure my ducks are in row.

    I just went ahead and started killing the regular bosses again, because why not?

    on 19 June 2018

    yeah, in the castle you are looking at getting the remix bosses the normal version has to be dead.

    Since it changes the doorway to the remix one if you were to change a boss from normal to remix it could stop some people getting further into the new game + since you can continue to make the game harder that way forever but some of those remix bosses will take you a long time to get down.

    on 19 June 2018

    < COKTOE posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    So, I've been playing Rouge Legacy for the past few weeks. Pretty amazing game IMO. Then it hit me today: Was that video of Ganoncrotch's that I watched some time ago from Rogue Legacy? Saw one of your posts, then your sig, and yes, yes it was. In new game plus right now, and have yet to fight any remix bosses.

    I think it's probably one of my favorite games of all times just for the fact that unless you get 3 absolutely worthless offspring you can pretty much bring any character through as much of the game as your mastery of the controls allows.

    Did actually throw together a very basic how to video on getting to a remix, it doesn't have to be new game + that only effects the normal enemies and bosses. So you just need to keep searching those pray shrines after you have a boss of the 4 defeated and then die to return that to Charon .

    on 19 June 2018

    Delighted to hear you enjoying it though, really hope it gets a switch port sometime, not just to have it portable since I have the Vita version platinumed but just to have an excuse to give them more money for it :D

    on 19 June 2018

    Oh my. I had a rough idea about what needed to be done to access the Remix Bosses, but didn't know the full process. And the game hands the player a random character to use? Yikes. I'd give your vid a like, buy cannot, as I was permabanned from Youtube 6 days ago. Here's a lifehack: DON"T upload hardcore pornography to your Youtube channel. You might get banned for life.

    on 19 June 2018

    I wish I had followed the roadmap at playstationtrophies. I already beat the game, so I assume that the already difficult remix bosses will now be even more difficult in new game plus. Dammit. Also I got the obol for the castle boss, but as I've yet to defeat it in new game plus, I have to beat it again to fight it? Jesus, I should have paid closer attention.

    on 19 June 2018

    No no the remix bosses are always the same, the champ you get always has the same abilities and they're always the same level and difficulty, so you can't out level them.

    It's why I'm so happy with the zero damage taken kill of the remixed Ponce de freon

    on 19 June 2018

    That's great news! I was seriously bummed that I may have made things more difficult. Guides are often strict, so I assumed the worst. Thanks for the help Ganon. :)

    on 19 June 2018

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    Wanna predict how much the Switch will sell?

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    mZuzek said: Mnementh said: I think that was a joke Wait, who's Link? You know Link... full name is Chain Link Fence, he's the main character of Metal Gear Survive!...

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    Nintendo Switch 2019 First party Lineup speculation

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    Softening Gel.... what about hardening pills? ...


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