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    < Xen posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Hmm... since you obviously know how to do it, how does one embed Youtube videos over here?

    when you're making a reply to something, (has to be a full reply not a quick reply) you see in the lines at the top there is a picture of a video strip thing.

    Here's the thing circled
    If you click that while making a post you should get that pop up box (your browser might disable the popup so you'll have to allow that one in the top right of the address bar on most browsers)

    Just copy the whole youtube URL into that and click Insert, keep in mind that it puts it exactly where your cursor is on the post so I find that if you are starting off a post it's best to put some text in first, then insert the video, as the site can be a pain to put the Video in and then get the text to go above and below it properly.

    3 days ago

    all the other fields in that thing btw, the advanced and dimensions etc, don't change any of them, just let them auto fill, it looks wrong until you post it, but it does work!

    All you need is URL and then insert :)

    (you would never guess I work in IT support would ya?)

    3 days ago

    The whole URL, eh? I remember the old times when the embed codes worked, but yeah... thanks! I had no idea that button was actually of any use. I need it for a thread for later today.

    2 days ago

    Also, I don't need to guess you work in IT support: you mentioned it a few wall posts below I was bored at work and read them.
    ..from that behavior, you would never guess I am a junior firmware engineer. Haha.

    2 days ago

    Hahah, could I ask you the nutritional info for any packs of coffee that might be around your desk and how many ceiling tiles are in your office? :D

    Hope the thing works for ya to embed to your posts though, like I said just as long as you throw a few page breaks into the post before you add the vid to it you'll save yourself a lot of headache.

    Glad I provided an escape for a few mins from the office for ya!


    2 days ago

    < VersusEvil posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    What the hell is Shoge !! Dragon?

    Also when did it release? 0-o

    on 11 February 2018

    I made a post in the thread, they're Japanese eshop games, sorry if I didn't state that when I made the post, was just doing a recap on the number of games I had and it looks like I'm missing a few from counts, guessing you read some of my posts and just thought I was on drugs :D

    shockingly own 42 third party games after just a year of the system being out, love that lil beasty.

    on 11 February 2018

    I'll look at my spreadsheet and see why you're short by quite abit.

    6 days ago

    I went back through the thread and using your updates, ive added everything up to the end of Janurary which accounts for 34 listed games (You have 2 listed in January, Touch Tank and Shige Dragon). If i add your current Feb updates it brings me to 39 ... so im still 3 short :(

    Could you list here or through pm what games you've bought this year. Thanks.

    6 days ago

    Sorry VersusEvil I might well have forgotten to add some title, sometimes I just take the Switch to bed with me and go buying games while half asleep lol, I recently went to buy steamworld dig 2 only to find I already owned it for months now :D

    my 42 are
    1 - Picross S
    2 - Rocket League
    3 - Frederic Resurection of music
    4 - Frederic 2
    5 - King Oddball
    6 - Shou ou Dragon
    7 - Touch Battle Tanks SP
    8 - Golf Story
    9 - The Bridge
    10 - The Sparkle 2 Evo
    11 - Minecraft
    12 - Sonic Mania
    13 - Volgarr the Viking
    14 - Stern Pinball Arcade
    15 - Doom
    16 - Graceful Explosion Machine
    17 - World of Goo
    18 - Pinball FX3
    19 - Mighty Gundam Burst
    20 - Skyrim
    21 - The flame in the flood
    22 - Oxenfree
    23 - Wonderboy The Dragons Trap
    24 - Human Resource Machine
    25 - Fast RMX
    26 - Steamworld Dig 2
    27 - Axiom Verge
    28 - Bomberman
    29 - Puyo puyo Tetris (ranked number 1 in Ireland online yaaaaaay)
    30 - Disgaea 5 Complete
    31 - Shantae : Half Genie Hero
    32 - Retro City Rampage DX
    33 - Snipperclips
    34 - Bulbboy
    35 - SnakePass
    36 - TumbleSeed
    37 - I am Setsuna
    38 - Shovel Knight Treasure Trove
    39 - Little Inferno
    40 - Thumper
    41 - Lego City undercover
    42 - Skylanders Imaginators

    5 days ago

    Thanks :) I'll see what's missing from the thread later.

    5 days ago

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Hey man, what’s new? What games are you playing these days?

    Yo Vek

    Was playing a load of Rocket League on the Switch, have it on the ps4 forever but never really got into it, but found the Switch version cool since again I have it everywhere so I actually got doing some ranked play, started at the ass end of Bronze 1 and over 60 hours of play I clawed my way up to Silver 3 just on the cusp of Gold league.... but almost every other game seems to have a troll or a leaver on my team so I think I'll take a bit away from it.

    Also decided to finally start on Diablo 3 which was still sealed for the X360 since launch on my shelf of shame so I got to work on that, completed act one in a single sitting and now I'd wager I'm about half way through the second one thanks to a fairly terrible chest infection stopping me from doing pretty much anything else, Just layed out on the couch with my X360 feeding into my projector in my new flat, feels pretty cool to finally have the space to make use of that, over 100inches of game can't really be beat by normal TVs.

