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< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

I just read your post in the Skylanders thread: "I'm 31 and I've played all three games with my wife." Sounds exactly like me, down to the age!

My wife and I just wrapped up Swap Force. Trap Team should arrive in a few days :)

We're both pretty damn busy atm and while the thought of being able to catch and use Kaos in the new game is class I think for the sake of both our courses we will probably not get Trap Team until Xmas break.... then never go back after the new year :D

What did you think of the last boss of Swap force btw? going into the portal I thought was a cool idea but it'd prolly freak out some kids that the boss is trying to get at um.

Dunno what it is about that game series but I got the original one as a gift for my better half, she had just seen some adverts for it, but yeah after we found out how good the co-op was in the first one she got me into it.... then I got it for a nephew of mine and now my brother and his wife have gotten into it too (for their son of course lol)

Cool to hear there are more people around here who can overlook the fact that a game is marketted towards a younger age and just enjoy it for the ton of work which has gone into such a great and funny dungeon crawler.

on 05 October 2014

Just came here to say that I also play Skylanders. ^^
I am only 19 years old, but still!
That also counts, right? :D

on 05 October 2014

Yeah, it's great to have a co-op game I can play with the missus. Hyrule Warriors has been great on that front, also.

I thought that boss battle was very clever. Reminded me a little of Psycho Mantis, breaking the fourth wall and all.

@RGE: that counts! :-D

on 05 October 2014

Cool thing I find with skylanders is it's pretty much a diablo clone type gameplay, but each figure is a class for the game so there is going to be a figure in game that every one loves, Ever since Spyros adventure I was hooked on Gill Grunt, have S2 of him now and the Anchors away version from Swap Force, my better half actually made me a plush of him for my birthday last year.

Was well happy a few weeks back, was in a local pawn store and found a Sunburn in there, was the last of the original 32 that we were missing so now have the complete first series, found a Gnarly Tree Rex in the same place too, was a good find.

on 05 October 2014

awesome to hear there are more Skylander fans on here mr Gaming Expert btw, considering the series made over $2billion in revenue I guess it would be weird if a lot of the community here hadn't at least played it somewhere.

on 05 October 2014

< I3LuEI3omI3eR posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

What were your names in the DC PSO and the NGC PSO?

Would you believe I only ever played the game offline, I think I tried the only once on the DC version of it with very little success, (eu dc came with a 28k modem in it) but that was why I loved the GC version of 1+2 so much, the 4 player split screen co-op was fantastic even if it was hindered a bit by the GC only having 2 mem cards with 4 ports for controllers lol.

on 01 October 2014

Whoa! That's a shame! Our came with a 56k. in the states! Still the Story Mode was pretty Solid to hold it up though. It always puzzled me why PSO for DC only was one player... even VER. 2 was If I recall. And the transfer between Memory Cards to play Multiplayer in GC was annoying, but it still didn't stop us from having epic duels! ;-)

on 01 October 2014

< eFKac posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

Hey man, an amazing new sale on PSN EU, bump that awesome thread of yours getting a lot of games from this one

wow.... that just hit me right in the psn wallet. So much temptation there and I just got myself that Tekken 6 / Soul Calibur bundle... filled my damn stick up, definately need to invest in something bigger than 16gb.

on 24 September 2014

< RolStoppable posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

I think he will be back soon.

aye, it seems like it's just a bad reaction to someone telling him go away, He'll feel stupid about it in a week and come back no doubt.

on 04 July 2014

I think it's a joke. He probably has something else to do this weekend, so he used this opportunity to make an admittedly kinda sick joke.

on 04 July 2014

I wouldn't say mod team would like to be the tools for a stupid joke like that tbh, they'll prolly slap him with a proper ban for doing it lol, flamebaiting n whatnot

on 04 July 2014

Check his wall. The ban has been changed from permanent to August 3rd. Looks like he will be gone for a month, not just a week.

on 04 July 2014

< Turkish posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

They totally need to bring out a game that takes advantage of the rain lol :P

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Bullshots VS. In-game graphics comparison

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

JoeAncelotti said: Still some amazing graphics. At least it's nowhere near the horrible bullshots from Watch Dogs. Now I'm hoping for the gameplay to be much better too and I'm a happy guy. That whole E3 trailer.... maybe next gen? :D...

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Bullshots VS. In-game graphics comparison

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

tbh there are differences but in comparison to the bullshots from Forza/Gran Turismo no game will ever ever compete with them :D @mr slob it just looks completely flat, (the carpet) even the points where light beams are shining on what should be ripples up from it the light is not being effected by the bumps on it, breaks the illusion that you aren't looking at the super realistic floor seen...

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity – Bullshots VS. In-game graphics comparison

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

daredevil.shark said: ganoncrotch said: daredevil.shark said:Cant post the pics. Please check the site. You can see the difference. That upper left corner of the "interior" after shot... jesus it looks like GTA3 interior quality. Why dont they get sued? I dont care how it looks. But showing one thing and later giving different thing is fraud. Would be...


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