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    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    Hmmmm PSN account hacked it would seem, middle of watching a youtube video and get a "another PS4 has signed in with your account" find that whoever managed to log into the account deactivated all my devices and activated their PS4 on it.

    Class that Sony have a 6 month cooldown on the ability to do that so I have to wait til customer support wakes up before I can boot the hackers PS4 off my account, pretty fucking annoyed right now.

    Did you play that one MMO game on PS4?

    on 23 August 2016

    < Angelus posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Ya no I'm done with that thread, thanks lol. But ya, circle jerk was the wrong wording there, just ment he kept circling to and from the same two entirely different arguments over and over

    Yeah I was just taking a look back at his posts after you said it lol was trying to find out who his partner in jerking was :D think you definitely need two to do... that! haha

    on 08 August 2016

    I guess on his own you're just calling him a wanker :D

    on 08 August 2016

    You never know these days man....somebody might have two xD

    But ya, he was getting on my nerves

    on 08 August 2016

    Thread is a bit weird tbh, I was just blown away by the cost of either version, I love buying games but couldn't imagine buying a single title for almost €200 but I guess it's just there for nuts fans of the series.

    That said I've had a wow sub for 10 years with 5 €40 expansions comes to €1,760 over the last decade!

    on 08 August 2016

    Completely right option btw if someone is being annoying, just tip the hat and leave the thread, far easier I find to do that myself than have a mod drag you out of the conversation if it gets more heated with back and forths.

    on 08 August 2016

    Ya personally I'm most collectors edition for the same reason. They seem to keep getting pricier all the time for no real reason. There's something to actually complain about.

    The only one I've ever bought that extends beyond a simple steel case limited edition was the Witcher 3 CE, because I just love that franchise and they way CDPR does business, so I really wanted to show them some extra love. Plus the stuff was pretty cool.

    But I know lots of people love collector editions, so I mean if they get more options for getting them the way they want in whatever package suits them Nothing wrong with that

    on 08 August 2016

    Personally I'm not into most*
    Is what I meant to say

    on 08 August 2016

    Yeah and like others have said there are pros to the packing of it like that too, if you got the game digitally is the main one in 2016 I'd say.

    I've gotten a few CE's too for games I loved, Forza4 was one for sure and Dead Rising 2 for the awesome art book with Forza and the Syringe/Pen with Dead Rising.

    When CE's have cool things included I'll often consider it, but for €200.... you could get a console for that price, it's nuts.

    on 08 August 2016

    Ya it's pretty nuts lol

    But hey I guess enough of us are suckers and shell out the big bucks for our toys xD

    on 08 August 2016

    to be honest with ya... it's like the case of the CDproject red for you, if we like what the devs do for us, then we're going to vote and thank them with our wallets.

    Still not sure I could like a dev enough to give them a month of my rent for a single title.

    on 08 August 2016

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    Keep fighting the good fight in the handheld thread!

    It's sort of one of those things though where like... people have just made up their mind about it and it's unlikely to change which is just a big shame in ways.

    Heck I'll play a video game on anything if it's an enjoyable experience I just don't understand firstly people who would turn their back on a great game just because it is on a certain platform or secondly how they would come into a thread about it and post feelings as though they are facts such as "companies don't like handhelds so I don't" but.... games companies are non stop pumping out titles on those platforms because of the install base and obviously lower cost of production which comes with creating non 1080p games which they can still sell for €50.

    Feelings are lovely and all that... as long as they're posted as feelings. Facts, numbers and publishers support isn't something you can feelings your way around though... or maybe some people can, I have a feeling they might ^^

    on 30 July 2016

    I've wasted my morning on this... I feel genuinely sad, I could have been doing something constructive :<

    on 30 July 2016

    Or even not constructive, I could have been sat on my couch talking to my 2 cats about how handhelds are relevant to those who play them and those who make and buy games on them.... at least my cats would have appreciated me talking to them during this time.

    on 30 July 2016


    Well you impressed me. And notice how no one is replying to you. They've got no legitimate comeback.

    Honestly the more I think about it the more I think handheld gaming is better than ever, or at least the ratio of great handheld games to great console games is better than ever before. I look at my list of top 8th gen games and many of them are PSV/3DS games.

    Also, I'm glad you're a cat person too :-)

    on 30 July 2016

    So are my cats! Little bastards, we're currently looking for a new place and so far the majority of them just hang up when we mention having 2 of the little fuckers. People hear cat and think of some Bengali tiger ripping up furniture but in reality our two little beasts are about as active as your average couch cushion and perfectly happy with that.

