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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - So, is anyone interested in Deadly Premonition? Let's discuss this!


So, is anyone interested in Deadly Premonition? Let's discuss this!

Looks interesting, I may check it out! Yes. 10 50.00%
CGI, I have no interest whatsoever! No. 4 20.00%
Never heard of it. 6 30.00%


I've been keeping an eye on this Xbox 360 exclusive of late, and who knows, for $20 this thing may turn out to be something special. Here's a look at Deadly Premonition:

Now one things for certain, I'm not expecting this to be some HUGE blockbuster, but it looks a bit interesting to me. But tell me, does it look interesting to you?!


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Well I found out about this title by searching for 2010 exclusives for my thread.
I have yet to add it, but it definitely looks interesting

That trailer did basically nothing to spark my interest, I'll certainly need more info before I can give it a judgement other than "NEEEEEEXT!".

Me! I love Twin Peaks!

I even love Pandora Peaks!

Never heard of it but I'll keep an eye out for it now!

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Just some extra info, the game may be multiplate. The ESRB has rated the game for PS3 as well.

I'm not really intersted in this. I don't want to sound like a graphics whore but i really don't like the way it looks, and the story seems kind of stupid. But i guess we'll have to wait and see as it come along.

Yea ill get it, but why is it only $20?




Looks somewhat interesting, I tend to never beat games like this.

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be the GREATEST game EVER made!!!

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It remembers me on Silent Hill 2



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Shellshock 2 was 40$, imagine this game at 20$....

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