    Works going cool still, hoping between the odd few classes teaching (as a sub) and my normal IT support role at my training centre, looking at another job interview next Tuesday which would be more hours... sort of very torn on it since it would mean getting more money... but also limit my ability to travel and I'm sort of after completely falling for someone in the UK so it would have a very bad impact on that if I did get the job, although at this stage it does seem like I'll have to bow out as my chest infection means I sound like a rusty door when I try to talk... not good and possibly infectious would be a bad idea to attend a job interview I think, I know one of the other 4 guys going for it too, really great friend of mine and would be delighted to see him land the spot if I don't go for it.

    but... yeah.... that's how I am!
    Would have replied earlier but wanted to reply more than just "all good yo"

    - Vince

    on 04 February 2018

    Wow that is a lot!

    I hope you feel better, man. That sounds like a nasty infection :/

    I gotta get back into Rocket League myself. I sold my PS4 copy to prepare for the Switch version, but still have not picked it up.

    on 05 February 2018

    Ah my PS4 copy was gifted to me from the good folks at PSN+ so there is no returning it (not that I ever trade in games though) but aye for the price it's rather great value on switch, like I've said in a few threads on here though, in comparison to the ps4 version it is a very low resolution while playing in handheld mode... that said it's absolutely damn near flawlessly 60fps and a sheer joy to play while waiting for a train or so (my switch lives tethered to my phones data plan in my pocket)

    Chest pains turned out to be.... Glorious! was told by the doc to not go to work as my resting heartbeat is close to 100bpm as my body tries to pump white blood cell filled blood to the area... but fuck it, was needed at work tonight so went in anyway! loaded up on steroids, antibiotics and painkillers, night was perfect lol, what I recall of it.

    on 05 February 2018

    < Aeolus451 posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Did ya watch that vid yet? Just curious.

    watched the first 20 mins of it and she made it through reviewing the first 2 lines of another persons review of the show, clicked to 40 mins and she is reviewing another persons youtube review of the show....

    Had to stop there, can't stand that fake outrage noise she does, it's a TV show not the end of the world I would have a hard time putting up with any of my friends talking to me in this way so impassioned that you shout about how she doesn't understand that showrunner means the main character of a show, Uhura often had episodes where she didn't have a spoken word of dialogue if she was even in the background on the bridge.

    Legit I like discussion but what she is doing is throwing a tantrum about it like a child and not even about the show for the first 40 mins of that 2 hour long video, she is reviewing other peoples reviews, could barely care about her opinion of the show but that length of time hearing about her talking about other peoples thoughts on the show... Lord no.

    In the RLM video they mention the orville's critical reviews, they show a picture of the rotten tomatoes score and a slide whistle sound effect going down, less than 2 seconds of a clip. wanted to self harm watching that.

    on 02 October 2017

    The tone of the vid is inconsistent and what's going on in one point is different than other points. Her vid was really a long winded explanation everything she hates about it. She used some other people's vids to explain her grievances and she shows alot of content from earlier shows to explain her points about the klingons and vulcans.

    She's a big trekkie fan. She can even speak vulcan lol. I listened to her vid while a playing a game and messing around on the forum so I was able to listen/watch the whole thing. She brings up some good points in spite of her anger over it. This isn't her normal content and she's not emotional in any of it. She's a college trained intellectual type of youtuber who makes vids about social issues and politics.

    on 02 October 2017

    She comes across absolutely terribly then in this video, at the point I flicked forward to her reviewing the guys youtube video she was taking digs at his physical appearance as a way of rebuttal to his points about the show. I had to stop watching then, there is no way to condone that as being constructive.

    on 03 October 2017

    Yeah, she's not a reviewer or pretend to be. She's a super trekkie and she was just describing why she didn't like it as a fan. Her normal content is completely different.
    I watched several different reviews or reactions to STD and I like her's the best because she breaks down and shows clips from the show and the old shows to explain her points rather than just talk about it. I'm not a fan of star trek in general so I guess that's why I like her approach in spite of the angry ranting.

    on 03 October 2017

    At what point in the 2+ hour long video does her actual review start?

    on 03 October 2017

    lol it's kind of a review and kind of a rant.

    on 03 October 2017

    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    So..... Spent the weekend in a Coma.

    What did I miss!!

    Ka-pi96 hates bears now.

    on 01 August 2017


    Legit... I got that wrong in the hospital, thought it was 2016, fucking wish it was, coulda went into the NX prediction threads and blown people away with what might have happened lol.

    on 01 August 2017

    Were you really hurt then? Damn. Hope you recover quickly. I wish it was 1989.

    on 01 August 2017

    I went for a nap.... woke up the following day in Hospital after passing into a deep hypoglycemic coma, heart and breathing had stopped for a bit during the night so... that was fun, now got the next 2 weeks of bruised rib cage to deal with from chest compression's, but heck, I'm alive... and there is a new season of F is for Family to sit and enjoy.

    Joked with mates that as a tribute to Romero's passing I'm now officially a Zombie :D

    on 03 August 2017

    Holy moly. So is this a pre-existing condition like sleep apnea? I have 2 friends who use the apnea breathing mask. One who needs it to eliminate possibly dying in his sleep, and another who uses it although his condition isn't as precarious. At any rate, best of luck man.

    on 03 August 2017

    Thank you kindly! The existing condition is type 1 diabetes, never have issues with sleeping but having taken a combo of too much exercise and insulin then going to lay down for a nap I basically drained away the glucose that my brain needed to function and it just passed off into a coma for about 8 hours until I was woken in the hospital with a glycagen injection or two.

    Was like a scary nightmare, I was sure I was dreaming with people around me shouting my name and stabbing me... I was just out of it completely.

    on 04 August 2017

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