Forums - General Discussion - Who do you hate more Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga?

I'd have to go with Lady Gaga myself.

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Should be a Poll.

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I'd probably vote on Taylor Swift as I Gaga's music more. (which is hardly at all)

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No real dislike of either, think that lady gaga is hot. So who do you listen to craan?

Kantor said:
Should be a Poll.

I just want to hear peoples opionions not turn this into a competition.  

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Swift is so bland in looks/songs/talent. I'll stick with the more interesting,odd option.

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I don't ever hear music by either of them, so I'll go with Lady Gaga for having such a stupid name.

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I like them both

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Lady GaGa makes me laugh so he/she gets my vote.

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Who's Taylor Swift? I've never heard of him.