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< d21lewis Couldn't decide if I wanted Call of Duty to play with my friends on Xbox One or PS4 and one of my
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< RolStoppable posted something on d21lewis's wall:

My Shin Megami Tensei IV review is up, but you have to find it yourself.

Oh, and I ordered Batman. The Arkham City one, I think. Not sure when I am going to play it though. Ordered three other games along with it, plus Hyrule Warrriors DLC this week. Batman has the lowest priority of the bunch.

< d21lewis updated his status:

Couldn't decide if I wanted Call of Duty to play with my friends on Xbox One or PS4 and one of my friends decided for me. Gave me a copy of the PS4 version!

Now, I just have to finish Bayonetta and Sunset Overdrive so I can have time to play it.

I bought 13 games today and my backlog is likely at least 100 games even without those... I feel ya! :P

on 15 November 2014

< d21lewis updated his status:

Assassin's Creed Unity

Available now!

Learn more.

< RolStoppable posted something on d21lewis's wall:

How do I power up my weapons? Or what is a good accessory for that matter? I don't like any of the descriptions.

You know, that's important. It's the difference between a 4 and an 8.

Just fired up my 360. I have Selene's Light and Immortal Marionette. Not sure how much you have to play to unlock them, tho.

For your first play through, stock up on yellow lollipops and bloody rose lollipops. Invincibility and boosted attack power. Experiment with different weapon combinations and most importantly, activate Witch Time and use combos that end with a powerful attack (wicked weave).

You keep acquiring new weapons but they don't really upgrade. The sword and Durga have pretty powerful attacks if you hit an enemy once and then hold down the X button to power up their attacks.

on 01 November 2014

The Immortal Marionette will split combo points in half on normal difficulty and higher, because it allows you to look like a good player by holding down an attack button. I guess I asked the wrong person for help. Also, items result in a penalty for the chapter rank.

on 01 November 2014

You shouldn't get those items any time soon, though. You'll probably best the game once or twice before they pop up. At that point, you'll be playing for fun.

With the items, you're just trying to survive. Selene's Light doesn't really have any drawbacks. It will just trigger witch time if your timing is off. Do you want high scores or do you want to beat the game, or both?

For high scores, just don't get hit and use combos. In other words, matter the game. It's skill based for people that want high scores and easy for people that just want to see the ending.

on 01 November 2014

I'm using Swype on my phone. Sorry about using the wrong words. Hope you can still tell what o meant to say

on 01 November 2014

Beating the game is no problem, I want pure platinums eventually. But some of the bigger enemies and bosses take me so long to beat that I far exceed the time limit, so I was wondering what I am doing wrong. I guess I have to load up the training room and try out which button combinations end with wicked weaves. I am already quite good at activating witch time, so that isn't the problem.

I asked you about powering up weapons because you brought that up. Given that I had trouble to deal enough damage in time, I thought I had missed something obvious.

on 01 November 2014

< Mr Khan posted something on d21lewis's wall:

Nikkom thinks you should be in on this http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=190434&page=1#

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Stop calling the N64 a failure! It outsold every Sega system and the original Xbox!!!!

in Nintendo Discussion 13 hours ago

Dr.Henry_Killinger said: d21lewis said:Failure is a relative term. It failed compared to its competition. A handicapped person or an old person would "win" a marathon simply be finishing. A person tthat was expected to win would be considered a failure. That's why the Xbox 360 was considered a success. It went from a 20 something million userbase to over 80 million. It didn't...

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Stop calling the N64 a failure! It outsold every Sega system and the original Xbox!!!!

in Nintendo Discussion 13 hours ago

Areal-Llort said:N64 has good games!! All you people that say no is fat and bad. This post made me laugh so hard!...

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Just how secure and safe is Vgchartz?

in Website Feedback 14 hours ago

JoeTheBro said:I did that stuff as a going away party. I'm done with vgchartz and really don't care about posting or viewing threads here anymore. However conegamer brought this thread to my attention, so I'm giving a bit of clarification then leaving for good (again). I have never hacked in to the vgchartz server. Everything I've done has either been by changing data values when...


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