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I have to say that my first list is not about my fav games.. I love Zack and Wiki, Wario, Little king's stroy... but i preferd to remember some games less typical.

another suggestions...

Geometry wars / Bully / Metal slug anthology / Nights / Opoona

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Dead Space: Extraction

Can't believe I forgot Okami.

That right there is an underappreciated gem if I ever saw one. Saleswise, of course. And that's coming from me, who doesn't even like Okami that much. But come on, anyone can see that it's a great game and deserves more than it got.

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starwars the force unleashed and red steel are both underrated in my eyes.

Spyborgs is a good game... if you get it for free.

Otherwise... nope. Its awful. Unskipable cutscenes for you, by the way.

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gansito said:
68soul said:

10 little gems? Here's my list, but without any 1st party, of course... :)

Okami - Little King's Story - Muramasa - Zack and Wiki - Klonoa - Swords and Soldiers - Nyx Quest - Lost Winds - Lost Winds 2 - World of Goo

great list, i would remove World of Goo and add Trauma Center (Series)

Blasphemy!  World of Goo is close to my favourite game of the gen, yet besides the music Nyx Quest really didn't do anything for me.

This is about games who don't have the impact or sales or wat else they deserve. this not means that every game here included is a masterpiece or an imprscindible tittle, but they have something that deserves attention

ok, 2 more

Fire emblem / DeBlob

de Blob is a great 3D platformer. In fact, I think it is the best non-Mario 3D platformer I have played. I feel like the game doesn't get talked about enough.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is probably the best sports game ever. Considering that, I hear surprisingly few people talk about it.

I feel both of these games deserve more recognition.

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