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Wright's Wall

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< Shadow1980 posted something on Wright's wall:

The Trap Thread was locked. :(

Just like Arthas at the doors of Stratholme, my hand was forced to close it, as Mal'Ganis had arrived there.

I can always open a 2.0. version. :P

on 10 February 2018

< VGPolyglot posted something on Wright's wall:

Merry Christmas!

Where's Laguna

on 25 December 2017

< Wright updated his status:

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn.


on 19 December 2017

She was just waiting for the best moment to come back.

on 19 December 2017

< BasilZero posted something on Wright's wall:

Why Hello there stranger~


on 13 December 2017

Got a selection of GOOD THINGS, stranger!

on 14 December 2017

< gooch_destroyer posted something on Wright's wall:


GOOOOOCH, how's everything?

on 05 December 2017

It's going!

on 06 December 2017

to where?

on 06 December 2017

< VersusEvil posted something on Wright's wall:


Hello there. How is it going?

on 01 December 2017

It's ok I suppose. You?

on 01 December 2017

Cleaning the house. Which sucks. xD

on 01 December 2017

< BraLoD posted something on Wright's wall:

P4? You can't get a single one right, always wright!

I'm not much of a fan of Persona 4, it's just that Adachi is awesome.

on 09 November 2017

Not only Adachi was obvious as fuck, he wasn't even cool to begin with!
At least pick Naoto or something.

on 10 November 2017

Naoto is great. So was Chie. Pretty much the entire Investigation Team was great, sans Yukiko which was annoying as fuck.
I don't care that Adachi was obvious as fuck. It's Adachi's nature what rocks. He's the better character than everyone else because at least he doesn't indulge himself in some stupid narrative.
He made it into the police force so that he could legally carry a handgun, after all.

on 10 November 2017


on 10 November 2017

The fact that there's an Accomplice ending in the Golden version makes it even better.

on 10 November 2017

Yukiko hater =/

on 11 November 2017

Wright doesn't know the good stuff.

on 11 November 2017

I prefer people whose defining trait isn't "not wanting to take on my parent's successful business and omg I can't understand why people would want me even though everyone seems to drool around me", thank you very much.

on 11 November 2017

< Wright updated his status:

Why choose reality when you can have a world of your own making? That's clearly the choice, y'know...I mean come on, we all prefer the easy life. You see, all reality ever gives you is boredom and bickery. And no one truly wants to live in a world like that. It's only because they think they have to accept it that they have to buck up deal. There's only one thing that's going to set you apart and let you succeed in life: it's the magic ticket they call 'talent'. And if you don't have it, then your left to rot in despair. Game over. So wouldn't we better off without this reality crap?

We don't have to accept it? There's an alternative?

on 06 November 2017

Hedonism; I was paraphrasing the best Persona 4 character.

on 06 November 2017

< Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on Wright's wall:

Your best avatar ever.

Yeah, Adachi-kun is awesome.

on 02 November 2017

< Wright updated his status:

Yeah, yeah, friendship, teamwork, blah blah blah. I still won. Results beat idealism.

< Ultrashroomz posted something on Wright's wall:

I'm rockin' it huh?

If you're a girl, ACT MORE LIKE ONE!

on 02 November 2017

< Wright updated his status:


< green_sky posted something on Wright's wall:

Nice McCree

A more darker, vengeful version!

on 26 October 2017

Woah there. Someone call the undertaker.

on 26 October 2017

< caffeinade posted something on Wright's wall:

Just for the record, I only ever used "dog eat dog world" to justify posting an image of a dog chasing its own tail.


on 11 October 2017

< Ultrashroomz posted something on Wright's wall:

But where's Erica :C

on 09 October 2017

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Wright's wall:

Who's your avy?

I take it you never played Final Fantasy Tactics?

on 08 October 2017

I played the PSP version very briefly... but obviously not enough I guess :P

on 08 October 2017

He's the main character, Ramza!

on 08 October 2017

Hmm, I remember more of the classes than actual character names. Heh kind of funny that it's FF though since I initially asked since he kind of reminded me of Cloud :P

on 08 October 2017

The thing with Ramza was that regardless of the class you'd pick for him, he always wears the same attire.

on 08 October 2017

< Ultrashroomz posted something on Wright's wall:

So you beat P4?
What did you think of it overall?

Yeah, I managed to complete it.

I'd say it's a good game. Definitively glad I beat it. The social aspect of the game is pretty good and found myself trying to maximize everything and making the most of days. Probably my favourite part, as well. Dungeons on the other hand where meh, and far more boring; not to mention how shitty it is that enemies have chances to insta-killing you without you even being able to do anything about it, thus losing hours of progress if you're not too careful.

I think the vanilla version, not Golden, has some retarded choices that bring it down as well. Apparently Rise is useful in Golden, but she's not here. You can manually select which abilities to inherit whenever fusing personas in Golden, but not here so you really need to pray the Persona gets the ones you want or you're screwed. And to access the True Ending, the game tricks you twice into believing there's nothing else to be done (someone had to tell me what to do because there's no way I would have discovered it, which in Golden is far more evident). All in all I wasn't a fan of these instances, because honestly, it's like the game actively wants to work against the player for no reason.

If I had to sum it up, it'd be like:

+ Enjoyable story
+ Nice, diverse cast and almost everyone is funny and memorable (sorry Yukiko, you suck)
+ The Social Link aspect of the game is fun
+ the OST is nice
- Dungeons are boring and unmemorable as fuck
- Unfair combat moments that give you no chance whatsoever
- The game kinda drags out a bit at the end

on 02 October 2017

Yea, Golden has some nice QOL choices, like a continue option on the dungeon floor you die on to prevent BS like that, and the fact you can't select abilities for fusion sounds like hell, makes me glad they did away some archaic choices by the time P5 came out.

