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< RolStoppable posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

I think he will be back soon.

aye, it seems like it's just a bad reaction to someone telling him go away, He'll feel stupid about it in a week and come back no doubt.

on 04 July 2014

I think it's a joke. He probably has something else to do this weekend, so he used this opportunity to make an admittedly kinda sick joke.

on 04 July 2014

I wouldn't say mod team would like to be the tools for a stupid joke like that tbh, they'll prolly slap him with a proper ban for doing it lol, flamebaiting n whatnot

on 04 July 2014

Check his wall. The ban has been changed from permanent to August 3rd. Looks like he will be gone for a month, not just a week.

on 04 July 2014

< Turkish posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

They totally need to bring out a game that takes advantage of the rain lol :P

< Pezzilla posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

add me XBL: consolerepairs or Psn Jess_themess

would I take it from that XBL name and what you said in the thread btw that you fix consoles? like... I've not got any damaged atm but tis good to know someone in Ireland knows the ins and outs of system repairs since I have a launch model Xbox which is now 6 years out of warrenty :D

on 12 April 2014

< ganoncrotch updated his status:

Thank you Harvey normans for the biggest fuck up in pricing ever lol, there are multiple copies because they're across the way from a gamestop... and I now have 210euros of gamestop store credit.

< aviggo77 posted something on ganoncrotch's wall:

dont say that i started it all.nintentacle gave me the creeps to earn points

I dunno what it is about them but I really just get upset by wasted opportunities for a thread to have a lasting conversation the way you churn them out, especially considering that on VGchartz cloned threads are not appreciated and you covered everything from good char/bad char/ best console/ worst / dlc / endings / difficulty in a matter of days if people were to follow the rules and not make dupe threads you have basically locked down every category possible to start a thread on for open discussion.

In a facebook move... you now have 79 friends on the site instead of 80, not a fan of that sort of posting for points at all, I don't see it adding to the site. I'm sorry if that comes across harsh, it's just not my thing at all.

on 10 March 2014

Started what? When you make threads specifically for points, I would suggest to do something that is a relevant topic like Titanfall, gaming news, rumors, good enough articles, Wii U's doom, or something original that people can debate about.

on 10 March 2014

2 threads started in the last 30 mins, 1 if you play on handhelds or Consoles and the other of what game you play the most? its just shit that people are going to enter and post in thinking that there is going to be a discussion and there isn't going to be one. It's just the hourly thing of what popped into your head that might get some replies in a thread, Like I said I try to be civil to everyone on here but this creating shit threads for the sake of meaningless points is absolutely horrible.

on 10 March 2014

Don't make new posts on my wall, you can add to stuff you already made and not spam with new threads and posts to ask questions in the same topic.

Doesn't matter what you do with your threads, I'm not a moderator on here and other than report threads with no content at all I'm just a concerned reader/poster on this site that's all. If you really can't think of anything else to add to threads which you've made just a little over an hour ago then perhaps make threads which are less vague and that you can actually have a proper discussion on the topic you created?

I don't know maybe it's just me being odd, looking over your threads a lot of the same people seem to post in them a few times and not care so I guess you're entertaining some people with stuff, just not my cup of tea.

on 10 March 2014

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Teenage Girl Shoots Man Dead Over PS4

in Sony Discussion 7 hours ago

Was a cop killed here recently (Ireland) in a botched robbery that was for under 100euros.... It's tragic that people spend money on guns to kill and steal less than the value of the weapon....

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Sonic The Hedgehog X Monster Hunter!

in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

wtf is that...

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I guess I have two kids in another state that I have to relinquish my rights to...

in Politics Discussion 23 hours ago

At this stage I would start by cutting off your penis, as for the kids you have to do what's best for the children who are yours, if the others are going into foster care it would maybe be best to just allow the state to take care of them. I don't mean to sound mean to you but if you have cash issues getting a lawyer for legal help then you probably couldn't provide the same lvl of care that the...


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