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I went into Best Buy on Monday hoping to find a couple of cheap movies for my brother to finish my X-mas shopping, and I picked up a flier to check out the movie deals they had...and I stopped dead in my tracks when I came across the listing for this game for $20.00. Truth is I had never played any of these games, but my older brother had and he enjoyed them, and I figured you really couldn't beat that deal, so I went looking for it. The place had been picked clean, and I found one final copy sitting on a random shelf in the DVD section...I just started Prime I and so far I am enjoying it!


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I was at Best Buy yesterday buying my wife a CD and decided to browse the Wii section just to see what was up and happened to stumble on this. I grabbed the game so fast I nearly tore a hole in the fabric of space.. I think a small black hole opened up and was promptly shut when I detonated a morph ball bomb. =)

I completely finished Prime on Gamecube and Corruption on Wii already. I own Echoes on Gamecube as well but never finished it because I got it after Corruption and cannot do analog stick FPS games anymore. (Well, I couldn't really before because I got heavy into Quake 3 on the PC and the mouse is far superior to the analog sticks but I forced myself to play Prime because it was just that good.) Now that I have all three I am going to start a Metroid Prime Trilogy night with a good friend of mine and we are going to tear them up.

If you don't have it already get to your nearest Best Buy and get it!

If you live up here in the Seattle area...ALL area Best Buy stores are completely sold out. Sorry guys. (That includes Tacoma too).

Sorcery said:
xlost4 said:
well i didn't give up so i price matched at walmart and found 4 copies of metroid prime trilogy there. i asked the cashier for a price match he did it and walked out of walmart with metroid prime trilogy for $20! ha awesome!

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Yeah if your Best Buy doesn't have it, grab their sunday ad and price match elsewhere.

Ooh, nice thinking! I should definitely try that. What places price-match? Wal-Mart?

Yeah Walmart is your best option. Make sure you have the Best Buy ad with you though, or they likely won't match it.

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Will do. Thank you!

Anyone who turns this deal down is insane. Even if you already own the originals on GCN.