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< MohammadBadir I'm not gonna go on VGC as frequently anymore. School is getting the best of me.,..
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< MohammadBadir updated his status:

I'm not gonna go on VGC as frequently anymore. School is getting the best of me.,..

< MohammadBadir updated his status:

I really feel like betting on something...

haven't done that in a while! and I didn't even get what I was supposed to do ):

Let bet. Wii U will never cross 18 million mark. Lol. :p :P

1 day ago

< Einsam_Delphin posted something on MohammadBadir's wall:

Bet no one knows where your avatar is from! xP

Just read the below posts, RGE thinks she's a guy!

4 days ago

I blame Ka-pi for this.

4 days ago

Ka pi is to blame for everything.

4 days ago

Ah lolz. Well I remember loving this show as a youngin, but looking back on it now I realize it wasn't that good, just okay. :L

3 days ago

Hmm, well it's kinda the opposite for me, I thought it was ok as a kid, but now I think it's fantastic :P

3 days ago

Alright fines, I'll say it's good! The concept is really cool and unique, and the OST is just amazing, but the execution is a bit weak. The dialogue/voice acting are very inconsistent at times with it's awkwardly long pauses or talking super fast, and they spammed the same animations over and over.

3 days ago

I've felt like that when I watched the first season. thankfully, they've gotten a bigger budget after that.

3 days ago

True true, it does get better later!
Btw, can you Mario Kart 8 right now? :O

3 days ago

I'm home for the weekend, only have my 3DS on me, sorry ):

3 days ago


3 days ago

and FTR, the series bcomes a lot different in Season 2 onwards. Season 1 is like a regular cartoon. non-linear episodes, same story with a different twist over and over again, etc., Season 2 and onwards however, are completely different. the episodes start getting numbered, the story becomes a lot more "deep" so non-linearity is impossible, etc.

3 days ago

and I doubt you've heard about this, but there's a 5th season that came out in 2013! It's live action though.

Sorry that I can't play MK8 ):
It's such a shame everybody's abandoning MK7 already...

3 days ago

Have you read all this? XD

3 days ago

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on MohammadBadir's wall:

How do like InFamous?

I'm a big fan actually, out of the realistic lookinh stuff on PS3, the Infamous series has to be my favorite.

4 days ago

I just beat the first game two weeks ago. I really enjoyed it.

4 days ago

Yeah, the first one is my favorite.

4 days ago

< MohammadBadir updated his status:

I wanna learn how to speak French, and how to draw, and to get back into programming, and a lot of other stuff, but I'm waaaaaaaaay to lazy >.

You don't deserve to be called a "hunter" >:l

on 26 August 2014

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Write 61

RUMOR- New Nintendo 3DS has no region locking and big NNID changes O_O

in Gaming Discussion 9 minutes ago

That would be so awesome!...

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What was Microsoft thinking with those X1 Japanese launch games!!!!!

in Microsoft Discussion 10 minutes ago

What were they supposed to do? XP...

Write 37

Yoshi's Epic Yarn announced for WiiU

in Nintendo Discussion 1 hour ago

Yarn Yoshi! :)...


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