The True Ending stuff was pointless BS for sure, and again, I'm glad P5 does away with some of the questionable game design choices.

btw, play P5, I'll send you a used PS3 if I have to or something.

on 02 October 2017

There is a way to get the the inherited choices you want. Essentially, since you can see the choices before you actually fuse, you can back out on the fusion, then can repeating it until you get the inherited skills you want. That's what I did at least.

on 02 October 2017

That's only good if you want one specific skill and don't care for the rest (and even then, you're at the mercy of luck). Let's say you want two or three skills specifically (which is the max they can inherit), you're going to be cancelling for a looooong time. It's a tedious and dumb process, which reminds me Shuffle Time pales in comparison to demon negotiation. Especially when it's the stupid slots going fast pace with a lot of NOTHING GAINED cards risking it all.

I wouldn't mind playing Persona 5 but I have many other preferential games to play first.

on 02 October 2017

< Ultrashroomz posted something on Wright's wall:

Wut the heck xD


on 16 September 2017

Also come back to the server.

on 16 September 2017

Ultra... what have you been doing to Nanako? :O

on 16 September 2017

< Roronaa_chan posted something on Wright's wall:

Have you watched the TEW2 one hour demo? If so, any good? Not sure if i should watch it or not

Actually, yeah I have. I wanted not to, because I feared spoilers, but my curiosity was far stronger.

What can I say... I don't want to hype things much, so I'll tell you this: it looks like a mixed bag from what I could gather.

One of the issues was the dude playing, which was not bad (not like the Cuphead journalist bad), but he could have done things much better. As a result I could notice some glitches and wonkiness. Also, animations feel less polished than TEW1, unfortunately. Sebastian running from enemies looks horrifyingly comical.

If there's some way I could describe it, imagine having the strengths and weaknessess of both Silent Hill 1 and Silent Hill Homecoming. This is The Evil Within 2.

You can interact with several hidden NPCs, and they provide a safe haven. Talking to them gives you that awkward conversation system like in Homecoming (complete with both standing still like some puppets devoid of life talking), but now there seems to be more depth to where you can go.

It's a semi-open world. Before you think "fuck, why does everything has to be open world today", I like this model, because every Chapter is linked through a lineal progression, but you're given a small playground in the chapter. Think of it like Chapter 3 in TEW1, but a bigger town with every single house explorable, even though to finish the chapter you still have to do the lineal exit at the end of the town. You also get safe havens where you can customize weapons. Now you can use trap parts to create ammo as well (provided you have gunpowder), not just crossbow arrow.

You get some sort of gizmo that allows you to pick up "noise". This noise dictates where the main story segment goes (if you want to keep on with the story) or where are some sidequests. The only sidequests he did was granted with a broken sniper rifle as a reward, so I'm guessing you have to find a way to fix it somehow. It was kinda neat.

Sebastian is the same dude as TEW1 (the CGI trailers didn't look as him much, but he does in-game), though there are two changes: his voice actor isn't the same (sounds the same, but you can pick up a difference), and now Sebastian comments on EVERYTHING. I don't really mind it but dude can't shut up now.

Also, I'm not sure if it is a nod to Deadly Premonition, but now you can stalk houses and drink coffee to recover full health.

Other than that, it's the same game than TEW1 but bigger. Same inventory system, same gunplay, same mechanics, same collecting green gel from enemies, same awkwardly punching/knifing boxes to open them and gather elements, same (more refined) stealth, and so on. The Silent Hill 1 vibe is greatly infused with a more "evil" aspect (like RE7), so the atmosphere is quite great.

All in all, I can't wait to play it. I'm not sure if I'll end up liking it more than TEW1, but I'm fairly sure I'm going to love it regardless.

on 10 September 2017

wow I did not expect an essay, thanks for the impressions
I did end up skimming through it, not most of it, just skipping from major scenes. Seemed good, only thing that bothered me a little was that the radio/resonance thing seemed to pop up so damn often, it could get annoying and immersion breaking, we'll see. Not a fan of Seb's different voice either but that's a minor gripe.

on 11 September 2017

< Ka-pi96 posted something on Wright's wall:

Zell cosplaying as a better character?

There is also one of Selphie with Squall's clothes as well!

on 07 September 2017

That sounds interesting actually.
Oh, and on a slightly related topic, how do you pronounce Zell's surname? I've always pronounced it as din-shit.

on 07 September 2017

What a hater. :P

on 07 September 2017

That's... a serious question? Don't mean it as a hater, it's just his surname is spelt in a weird way :P

on 07 September 2017

I don't see how you can pronounce it as "shit", considering the "ch" sound and the fact that there's no vowel.

I pronounce it /den-cht/

on 07 September 2017

Yeah, the no vowel is the problem! Like how do you pronounce just cht? That's why I pronounce it as shit. C can sound like an s and then you just need to add a vowel.., and an i seems to fit best.

on 07 September 2017

You can always ignore that lasting t, and just say /den-ch/. The t interrumpts the ch sound to create a lasting t sound (I think this generally happens with german names?), but if you omit it there's no problem whatsoever because the sounding works almost the same.

on 07 September 2017

That makes more sense, why did they have to add the t and make it confusing in the first place though?
Although now I'm always going to be comparing Zell with Judi Dench :P

on 07 September 2017

Could be worse I guess. It could be the name of any FFXIV character, which tend to be extremely overcomplicated and incredibly forgettable xD

Had to look a random one it on the wikia: Alphinaud Leveilleur. Like wtf is that.

on 07 September 2017

I can only assume SE were playing Scrabble while designing the characters :P

on 07 September 2017

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