    But yeah I love handhelds just as much as I do all gaming platforms, it's just another portal into the glorious escape that is video games for me. Even if I'm using the Vita for remote play to enjoy my PS4 in bed, I'm not rating one machine higher than the other because both are a part of my gaming enjoyment.

    on 30 July 2016

    That Gif of Whoa Dave was fairly cheap of me... I think that was the lowest budget PS4 title ever made lol :D still though, it was a psn+ title a few months back and actually made me feel ill watching it on my big HD tv haha.

    on 30 July 2016

    Well, the point is a good game is a good game is a good game. And I just don't buy into the thesis that more power translates to better games. When developers actually leverage modern tech for new gaming experiences, e.g. the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor or 8-player local multiplayer in Smash Bros., it's wonderful. But all too often new tech is just used for prettier graphics and shinier God rays. For me that's a waste of time and resources. Part of the reason 3DS/Vita games are so dear to me is that many of them are humble from a technical perspective but ambitious from a game design perspective, when many so-called AAA console games are just the opposite.

    Sermon over ;-)

    on 30 July 2016

    The SNES is always my go to point for the Power > Everything speech, a 2.79mhz processor bought us Mario World, Yoshis Island, A link to the Past, Final Fantasy 6, Secret of Evermore/Mana, ChronoTrigger, Illusions of Time(gaia), Super Street Fighter 2, I mean there is just so many fantastic experiences to be had.... all running on a CPU you wouldn't trust to keep track of the time on your Microwave now.

    And yeah at the opposite end of the spectrum you have things like the Order which just tries to use phenomenal graphics power to hide the fact that it is the gaming equivalent of dangling a set of keys over a toddler, absolutely zero substance, just shiny keys.

    I'm not saying that I'm a retro nut and don't love a good crazy detailed game, heck I have a 11 minute drive club replay which I love to bits and it's just me driving a F40 in pitch black snow storm in the alps... it's just a wonderland of shiny keys dangling above my waving arms. And the likes of Rocket league while simple still look amazingly nice thanks to the power in the PS4 which can also run the game smoothly in 4 player split screen.

    on 30 July 2016

    The first Mario Kart, Starwing and Doom... would have felt bad to forget those SNES classics. Although if there was more juice under the hood then starwing might have had a framerate in the double digits area :D

    on 30 July 2016

    Seriously.... I think my cats might have a better understanding of Maths as well than the people in that thread, think that's about the limit on how much time I'm willing to waste there.

    on 31 July 2016

    You've done more than your fair share. You deserve a vacation from that thread.

    on 31 July 2016

    or VGChartz :S

    on 31 July 2016

    As long as it's not a permanent vacation! We need you!

    on 31 July 2016

    Some people seem to think Goodnightmoon is me though so it's fine :D you have a substitute, the salt is real.
    Easily one of the stupidest back and forths I've had on here but I'm sort of seeing the funny side to it, just always annoying if someone focuses on one line from a post which was 10 mins in the making, like I said earlier "waste of time" sad when it happens even worse when it happens because that person thinks I'm someone else that done the same to him earlier in the thread.

    on 31 July 2016

    Well your names both start with a "G."

    I mean, you kind of asked for it.

    on 31 July 2016

    I am a monster :<

    on 31 July 2016

    Like I said though I did actually have to take a note of that, just not to spend more than a single line or two on replies to someone who is going to just reply to a single thing, was sad that I couldn't send a message to myself on here with the name but just took a note of it elsewhere.

    I like my time more than to waste it like that.

    on 31 July 2016

    Now I've been pulled in! This thread is evil.

    on 01 August 2016

    At least I got an apology :< but still feel daft with the not understanding of what I meant by smaller by a factor of 6, had meant it in terms of both dimensions but guess I could have been clearer, still to have a post which took that long reduced to, "but that part was wrong though" just annoyed the piss outta me.

    The thing about that thread as a whole though is so many people have an opinion on it even though they might not have played a handheld in years or bothered to give it the time of day if they did play it.

    I just took my time yesterday to go to the store instead and bought 5 new vita games for myself lol.

    Fucking hell btw, buyers remorse instantly, Tetris ultimate on the Vita, absolutely awful port of that game, should have known really when it was made by Ubisoft but sad that game was so shallow compared to Tetris DS, so sad they took down the online service from the DS, that game was so good.

    on 01 August 2016

    Tetris DS is such a great game!

    on 01 August 2016

    The online of that was soooo amazing while it was up must have played into the thousands of games of Tetris against people all over the world.
    Tetris ultimate on the Vita I've yet to encounter another player to play online, even with the game on sale there just isn't any online community it seems, shame really since the game is featureless without people to play. Waste of €6.99 :s

    on 01 August 2016

    < SolidSnack posted something on Ganoncrotch's wall:

    If you are interested in any sci-fi novels, I can recommend a few.

    < Ganoncrotch updated his status:

    Me having a fairly slow creep through the Resident Evil 7 demo, no voice over, just the game sounds, didn't want to ruin it with me whimpering or pretending to for comedy value.

    Great Demo Though, can't wait for the full game.

    It looks really good, I think I would be to scared to play it in VR, VR makes even games with pong like graphics terrifying somehow.

    on 18 July 2016

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    What will the NX be called, Prediction Thread!

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