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< Seece posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

So when do you expect WiiU to start selling 8m a year?

I predict that Wii U this year will sell 5 million, and next year above 7-7.5 million.
When i have estimate 8 million?
I estimate some like 15-20 million Wii U after 2015.

But come on, you considering only my Wii U prediction?

I have also estimate that XBOX ONE will sell almost X2 fisrt XBOX, and PS4 will outsell PS2.

I'm octimist with all console!

8 hours ago

50m~ is realistic, 32m~ for WiiU is not. for WiiU to reach that you need to assume 8m a year~ (20m suggest you think 9m in 2015) which is when Nintendo consoles see their peak year and drastically fall after.

Nintendo are not likely to even ship 5m this year.

8 hours ago

Oh please, you said that my prediction aran't realistic when you predict 11 million XBOX ONE sold by end of year!??!?!?

XBOX ONE have sold less than 5.8 million by end of September, and you think that in 3 month will sell more than the actual lifetime sales!?
For this number XBOX ONE must sell 475K on week, and XO will sell this number with the lucky ONLY ONE WEEK (Black Friday)...
XBOX ONE will sell maximum 9 million this year.

First XBOX have sold 5,56 million first year.
I preict 8,5 million XO by end of this year, so, i predict that first year XBOX ONE will sell less than first XBOX...
With the logic "Wii U have sold less than GC=not chance for sell more", XBOX will sell less than 25M, or in best scenario 30M...

But like Wii U, and PS4, i'm octimist.

I predict 42-45 million XBOX ONE lifetime.

7 hours ago

I say 11.5/12m shipped, with 1 - 1.5m in the channel. So actually 10.5m~ sold. I expect 2.5m sold in US (1.8m last year) and another 2m~ elsewhere. (which is in line with US Marketshare for Xbox).

XB1 sales are ahead of original XB (already shipped 3.5m~ this year, WiiU has only shipped 1.3m~

7 hours ago

Stop to talking of shipment... talking of SALES.
Ok, you prediction "10.5m XO sold" is more realistic, but again too much.

For SELL 10.5M by end of year, XO must sell 362K, when last week, even after China, even after FIFA bundle, even after new countries, even after Destinyl, have sold 83K...
Will probably be less than 70K before November.

So, 10.5 is impossible. +10M XO sold this year are impossible.

I predict again 8.5M XO by end of year (+200K on week), in the best scenario 9 million.

Even if will sell 9 million:
XO will sell less than 6 million this year, versus the 5.56m of first XBOX.

42-45M XBOX ONE is a lucky sales
Less than 40M is more realistic.

7 hours ago

I won't talk sales because we don't have enough information on sales. WiiU is overtracked here, this is where you end up getting dodgy predictions. Shipments are factual. 10m+ XB1 is impossible? Please learn what that word actually means, you mean improbably, and no it isn't.

XB1 is more than capable of doing 2.5m in the US this holiday.

Oct: 200k
Nov: 1.2m
Dec: 1.1m

Contry to what you believe, outside US is not dead for XB1, shipments are at 4 - 4.5m max for US, (3.5m sell through) leaving 3 - 3.5m for the rest of the world.

Meaning at worst if US is 2.5m, ROTW is 1.6m.

Under 40m is not realistic for XB1.

This gen XB1 will average 8 - 11m across 5 years, WiiU will average 3 - 5m across 4.

7 hours ago

1,1M XBOX ONE the NPD of November?!?!?!?
Have sold 900K the month of launch in 2 week.

For comparation, Wii U in one week, have sold 420K first November, and is dropped 220K second November NPD (-50% Dropped)

Also, the only market without US for XO is the UK.
This market are 70-80 % of XBOX ONE sales.

7 hours ago

That's WiiU, the XB1 is not the WiiU. The XB1 also has a far far better line up of games for the same compareable nov for WiiU.

I just gave you proof of the US marketshare (which is even backed up by VGC figures (which you seem to agree with?) 3.5m US vs 2.5m ROTW. So no, US is not 70% of the userbase for XB1. Stop making figures up.

7 hours ago

BTW the 3.5m/2.5m figures mean US is 60% marketshare for XBOX. Which is directly inline with my 2.5m/1.7m prediction. 60%.

6 hours ago

Better line up is not comparable with the launch month.

Probabily that XO will be above 1M the November 2015 or 2016, but not have chance for sell 1M this november.
How much will sell week on week?
Some like 120K, 150K, 150K, and 580K ???
Much more realistic 90K, 120K, 120K, and 400K for total of 700K-750K.

For the rest:
3.5m in the US
700Kin the UK

70% of 6M is 4.2M, so, yes, 70% of XO sales are in UK+US, and 80% N.A+US.

But now stop, i go to bed, good night.

6 hours ago

"Better line up is not comparable with the launch month."

Yes it is? Have you actually ever done any reasearch on this?

The following holiday after launch is always bigger for consoles, just because it wasn't for WiiU doesn't mean it is across the board.

Go look at Xbox 360, PS3, Wii. their first full holidays were more than double their launch.

Stop coming out with these baseless tidbits Drake.

XB1 sales are 3.5m in the US, not 4.2m. So no. 60%.

6 hours ago

< Clyde32 posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

Alright then, I'm starting the game tomorrow. If you don't claim your item now, you'll have to claim it during the actual game.

< Ninten78 posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

Wow...you are fast I just posted my prediction and already you got it in the chart :P

I know. :P

on 10 October 2014

Can I add you on Wii U NNID Brandychou

on 10 October 2014

< XanderXT posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

Who's your avatar?

The girl of Quantum Break trailer.

on 05 October 2014

< Conegamer posted something on drake_tolu's wall:

Hey Drake, I've moved your thread to "Latest Charts" again. Please, please do remember to do it when you create the thread. It's a lot easier for people to navigate that way.

Yep, you agree, but seriusly, all time i don't remember...

Please, next time look the theard. :)

on 17 September 2014

Oh, don't worry, next time I will. So please try to remember! :)

on 17 September 2014

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